The Richest YouTubers Of 2022


Jeffree Star, one of the Richest YouTubers Of 2022, with a net worth of $200 million. His net wealth is four times that of Ryan Kaji, the second richest YouTuber, who has a net worth of $50 million. Jeffree’s YouTube channel, which has 16.5 million followers and 2.4 billion cumulative views, brought in $15 million last year. The majority of his wealth, however, comes from his cosmetics brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which generates over $100 million in annual sales.

Have you ever wondered how much money the world’s most popular YouTube channels make? We polled over 200 YouTubers with subscriber counts ranging from a few thousand to hundreds of millions, and the findings are nothing short of amazing. Today’s most popular YouTubers are huge celebs and household figures. Indeed, revenues from YouTube are accounting for a less and smaller portion of their total net worth.

 The wealthiest YouTubers generate extra money by creating their own product lines, record labels, and other spin-off enterprises, which they advertise for free utilizing their massive following. Let’s start with the most popular channels and YouTubers who have earned the most money in the last year. These are the richest Youtubers of 2022.

The top 20 richest YouTubers of 2022 in the world today are listed below.

  • Jeffree Star has a $200 million net worth.
  • Ryan’s World has a $50 million net worth.
  • PewDiePie has a $40 million net worth.
  • Markiplier has a $35 million net worth.
  • DanTDM has a net worth of $35 million dollars.
  • Rhett and Link have a combined net worth of $32 million.
  • Dude Perfect has a $30 million net worth.
  • Vanoss Gaming has a $25 million net worth.
  • Ninja has a net worth of $25 million dollars.
  • James Charles has a $25 million net worth.
  • Preston has a $20 million net worth.
  • Nastya, for example, has a net worth of $20 million.
  • David Dobrik has a $20 million net worth.
  • Jake Paul has a $20 million net worth.
  • Lilly Singh has a $20 million net worth.
  • Logan Paul has a $19 million net worth.
  • MrBeast has a $16 million net worth.
  • Blippi has a net worth of $16 million dollars.
  • KSI has a $15 million net worth.
  • Roman Atwood has a $14.5 million net worth.

Read on to learn more about the top 10 Richest YouTubers Of 2022 and how they generated money:

Jeffree Star Net Worth

  • $200 million net worth
  • Earnings in 2020: $15 million
  • 16.5 million subscribers
  • 2.4 Billion total views

Jeffree Star supported himself before YouTube by performing various cosmetics and modeling gigs. Jeffree joined Myspace and quickly became one of the most popular users. On his postings, he got tens of thousands of comments. He wrote on life, fame, and beauty on his blog, as well as shared his music. In 2009, he uploaded his first YouTube video.

It was really for the purpose of promoting his music career. His music career was failing him in 2014, and he was on the verge of bankruptcy. Jeffree started Jeffree Star Cosmetics with his life savings. He promoted himself and his company on YouTube. Jeffree Star Cosmetics currently has an annual revenue of about $100 million. It’s fair to say that money spent was well spent. In 2018, Jeffree earned $18 million from YouTube alone.

Ryan’s World (Ryan Kaji) Net Worth

  • $50 million in net worth
  • Earnings in 2020: $29.5 million
  • 45 million subscribers
  • 61.3 billion total views

In 2015, Ryan’s World launched a YouTube channel. He was watching product review channels and wondered why he wasn’t on YouTube like the other youngsters. His mother left her job to work full-time on Ryan’s World. Ryan ToysReview was the previous name. His surname, Guan, was also altered to Kaji, his on-screen surname. They have nine YouTube channels at the moment. These channels are dedicated to toy reviews. They also include Ryan’s participation in numerous challenges and his DIY science adventures. They also offer Spanish and Japanese channels. Many of the products reviewed on Ryan’s World are given to charity. They also gift them to relatives and friends.

Ryan’s World also has a clothing and toy line that is also known as Ryan’s World. In 2018, it was solely available via Walmart, and by 2020, it had amassed a profit of more than $250 million. His collection is now available at other retailers as well. He also got a contract with Nickelodeon and Amazon for a television series.

PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) Net Worth

  • $40 million in net worth
  • 109 million subscribers
  • Total Number of Views: 27 Billion

Many are asking questions on why hasn’t pewdiepie uploaded 2022. PewDiePiE got recognized for his video game comments. He entertained himself by playing games while reflecting on his experiences and showcasing his amusing responses. PewDiePiE’s ascent coincided with the absence of any major gaming channels at the time. In high school, PewDiePiE was interested in painting and video games.

He was able to get a computer by selling his artwork. He would often skip lessons in order to play video games with his mates. In 2008, PewDiePiE graduated from high school. After that, in 2011, he dropped out of Chalmers University of Technology. He quit since he was dissatisfied with his present education.

It wasn’t easy in the beginning. Felix made a living selling Photoshop artwork, working as a harbor captain, and running a hot dog stand. He was even on the verge of getting an apprenticeship with a well-known Scandinavian advertising firm.

Felix had 5 million members in 2012, which was the highest at the time, so everything worked out in the end. He’s now YouTube’s most subscribed individual user channel. He’s also the channel with the third-highest number of subscribers. Although there is no official statement on why hasn’t pewdiepie uploaded 2022.

Markiplier (Mark Fischbach) Net Worth

  • $35 million in net worth
  • Earnings in 2020: $19.5 million
  • 28.8 million Subscribers
  • 15.4 billion Total views

In 2012, Markiplier became a YouTuber. He began his career with sketch comedy, in which he would portray all of the characters in the piece. That’s how he came up with the moniker Markiplier. A combination of Mark and multiplier. He used to play video games on YouTube until his Adsense account was suspended. Later that year, he created a second one named markiplierGAME. In 2014, Markiplier relocated to Los Angeles and began making Let’s Play videos. Five Nights at Freddy’s was his first successful playing.

Over 80 million people have seen this series. He continues to play Five Nights at Freddy’s games, even making a cameo appearance in Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery. Markiplier has more than 20 million members by 2018. Markiplier and Ethan Nestor started a new YouTube channel named Unus Annus in 2019. For a year, they recorded a video every day.

They planned to erase the whole channel, including its material, when the year was out. In its first week, Unus Annus racked up over a million subscriptions and over 11 million views. Markiplier and Ethan performed a live broadcast, which peaked at 1.5 million people, before removing it in 2020.

DanTDM (Daniel Middleton)  Net Worth

  • $35 million in net worth
  • 29.3 million subscribers
  • 18.5 Billion total views

In 2009, DanTDM used the alias PokemanDanlvl45 to play Pokemon and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In 212, he launched his primary channel, TheDiamondMinecart. Minecraft was his main emphasis on that channel.

He also continued to play other games. For the most views on a dedicated Minecraft video channel, he achieved a Guinness World Record. DanTDM also broke the record for the most goals scored by a team of two or three players in a Rocket League game. In 2016, he renamed his channel DanTDM, which has now become a household name. In the same year, he published Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal, a best-seller.

For over three months, this book was on The New York Times Best Seller List for hardcover graphic novels. In 2017, he embarked on a book tour and appeared in DanTDM Creates a Big Scene, a web series. It first aired on YouTube Red, the company’s paid membership program. It had a six-episode run.

  • Total Net Worth: $32 Million
  • Earnings in 2020: $20 million
  • 27.9 million subscribers
  • 9.2 billion total views

Rhett and Link met in first grade at a North Carolina elementary school. They developed a film called Looking for Ms. Locklear about the encounter. They were caught one day writing curse words on their desks. That’s how Good Mythical Morning, their most popular YouTube channel, earned its moniker. They were not permitted to go to recess and were forced to remain inside. They were given coloring books featuring legendary animals.

After that, Rhett and Link became roommates at North Carolina State University. Respectfully, they studied civil and industrial engineering. They both worked in their respective fields for a period of time. Rhett & Link have created videos and hilarious skits for Cru, a non-profit organization. Before working as full-time performers, they worked and evolved as a duet. They presently have five YouTube Channels and in 2019 launched the Smosh brand.

