Opening of an E-Sports/Video Gaming High School in Japan

japan is welcoming its first-ever Esports gaming high school. E-sports have been very popular but overshadowed and frankly looked down upon genre in the sports hemisphere. But with the massive surge of competitive online gaming, thanks to popular games like League of Legends, Fortnite, and such; E-sports have been garnering the eyes of more than just gamers. Japan will be the first to truly tackle this new genre by raising a generation of competitive gamers with their new e-sports/video gaming high school in Japan.

A Generation Being Defined | Gaming High School

The school is called Japan e-sports high school and is situated in downtown Shibuya, a short walk from the station. At first, looking at a pamphlet we thought it was promotional material for an anime. However, it was anything but. The school operates with support from NTT E-sports, a subsidiary under the telecommunications company NTT, and the popular Japanese pro football team Verdy’s E-sports off-shoot.

Their main e stadium in Shibuya boasts multiple high-performance computers and teachers adept at first-person shooters, third-person shooters, MOBAs, and Real-time strategies.

gaming high school

A Gaming School Might Sound Baffling

Because it is, for all of us living in the west. In Japan, high school is not part of the compulsory education system, and hence, schools that offer additional trade are not unheard of. Also, we must remember that Japan e-sports high school is not parading around the fact that professional gaming is an occupation for all of its students and admits gaming to be a very difficult profession to follow. What they are peddling is the fact that Competitive gaming can co-exist alongside all other skills.

They also provide all forms of existing education for students aiming for university and gaming-oriented professions such as streamer, game developer, virtual YouTuber, game journalist, programmer, e-sports commentator, and 3-D CG designer.

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