Automobile Lamborghini luxury car sales in India jump by 86% in 2021

Whenever we think about sleek, beautiful cars that can go at blistering speeds, we consider Lamborghini. The legendary Italian car manufacturer began their journey a bit after 1919 and soon began massive productions after the second world war. Soon, Lamborghini began to dabble in sports cars, namely analyzing Ferrari’s offerings who were at the top of the sports car chain at that time.

Finding faults within the design of the cars and engines, Lamborghini approached Ferrari with constructive criticism, only to be ridiculed. Being a turning point, Lamborghini decided to make their own supercars to show their country rivals a thing or two. Fast forward a couple of decades later, they unveiled the legendary Countach to the world in the Geneva Auto Show. This car pioneered the wedge shape and became the iconic sports car for every child worldwide. Thus, they forever became a north star for Italian supercars.

The love for Lamborghini reached the Indian frontier

With the small history lesson we provided, it is of no surprise that everyone, who has the cash to burn (or invest), wants to get their hands on them. Lamborghini luxury car sales in India had increased in 2021. The Italian super-luxury carmaker stated that they shipped 69 cars to India in 2021, a 86% increase over the previous year and the most number of cars they have shipped in a period.

Lamborghini sells a wide range of luxury cars that begin at a price of 3.16 crore rupees in India and will sell 37 units in 2020. It further states that it aims to beat its best-ever performance in the country. This was 2019 when Lamborghini successfully shipped 53 cars.

Automobili Lamborghini

Lamborghini’s dominance across the world

India is just a small frontier that is rapidly growing in prominence. Globally, the company shipped 8,405 cars across the world. This was their all-time record and the sales were at a big increase of 13% thanks to a combination of targeted and growth strategy.

When interviewed, the chairman of the iconic Italian supercar manufacturer, Stephan Winkelmann, stated this was only possible because of four major factors. This includes the absolutely thorough strategic plan, the talented and passionate workforce, and the exceptional capabilities and dynamism that exist within their 173 dealers and 52 markets. He further thanks to these dealers and markets who continued to believe and invest in them despite the uncertainty the pandemic brought.

In Asia, China has shown to be their largest market with 935 cars shipped, a growth of 55%, South Korea reported sales of 354 cars (up 17%) while Thailand and India reported sales of 75 cars (32%) and 69 cars (86%), respectively.

Lamborghini stated these four markets provided 63% across the Asia Pacific market and the best year they have seen yet.

Lamborghini shows no sign of stopping

The company says they are ready to build on this momentum by introducing an exciting range of newer Lamborghini LP-800-4 or the “Countach 2,0”, a reimagining of the legendary Countach that changed how supercars were made in 1971.

In terms of the existing markets, the US is still the leading one with 2,472 cars shipped in 2021, a growth of 11%, while China stole second place from Germany at 935 cars shipped, trailed by Germany at 706 (a 16% growth) and then the United Kingdom, 564 units (a growth of 9%).

In terms of models, the company’s super-luxury SUV Urus topped the charts with 5,021 units delivered. That was followed by the popular V-10 powered Huracan which came at 2,586 units. In addition, there were 798 Aventadors(V12 models) delivered across the world.

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