Top makeup and skincare brands in London

Are you a makeup freak and love experimenting with makeup? Here, we have the ten top-notch UK makeup & skincare brands that will let you play around with makeup and unleash your inner makeup enthusiast. Let’s explore.

Benefit Cosmetics


A brand you can rely on. It is a high-end makeup brand but it is worth sending the money on because its products are top-notch. Ever heard of benefit professionals; a primer that vanishes your pores and makes your skin glossy and glass-like? Well, that’s a product from benefit cosmetics. The founders have claimed that their products are cruelty-free. You have many options like brow products, Hoola bronzer, mascaras, and many more. You can explore the world of Benefit cosmetics and their products will add the magic sprinkle to your beauty.



One of the most renowned and OG Makeup Companies in the industry. However, it isn’t cheap as it is a high-end makeup brand. You can only afford Mac when you have cash like Richy rich. But the money you will spend on Mac is worth it. The lipsticks which Mac is most famous for starting at a price range of 19-27 pounds. But they have the best formula I tell you as they will glide like butter on your lips. There are other remarkable products like their prolonged concealer for which people long for, powder foundation, etc. that make you effortlessly beautiful if you are a makeup junkie.

Rimmel London


In the race of high-end makeup brands like Mac and Benefit Cosmetics etc. Rimmel London a drug store brand is pacing front like a dark horse. The products are super affordable. But being cheap doesn’t mean they compromise the quality of the product. And if you are a beginner who has just stepped foot in the world of make then Rimmel is there for your rescue.


makeup skincare brands

Clarins is the place where you will find everything related to makeup and skincare. They have foundations, mascaras, serums, highlights, and whatnot. It is a dream place for all makeup lovers as they can find everything in one place. The options are limitless.

Conscious Skin Care


This is an award-winning Skincare brand. They have a variety of products and if you are an environment-friendly person then, great news for you because they claim to be vegan, cruelty, palm oil, and plastic-free they are all organic and you can buy your man something from Conscious Skincare as they have men section and accessory.

Organic House skincare


Another award-winning company that sells 100% organic products. They have moisturizers, serum cleansers and the best part is they have gift bundles for special occasions like father’s day and mother’s day. They have extravagant toiletries bags and guess what purchases over 35 pounds come with free shipping.

You must know how to care for your skin in addition to understanding about skin care products. Find out what the experts have to say.



The best comes at the last. The lush UK provides you with handmade lovely goodies with love and care put into it. You will find a variety of products like fragrances, hair care, and skincare products but the best part is the handmade soaps and bath bombs which are created with beneficial ingredients and love. You can also customize your products and have an essence of freshness. Don’t worry if you are a vegan Lush has a different segment for vegans and everyone can enjoy the freshness of Lush.

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