Dude Perfect Net Worth

  • Net worth of $30 million dollars.
  • Earnings in 2020: $23 million
  • 57.5 million Subscribers
  • 12.8 billion Total views

Dude Perfect is a bunch of friends that used to live together in college. They were all students at Texas A&M University. Cory and Coby Cotton, Cody Jones, Tyler Toney, and Garrett Hilbert are the members. The majority of their material consists of stunts and trick shots. They also play friendly games or compete against one another.

In 2009, Dude Perfect launched his YouTube channel. Tyler Toney’s property was the setting for the trick-shot video. Then they went to Sky Ranch, a Christian summer camp, to record a video. This video has been seen over 18 million times. Dude Perfect sponsored a kid from Compassion International for every 100,000 views the video got.

After their films went popular, Espn contacted Dude Perfect. Their footage were then shown on a number of ESPN programmes. They kept up their participation in athletics. Players from numerous professional leagues have collaborated with and endorsed Dude Perfect. The NBA, NFL, Nascar, Volleyball, and Tennis are among them.

Vanoss Gaming (Evan Fong) Net Worth

  • Net worth of $25 million dollars.
  • 13.7 Billion total views

Vanoss Gaming is a DJ, video game pundit, and music producer. He majored in economics in college and began his YouTube channel in 2011. When he started to devote more time to his YouTube channel, his parents were concerned. Vanoss Gaming decided to drop out of his second year once his YouTube channel became prominent. He has almost 10 million members in 2015. 

VANOS gave him the moniker VanossGaming. BMW manufactures a variable valve timing system. Evan’s father used to be a member of the vanoss62 clan. The S62 engine utilized in the BMW M5 gave it its moniker (see a theme here?) The mantle was later taken up by Vanoss Gaming.

Rynx is a musical project created by Vanoss Gaming. In Pieces, his first album, was released in October 2019. In July 2020, he released a remixed version of the album. He was a voice actor for Paranormal Action Squad, a YouTube Premium series. The premiere episode of the animated series Alpha Betas aired on his channel in March 2021.

Tyler Blevins (Ninja) Net Worth

  • Net worth of $25 million.
  • 24.2 million Subscribers
  • 2.4 Billion Total views

Ninja completed high school but did not pursue a college education. Instead, he concentrated on professional Halo 3 competition and streaming. Cloud9, Team Liquid, Renegades, and Luminosity Gaming were among his teams. He also broadcast H1Z1, PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, and Fortnite Battle Royale on Twitch in addition to Halo.

Ninja has almost 2 million followers by 2018. He also set new marks for the most views for a single webcast, with 635,000 watching live and 667,000 watching on demand. In 2018, Ninja earned roughly $10 million. Ninja claimed to be generating over $500,000 per month through Fortnite broadcasting. Ninja’s YouTube channel had over 100 million views in a single month the same year. He also surpassed 2 million followers on YouTube.

In 2018, he quit Twitch to join Mixer, Microsoft‘s broadcasting platform. In 2020, Mixer ceased operations and collaborated with Facebook Gaming. Ninja went back to Twitch after that.

James Charles Net Worth

  • Net worth of $25 million dollars.
  • 25.6 million Subscribers 
  • 3.3 Billion Total views

In 2017, James Charles completed high school. Since he was bullied, it wasn’t an easy experience for him, but he disregarded it and pushed through it. He got into cosmetics after assisting a buddy with hers for a school dance. He then taught himself how to do it and began doing it for other people on a professional basis.

James began his YouTube channel while working as a local makeup artist in New York. He began posting cosmetic lessons on YouTube, and by 2016, he had become CoverGirl’s first male ambassador. He collaborated with Katy Perry, another ambassador. By 2019, Charlies had amassed over 10 million YouTube followers. On Instagram, he had the same number of followers. That year, his net worth was estimated to be over $12 million.

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