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Intel CPU Price Might Rise by as Much as 20%

Intel CPU Price
In reaction to the ongoing trade war between the United States and China, Intel is making preparations to increase the price of its central processing units (CPUs) and processors. It is anticipated that the price of Intel CPUs would increase by up to 20 percent.

Google Plans to Make Android Apps Private in 2022


Google’s strategy to restrict data monitoring on its Chrome Internet browser has been expanded to include applications on its Android-based handsets as part of a larger data privacy initiative. Using its Privacy Sandbox initiative, the company intends to limit the…

Facebook Stock Market Loss $232 Billion

Facebook stock market loss

The value of Facebook has plummeted by more than $232 billion. Apple’s $182 billion loss in September 2020 set the previous record for market value dropped in a single day. The stock dropped after Facebook revealed lower-than-expected first-quarter revenue on…

Apple Is Considering Building Its Own Apple Console

Apple Xbox and playstation

Apple is reportedly mulling a move into the gaming console business, according to recent reports. During a recent episode of the Xbox Two podcast, Jez Corden, a Windows Central contributor, discussed the possibility of Apple’s involvement. “I’ve been hearing rumors…

Blackberry | End of the Smartphone era

BlackBerry Phones

BlackBerry, a legendary mobile phone manufacturer that dominated the upper echelon of society during my childhood. I still remember as a kid that whenever I saw someone busily clicking around a BlackBerry, he was of corporate importance. It was sufficed…

Poco F3| Fans Shocking Demand a 90-fps

90s fps|POCO f3

The Poco f3 or its Xiaomi counterparts took the market by storm when it first launched. They were the target of all mobile gamers because they provided the most powerful chips from Qualcomm at a budget-friendly price and this year…