The Best Places to Stay in London

Not sure what Places to Stay in London? Our selection of London's best hotels will help you plan the perfect getaway.

Are you planning a vacation to London but aren’t sure where to stay? Don’t miss out on our thorough list of the finest places to stay in London, which will help you plan the ideal vacation. This metropolis of more than 9 million people is a mystery to the uninitiated. There are so many things to do and see in London that it might be overwhelming.

Worry no more – We’ve compiled a detailed reference on the finest places to stay in London and where to stay in London to assist you in selecting the ideal location for your trip.

Covent Garden Is The Best Area To Stay In London

Covent Garden is the ideal place to stay in London, especially if you are a first-time tourist. Covent Garden is home to many of London’s attractions, as well as a plethora of fashionable pubs and restaurants, and is within (very short) walking distance of other London hotspots such as Westminster, Trafalgar Square, Soho, and Piccadilly Circus. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best place to stay in london for tourists.

Covent Garden houses are expensive, but they are conveniently located for travelling about and close to the major attractions.

London’s Covent Garden

London's Covent Garden

Yes, the West End is crowded, but it’s also fascinating. The West End is London to many people, bustling, crowded, and constantly active.

The West End, which includes Covent Garden, Piccadilly, and Leicester Square, is without a doubt the greatest place to stay in London for sightseeing and shopping. However, it is much more than just West End theatres. However, if you’re searching for a place to stay in London for theatre, this is the place to be.

There’s always a play to watch, music to listen to, and something to keep you entertained, day or night.

I believe that the West End is the ideal spot to stay in London for first-time tourists, as well as where to stay in London for theatre, since it provides the authentic London experience.

Prepare to be wowed by London at its most vibrant, and you will not be disappointed.

Oxford Street

The UK’s most renowned retail street can be an eye-opening, though somewhat overwhelming, experience, and its Christmas lights are almost a rite of passage for Londoners.

Piccadilly Circus is one of London’s most recognizable landmarks, with its bright lights and enormous advertisements.

A Tranquil Haven In The Midst Of Piccadilly Circus

Even if you’ve never been to London, you’ve probably seen a photograph of Piccadilly Circus, one of the city’s most recognizable sights. Because of the hotel’s Regent Street location, this is a place to stay in London which is most popular. Guests of Hotel Cafe Royal may enjoy this scene as soon as they walk outside.

However, establishing a reputation as one of the greatest places to stay in London requires much more than a wonderful location. Fortunately for us, Hotel Cafe Royal has much more to offer, most notably its spa.

The Akasha Spa alone is incentive enough to plan a visit. This London spa hotel is a tranquil haven of peace and tranquillity, equipped with a spa cuisine that would entice even the most ardent spa-goer.

Make an appointment in one of the nine treatment rooms. Looking for something out of the ordinary? The Akasha Spa is home to London’s first Watsu pool, which is utilized for a variety of hydrotherapy therapies.

Westminster Is Ideal For Tourists

If you’re wondering where the best place to stay in london for tourists fare, I’d recommend Westminster.

There are many luxury hotels in Westminster, which stretches back from the River Thames, and is at the top of many London tourists’ lists due to attractions such as The Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, and the National Galleries. As a result, Westminster is the greatest London neighborhood for visitors.

It’s a short walk to the West End, and there are excellent public transportation connections to the rest of London. Westminster is the best neighborhood in London to stay in for touring purposes for first-time visitors.

Westminster Abbey 

From royal marriages to coronations to royal funerals, Westminster Abbey has seen it all.

The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben 

The Houses of Parliament are an elegant affair on the banks of the Thames. You can’t visit London without seeing Big Ben.

Trafalgar Area 

Although there are fewer pigeons these days, London’s most renowned square remains a terrific place to people-watch under the shadow of Nelson’s Column.

The National Galleries 

The National Galleries 

The National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery both have extensive collections. Except for special exhibits, admission is free.

Westminster Corinthia Hotel

A recent influx of luxury hotel launches means that you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting a place to stay in Shoreditch

And, regardless of who you are or what you love, although Shoreditch may not be the greatest neighborhood to stay in London for sightseeing, it is without a doubt the finest area to stay in London for that local flavor.


The original London shipping container restaurant and shopping district is still at its finest.

