5 Tips To Dress Confidently

Dressing with confidence is very necessary to make yourself visible and a prominent character to everyone. If you don’t dress confidently then people will not notice you and make you feel unwanted. For example, you are working in an office for 10 years. You are hardworking, doing overtime but still, newcomers are getting promotions but you are not. This is probably because you are not noticed. After all, you are not confident enough. To bring your confidence and make yourself noticed you need to find your correct style and here we have 5 tips for you on how to dress confidently. 

Find your color


If you always decide to choose one color as your statement color and dress every day like that then people will notice you and remember you no matter what. For example, Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale. If you watched Riverdale then you will notice that she has her statement color red. And she acts like she owns the color. Her, iconic red lips are never worn by anyone else in Riverdale as if red and Cheryl are born for each other. This makes her noticeable. She doesn’t wear the color only to make herself visible but this is her favorite color. You to find your favorite color and dress accordingly. You will feel both comfortable and confident in the attires and people will notice you in no time. 

Consider your shape

5 Tips to dress Confidently

Another tip to dress confidently, don’t get me wrong it is not about being plus-sized or skinny, taller or shorter. It is about how your dress compliments your body type. For instance, you are a shorter person. Then you will try to avoid low-cut jeans and midi dresses. Because these will make your legs look even shorter. So, try to use high waist jeans and shorter dresses with pointy shoes to make yourself look taller. 

Find your personal style


Now that you know your comfortable color and body shape try finding your personal style. Someone might feel comfortable in sweats, someone in skinny jeans, someone might prefer baggy others might enjoy wearing kimonos and saris. You just need to find your appropriate style in which you are comfortable and don’t feel imitated. From vintage style to modern style, know your style.

Keep the occasions in mind

Sometimes dress according to an occasion. For instance, you are going to a funeral then you must wear black cause if you wear any other color then people from the family of the deceased might get very hurt. But that doesn’t mean you cannot include your touch. Let’s imagine your favorite color is green. You can always put your favorite color in your accessories like a purse, brooch, pins, or hair ties.   

Know your comfort level

Never compromise your comfort level for anyone or anything. For instance, you and your girlfriends are planning to go to Coachella for the first time and you need outfit ideas. All you can see are celebs wearing revealing clothes and spending thousands on glittery hair and makeup. But if you are not someone who likes wearing revealing clothes or funky hair, then go simple. Like if you are a sweats person find a pair of neon sweats and amuse everyone at night. Think creatively and wisely staying within your comfort zone. There are numerous things you can do.  

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