Jurgen Klopp Finds a Solution as Liverpool Acquires a New Starter

A legendary club in the premier league, Liverpool has seen its ups and downs throughout their years, but in the last half-decade, they have taken the world by storm with a massive increase in budget, performance, and management. Now, for many fans, the credit is directly given to the players carrying the ball in the field and they should as victory is determined by the player’s ability to gain field control.

But what about those who physically, mentally prepare the players for each match as well as hone their strengths and help with their weaknesses? Coaches and managers are as important as players because they are directly responsible for orchestrating the perfect chemistry within the team. Be it Liverpool or any other club.

The brilliant managers quick thinking

To put a bit of lore behind this heading, despite Liverpool missing some of its key players, their manager’s quick thinking paved the way for their victory against Benford F.C.

When interviewed about the absence of some of Liverpool’s star players, the club manager was at odds on what to say to the press. Usually, Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, or Naby Keita are there to tackle any clubs visiting Liverpool but now the press is keen to know how Klopp plans to prepare Liverpool for the coming weeks without them.

Jurgen Klopp finds the solution he was looking for as Liverpool get a new guaranteed starter

A bit irritated by these onslaughts of questions he saves no breath to remind people that Liverpool existed with these players and still will maintain its caliber. He continues to say how they played one of their biggest games in history against Barcelona in the champions league despite the absence of Bobby Firmino and Mo.

As well as their 7-0 victory against Crystal Palace with Mo, and 5-0 against the mighty Manchester United without Sadio and now, both of them are out. He points out that these players have duties outside of the football club and it’s not like a phone call will bring them back.

Reminder Fact : Steven Gerrard aims to keep Philippe Coutinho happy after drawing against Man Utd.

Analyzing Klopp’s strategy

The sign of a great manager is to adapt on the fly and this means winning games even if key players need to be replaced. 

After Liverpool’s mediocre performance versing the Arsenal, Klopp switched Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Curtis Jones for James Miller and Takumi Minamino which ignited Liverpool’s victory streak.

Jones and Chamberlain help Liverpool experiment with a different strategy. Jones started in the midfield three with Oxlade-Chamberlain encouraged to attack down the right flank but this had little effect as Jones’s progress halted due to covid.

But this hasn’t stopped Klopp from pushing this 20-year-old. Jones was inventive and bright when moving to the left from center and finally a chance at the goal. However, the opening half of the game was uneventful as Liverpool struggled to produce a big opportunity. Thankfully, Fabinho stepped forward to ease the growing tension.

For Liverpool, multiple slews of fast openings presented themselves but nobody went for them, until the midfielder reacted the fastest when Trent Axlender-Arnold smashed the ball over everyone’s head towards the back post.

Liverpool club

Fabinho was on form that week and spent little time whizzing the ball into the goal post. This was the third goal for the midfielder after his double in the 4-1 game against Shrewsbury in the FA Cup. This was very welcoming for fans amid their bloating frustrations due to the absence of Salah and Mane (the resident strikers for Liverpool).

Klopp commented that the club encourages everyone to goals and that Fabinho spent little time responding to this invitation. The manager hopes that all these plays will quell the concerns about Liverpool’s upcoming problems.

This Brazilian’s superb performance will be needed against Arsenal next week if the Reds choose to book the Wembley club against Chelsea.

This was the best Klopp was willing to do to assure fans as he ends his statement saying he wishes his star player from Africa the best of luck and even if he wants them to win all of their tournaments, it is not possible. Football clubs provide daily updates to the fans around the world so keep yourself updated with the daily sports news.

Another former Liverpool player-turned-manager facing a nightmare

This is exactly what is happening. Many famous and legendary players try their luck in the managerial department but to little avail. This is exactly what Everton manager Rafa Benitez is facing. After an abysmal run, the Liverpool-legend got sacked just after 19 games.

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