Poco F3| Fans Shocking Demand a 90-fps

The Poco f3 or its Xiaomi counterparts took the market by storm when it first launched. They were the target of all mobile gamers because they provided the most powerful chips from Qualcomm at a budget-friendly price and this year is no different. The Poco f3 is equipped with the latest snapdragon 888 to blaze through any games thrown in its direction but it is not as simple as it seems.

The New Problem that looms on the Horizon

 Poco f3

You would think that better technology will provide higher performance but not for the super popular game PUBG on mobile platforms. If you folks (like myself) have been living under a rock, PUBG is the most played game on mobile with well over a billion downloads. The game defines the “battle royal” genre with thousands of professional content creators regularly advertising this game. However, many fans have been up in arms about the game not getting a 90-fps update although the new Poco f3 rocks the new snapdragon chip and a 120 Hz display chip.

The Response from the Higher ups

 poco F3

Well. The situation is a bit bleak. A Xiaomi spokesperson has stated that it is up to the developers to utilize the technology put inside their phone on how they see fit.  This is a crying shame because even 90 fps looks bad in a 120 Hz display and yet everyone is still stuck in 60.

The bandage to the problem

Well, there is a temporary solution, for now, to bypass Android 11 by using “ZArchiver” to manually modify PUBG’s files

  • Download “ZArchive”
  • Extract All zip file and all its contents
  • Then move Game_patch_1.4.0.14929 to Android/data/com.Tencent.in /files/UE4GAME/ShadowTrackerExtraShadowTrackerExtra/Saved/Paks
  •  ZArchiver after granting it the necessary permissions.

And this is how you can easily convert it into 90-fps in your Poco Smartphones.

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