Riot Games to pay $100m in a Shocking Discrimination Case

Riot Games, the developer behind world-renowned games such as Valiant and League of Legends have finally settled a gender discrimination case from 2018 for 100 million US dollars.

Californian Department of Employment & Housing states that this amount should settle the allegations against 1065 female employees and 1300 contract workers.

Riot themselves have stated that this was the right thing to do and they needed to fix their past.

 This Riot Games discrimination case first began in 2018 thanks to the reporting of the Los Angeles Times and Kotaku news website.

Riot games have agreed to pay 80 million US dollars to the people behind the class action lawsuit, and another 20 million USD to settle the lawsuit.

Why does this Begin in the First Place?


Riot Games’ discrimination case began due to the festering of the” bro culture” with Riot’s ranks. There were even cases reported of having the “sexiest female employee” emails being circulated within Riot and Bosses and Execs sharing male genital pictures with female co-workers.

A Deep Rot within a Thriving Industry

As part of the case, Riot has agreed to workplace changes, promote better pay, hiring, and equality practices. They have also agreed to be monitored by outside experts for any sexual harassment cases and “retaliation” from its Californian offices for at least 3 years.

Riot must also set aside 18 million dollars to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion programs as well as offer 40 full-time jobs on engineering, quality assurance, and art design for these female employees

Unfortunately, the Riot Games discrimination case is not the last of its kind, and many prominent organizations within this industry continue with such ill practices. Activision Blizzard has recently been hit with such a lawsuit for similar malpractices.

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