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Top 3 Different Types of Business Ideas.

Types of Businesses

What Are the Different Types of Businesses? There are various types of businesses to choose from when forming a company, each with its own legal structure and criteria. The four main types of businesses are sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability…

Tata Group’s Business Strategy Themes

tata group business strategy

According to Chairman N Chandrasekaran, the over $100 billion Tata group’s business strategy moving ahead would be digital, new energy, supply chain resilience, and health, even as he stressed that these aspirations are predicated on learning to live with the…

What makes London ideal city for business

London ideal city for business

Whatever you’re searching for, London is certain to have it. There are several reasons why the United Kingdom’s capital has become one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. This global town, however, is not simply adored by visitors. Every…

Tokyo Olympics 2021: The aftermath

The aftermath of the Tokyo Olympics 2021

Tokyo Olympics was a much waited event. Streetlights, bridges, and subway stations are all examples of public infrastructure. One statement, written in red and brown on a red and brown banner, has become part of Tokyo’s befuddling skyline. Two anime-inspired…