Columbia Road Flower Market 

Get up early on weekends to see a stunning display of flower arrangements at this long-running market.

You should keep in mind all the travelling rules and regulations for Visiting London before booking a flight. 

The Clove Club 

No menu, just five courses of freshly prepared cuisine for a spectacular night.

So, what’s not to like? For starters, the amazing location, the vivid design, the blink-and-it’s-there service, the effortlessly elegant decor – the list goes on. Consider sixties style with light wood and pops of color.

You can find the best mid-range hotel according to your preference here. The bedrooms are among the most fashionable in town, with denim APC bedcovers and mid-century contemporary embellishments. Bathrooms are also trendy, with concrete sinks and an industrial feel.

The lobby/coffee shop/bar is often busy, with a mix of creative individuals from the city and hotel guests.

Night owls may unwind at any of Ace’s bars. The Gallery Bar is ideal for pre-dinner drinks, whilst Miranda’s, the basement bar, is more suited to late nights and early mornings.

A Taste Of New York In The Heart Of Shoreditch

It’s difficult to establish a cool reputation in Shoreditch these days. In an area teeming with some of London’s best hotels, restaurants, pop-ups, pubs, boutiques, and street art, you have to be rather exceptional to stand out. Best place to stay in london for tourists.

The Curtain

New York hotelier Michael Achenbaum, the guy behind the new hotel The Curtain, is obviously doing something right. The Curtain has a devoted following less than a year after its debut, due to its too-cool-for-school attitude and spectacular surroundings. It could easily be one of the most romantic hotels of London. 

The rooms are a mix of modern and rough-luxe, with exposed brick bedroom walls just meters away from marble baths.

Yes, The Curtain is hip, and it’s not ashamed to show it – thus the shoe polishing service to restore new life to your sneakers, as well as the tailored Carhartt uniforms worn by all personnel.

You’d have to be quite jaded not to notice the 1,600 square metre rooftop, which has an outdoor pool, day beds, and a bar perfect for wheeling away hot summer days.

It’s Shoreditch, so it’s hardly surprising that The Curtain offers a diverse bar and club scene, including a handful exclusive to members and hotel guests.

Also, know all the tourism statistics of London to get the full experience before staying in London. 

Best London Neighborhoods & Areas to Stay

London City 

London City 

It may be difficult to decide where to stay in London, but there is a region named “City of London” that does not describe the whole city, but rather a tiny area in the city center full of tall skyscrapers! Similarly, Moscow has “Moscow-city” , a skyscraper complex that is just a minor portion of the real metropolis.

For The Urban Atmosphere 

This is the heart of London, a wonderful location rich with history and intriguing sights. It’s also known as “The Square Mile,” and if you choose to stay here, you’ll be surrounded by a plethora of fantastic markets, stores, skyscrapers, restaurants, and cafés.

If you’re wondering what sights are in this London area, here are a few examples: St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Museum of London, and the Tower of London are all worth a visit.

Where to Stay in London for Nightlife in Soho

I’m sure you’ve heard of Soho, which is one of the top places to stay in London for nightlife!

If you like live music, theatres, cafés, underground clubs, and distinctive pubs where you can party till the wee hours of the morning, Soho is one of the greatest neighborhoods to stay in London for you!

The region is also a component of the city’s theater district, which is located west of the City of London and north of the River Thames. The Phantom of the Opera and Matilda are two of London’s most iconic shows. So, if you like musicals, we strongly suggest checking out what’s playing at the theatres here!

Visiting London: Soho 

Why is Soho renowned for this, you may wonder? This was formerly the city’s Red Light District, but things have changed dramatically since then. Soho is secure, and it’s one of the greatest spots to have a beer with your buddies.

Walking around the streets is a rush, particularly when folks get off work. That’s when the pubs fill up and everyone becomes overjoyed, and you can hear people laughing, drinking, and dancing!

Final Verdict 

The City of London region is a wonderful neighbourhood to stay in if you want to be close to the key attractions. Centrally placed and reasonably affordable when it comes to costs, this district of London has a lot of history and is near to most attractions.

It is the financial area of London and is packed with chic cafés, wonderful shopping, and a mix of both old and contemporary buildings. Most of the housing here is a mix of mid-range and luxury, but AirBnB has some fantastic apartments as well.

Make sure you hop on a boat down the Thames and visit one of the numerous markets in this region.

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