Tata Group’s Business Strategy Themes

According to Chairman N Chandrasekaran, the over $100 billion Tata group’s business strategy moving ahead would be digital, new energy, supply chain resilience, and health, even as he stressed that these aspirations are predicated on learning to live with the coronavirus.

Chandrasekaran stated in his Future Year’s message to the nearly 800,000 workers of the salt-to-software conglomerate that companies and society must adapt to the virus by preparing as much as possible “For new outbreaks and varieties, we’re doing the best we can. With the expansion of Omicron, we are witnessing this now.”

Tata group's business strategy themes' : Digital, energy, supply chain, health

He stated the organization is becoming “simpler and financially stronger than we have been in a long time” as he reflected on the previous year. “We’ve also made significant progress in reducing our carbon footprint and positioned our businesses to take advantage of cutting-edge new technologies. Our most significant accomplishment this year was winning Air India. It is, without a doubt, a historic event “According to Chandrasekaran.

In terms of the future, he said, “Looking forward, we have four themes in our strategy: digital, new energy, supply chain resilience, and health. Our businesses have already begun to adjust to these changes, and we are seeing improved results.” These four principles would assist the group’s new projects and companies in the future, he added, from 5G to TataNeu (digital platform) and Tata Electronics.

With India’s plans to become a USD3 trillion economy by 2024, Chandrasekaran believes the firm can play a role in the country’s progress as a business. “We must continue to strive for simplicity, sustainability, and technical advancement. If we do, we will be able to propel our enterprise, as well as our nation, ahead.” He did, however, say “All objectives are subject to a more pressing concern: learning to live with the coronavirus.

Businesses and society must adapt to it by planning for future breakouts and varieties as best we can. With the expansion of Omicron, we are witnessing this today.” He said that “India’s great immunization program has established a gigantic wall of protection,” and that illnesses have been modest thus far. “However, we must exercise caution. This is not the time to relax our guard “He urged the company’s workers to follow the most up-to-date health practices and get booster injections as soon as they became available, not just for themselves, but for their families and communities.

Chandrasekaran reminded the staff that the worst of the epidemic had been witnessed a year ago, but the second wave proved to be far more challenging than the first. He expressed his condolences to those who have lost loved ones to the pandemic, saying that towns, families, and individuals have all suffered greatly as a result of the epidemic. While the second wave’s peak was a trying time, Chandrasekaran was proud of how the Tata Group reacted to the obstacles and “showed the Tata spirit’s bravery and selflessness.”

“We provided hospitals with life-saving oxygen and increased healthcare capacity so that more people could get the care they need. It was a tremendous effort, and I want to express my gratitude to every one of you and your families for all you did “he said Chandrasekaran went on to say, “Your contribution to COVID-19 is all the more noteworthy since it came during a banner year for our companies. Not just in terms of financial performance, but also in terms of implementing our transformation plan, Tata Group firms performed well.”

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