15 Best Places to Eat in London Without Reservation

It is common knowledge that London is a very pricey city, and this reputation extends to a number of upscale dining establishments that are quite popular and need reservations. And despite the fact that everyone enjoys spoiling oneself with an amazing lunch every once in a while, there are a great many places in London where one can enjoy a meal without having to make appointments or pay exorbitant fees. The following is a list of some of our best picks for restaurants that do not need reservations.

London is well known for being a rather costly city, and this extends to several expensive, highly popular must try restaurants London that needs reservations. And yet there are a few places to Eat in London without Reservation.

Everyone loves to treat themselves to a fantastic lunch every once in a while, there are really a lot of locations in London that are fantastic to dine at, without making London reservations or paying outrageous prices. Here are some of our top recommendations for places to eat without reservations. 

Best 5 Restaurants To Eat in London without Reservation

restaurants in London
Restaurants in London

If you are in a hurry during the day while you’re visiting London, or even if you live there, sometimes finding a restaurant to grab a meal can be hard. Here are all the must try restaurants London in London without reservations to make your life easier!

Bread Ahead

You will love this little lunch eatery, which has many sites across London. In addition to their great pastries and sandwiches at most Bread Ahead locations, everyone adores their sourdough bread sticks. Their Sloane Square and Borough Market locations are everyone’s favorites.

The Roasting Party

This Sloane Square location is ideal for breakfast if you want a fantastic coffee and cake. On a beautiful London morning, find a seat outdoors and have an oat milk latte while watching the city come to life.


The Swedish bakery Fabrique has outlets around Europe and a couple in New York City, and it is one of every one’s all-time favorite bakeries in the whole globe. There is nothing better than a superb oat milk latte with a pair of Swedish cinnamon buns from Fabrique. Choose a Fabrique site in any area of London you’re in among the many that are currently available, and have fun!

The Khan’s of Kensington 

This quickly became one of my favorite low-key Indian restaurants in London. Everyone who has visited there once has returned to Khan’s of Kensington almost every time they have visited London since, which is just across the street from the hotel. This restaurant in London without reservations is famous and the cuisine and ambiance are both excellent. This restaurant serves excellent Indian cuisine in South Kensington.

El Pastor

El Pastor delivers the greatest tacos in town from a cheery bunker hidden behind a vintage railroad overpass, close to the Borough Market. The winning order is the short rib tacos, but the house special—pork shoulder with caramelized pineapple—is salty-sweet and difficult to resist. With a tub of warm, handmade tortillas, spice-rubbed beef is forked clean while still just holding to a magnificent bone. In addition to everything else, they provide one of London’s largest choices of mezcal. This should be on your list of one of places to eat without reservations. 

Best 5 Pubs Where You Can Eat in London Without Reservation

Pubs in London
Pubs in London

It is a pain to be able to acquire a free place at the last minute since the majority of Pubs presently need reservations. Nevertheless, you’ll be surprised by how many pubs still allow walk-ins in London without reservations

The Duke of Edinburgh 

We can all start getting enthusiastic about repopulating beer gardens now that warmer weather is slowly, coming, but this time in adorable attire. We all need a great beer garden to hang out in, and The Duke of Edinburgh delivers the best.

The Three Crowns

The Three Crowns is a bar in Stoke Newington where you may simply walk in without making a reservation, particularly on weekdays when it offers a cozy and warm atmosphere. But if you can make it on the weekends, be ready for a lot of clubbier environments.

The cuisine at The Crowns is a smashing choice of authentic Thai street food, giving it a contemporary menu in this gorgeous traditional setting that is just waiting for you to feast on, in addition to providing a large range of beers and cocktails, from ciders to margaritas and Palomas. Stop worrying about London reservations as this is one of the best places to eat without reservations.

Mercato Metropolitano 

You don’t even need to bother making reservations at the 45,000-square-foot Italian street food market in Elephant and Castle since it only accepts walk-ins. However, the wait is worth it for the interior experience.

Mercato Metropolitano has a lively bar atmosphere because to the variety of beverages and cocktails it offers. However, the star of the show is the incredible international street cuisine you get to sample, from Turkish, Indian, Lebanese, or Mexican delicacies to Italian arancini or ice cream.

The Red Lion

The Red Lion, a bar in the center of Stoke Newington, caters to dietary needs by providing a wide selection of vegan meals and gluten-free beer.

There is no need to make reservations, particularly during the week. The staff is quite helpful and will undoubtedly assist you in finding a table. You may take advantage of the pleasant weather and enjoy football games in their outside garden as the Euros get near.

Coach and Horses 

One of the very few pubs in London without reservations is Coach and Horses, which is situated in Soho.

One of the most well-known traditional English pubs, it is so traditional that since its construction in 1850, no changes have been made to it. Coach and Horses is the ideal place to go when you need a last-minute space in Central since it only offers walk-in service.

This is undoubtedly one for a traditional Gavin and Stacey-inspired British night out since before Covid, one of the pub’s main draws was its karaoke evenings, which are slowly making a reappearance.

Best 5 Bars in London without Reservation

Bars in London
Bars in London

It is extremely hard to find Bars in London without reservations, therefore we have accumulated a list of the top 5 only for you!

Ryan’s N16

Robert, a bartender at Ryan’s N16, claims that by primarily allowing walk-in customers, this pub “makes sure that everyone is accepted.”

In the middle of the numerous traditional English bars found in Stoke Newington, Ryan’s N16 seldom goes overlooked thanks to the bar’s young and contemporary style. Prior to lockdown, it often hosted parties in its outside garden with live DJ music as well; presumably, this will resume for bar adaptations of club bangers.

Sugar Cane Clapham

Want to spend your night out with pals somewhere exotic to avoid the dreadful May rain? At the Sugar Cane cocktail bar, manifest leaving London’s darkness behind and taking a flight straight to Fiji or Hawaii.

It is a unique bar that you won’t find anywhere else in London; it is decorated with Tiki-style elements and was launched 20 years ago after the owner got the idea from visiting the first Tiki bar ever constructed in London.

The décor, cuisine, and drinks all have a strong Tiki influence, and in pre-Covid days, Tiki drummers and dancers offered fun Instagram story entertainment.

Swift Bar Soho

You don’t want to end up sipping corner-store wine in a park on an impromptu night out in Soho without making reservations since it seems like an extremely complex combo.

Fortunately, Swift Bar in Soho is kindly assisting us young people in avoiding this circumstance. The bar is now keeping heated tables outdoors for walk-in guests to use, so since limits are lessening, it is a chic area to wind up last-minute without London reservations. 

Passione Vino 

According to the Financial Times, Passione Vino is “a veritable wine paradise” for serious wine connoisseurs. Passione Vino, a tiny independent bar with a Shoreditch location, specializes in selling the finest Italian artisanal wines, which are of course accompanied by cheese and charcuterie platters.

Walk-ins are welcome at the bar, but given how crowded it can become on weekends, we suggest having arrived earlier the night during the week when you pretend to be in Sicily, drinking wine on a beach.

Crate Brewery 

Crate Brewery in Hackney Wick has a large amount of walk-in room on its canal location, which makes for the ideal street art and alternative background for your fascination with homebrewed artisan beer. A patron informs us that they apparently provide “banging pizzas,” which could be one of the best places to eat in the magic kingdom, in London without reservations calling the establishment “hipster” and a “really great spot to socialize.”

End Note

Given how busy the city of London is, and the posh vibe it gives, to eat London with reservations is very popular, it is very hard to find the best places to eat in the magic kingdom without reservations. Our list of must try restaurants in london to pubs & bars will give you the exact idea to visit places in London without reservations and have the best time!

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