BTS Members Plastic Surgery | A Shocking truth

A prevalent practice in South Korea is plastic surgery, particularly for individuals aiming to be or who are already idols. BTS members have been accused of having had cosmetic surgery because of their flawless appearances as among the most successful K-pop groups. Only RM’s nose surgery and Suga’s shoulder surgery have been verified by their agency up to this point in time. The cosmetic surgery speculations surrounding the remaining of the BTS bandmates are yet unconfirmed.

So, let’s take a look at the members of BTS, a band that has a global effect on stage and controls social media.



For healthier breathing, RM had a rhinoplasty in February 2018, according to Big Hit Entertainment (HYBE Labels). However, even though the operation was for medical reasons, some individuals are still outraged by RM’s appearance.



When asked about cosmetic surgery, Jimin of BTS said only that some individuals had undertaken the procedure to look like him. According to a majority of Jimin’s admirers, however, he has not had any plastic surgery. Jimin’s current appearance is identical to his youthful appearance.



Taehyung, also known as BTS’ V or Taehyung, has the ideal visual with the golden ratio of his face, and even a cosmetic surgeon was thrilled. However, neither Big Hit Entertainment nor HYBE Labels have given any official word on the subject of his alleged cosmetic surgery.



On his YouTube channel, Dr. Anthony Youn explains why J-Hope doesn’t seem to have had cosmetic surgery. He dissects the most popular parts of cosmetic surgery in Korea, the eyes and the nose, and finds that J-facial Hope’s features haven’t changed significantly over the years. He may or may not have truly done this, but he did an excellent job since it appears so real.

J-Hope may have had jawline surgery to reduce the appearance of a thick neck and jowls, according to reports. In the past, his jawline structure made his face seem larger. Apart from the obvious changes to his jawline, many BTS fans worried about the possibility of him getting fillers in his nose to alter the curve of his nose tip. Earlier shots showed him with a flat-tipped nose, but more recent images show him with a pointed one.


JungKook -BTS

Many people are asking whether Jungkook’s nose & eyelids are artificially enhanced. As a child, Jungkook’s nose wasn’t as pointed as it is today. His nose was a little large and heavy, but not excessively so. It seems as though the tip of his nose has become more pointed. Also, Jungkook’s nostrils aren’t as rounded as they used to be. Double eyelashes are also regarded as beautiful in Korea, along with a long, straight, & pointed nose. Double eyelid surgery is common in Korea since most people are born with just one set of lids. When Jungkook was little, he did not have double eyelids, but today he has them.



Some assume that Suga had little treatment done on his jawline. His jaw has become a lot sharper.



Jin, a member of the Korean boy band BTS, has never discussed his cosmetic surgery problem. Though it may not be evident, Jin’s nose seems to have had some minor surgery. The width of his nose has changed little and his nose has shrunk. According to rumors, he had plastic surgery on his nose to make his features seem more balanced.

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