Pregnancy Tips: 7 Best Tips to Dress During Pregnancy

When you’re expecting a child, the phrase “I don’t have anything to wear” ends up taking on a whole new meaning. It’s OK to wear a little more room in your clothes for a little time, but at some stage, you might just want to refresh your wardrobe with pregnancy items. You may find it difficult to choose attire that best accentuates your expanding baby bump as your body changes throughout pregnancy. You still can dress elegantly, whether you’re trying to hide your tummy or show it off, personal stylists tell us. Ashley Capps, owner of AC. Styles encourages her customers to go outside the box whenever it comes to constructing their pregnancy wardrobes. When it comes to maternity attire, she advises mixing and combining pieces from your regular wardrobe with maternity apparel. For example, you may wear your pre-pregnancy clothes with such a pair of maternity trousers that are a little roomier.

Jeans or Bottom Wears: 

7 Best Tips to Dress during Pregnancy without Compromising the Style.

It is possible to buy or rent pants with a flexible waistline that lies comfortably beneath the belly when you are still in the early stages of pregnancy. Try the hair elastic approach if your usual pants are still a little too big. Loop the hair tie through the buttonhole and across the button to add a few inches of length to the waist. Use a waistband to hold your unbuttoned pants in place. Just take off the buttons on your jeans, unbutton them, and then loop the band around your waist to keep your trousers up. A pair of pregnancy pants with such a waistband that extends over your tummy may become more comfortable as your pregnancy progresses. Style your top following your body’s proportions based on your preference.


7 Best Tips to Dress during Pregnancy without Compromising the Style.

Peplum, baby doll, fitted, flowy, and more designs of tops are available for pregnant women. If you’re in a good mood or at a good stage of pregnancy, go with your gut. In terms of necklines, Teich advises, wear what you feel comfortable in (and won’t overheat in), but keep lower or accessible collars in mind if you intend to wear clothes postpartum/breastfeeding.  Remember it’s always important to dress confidently.

Coats or Jackets: 

7 Best Tips to Dress during Pregnancy without Compromising the Style.

During the colder months, Saenz recommends repurposing your outerwear and keeping the front of coats open to allow for your growing baby. Allow your jackets and coats to hang open instead of zipping or buttoning them. For a polished appearance, “scrunch up the sleeves and wear it in an accordion-pleated skirt or even a straight A-line,” she advises. For warmth and protection from the elements, consider wearing a cloak or poncho. When the weather becomes chilly, you may want to consider renting or purchasing a cheap maternity coat (such as one from Old Navy or H&M). There are also postpartum jackets with features that make it easier to carry a baby carrier and an infant in your arms.


7 Best Tips to Dress during Pregnancy without Compromising the Style.

The length of your garment should be taken into consideration while shopping for dresses. As your pregnancy advances, you may find that non-maternity gowns aren’t as practical. This is the case, as follows. There is more capacity for growth in your belly, which means that the hemline of your dress rises as you become bigger, adds Saenz. As a result, the garment may seem shorter than it is. To keep your hemline from being too high as your belly grows, Saenz offers some buying advice: A decent general rule is to acquire something at or immediately below the knee.

Material of Clothes: 

7 Best Tips to Dress during Pregnancy without Compromising the Style.

Making the appropriate choice of material is essential. When it comes to apparel, particularly outerwear, you’ll want to look for options with a little more give. Saenz advises experimenting with knitted materials (which have more “give”, especially for jackets and tops.) It’s important, she says, because as your arms grow, you don’t want your arms and shoulders to feel restricted. Clothing that is overly tight in certain places might make you feel constrained. JS Personal Styling’s Jodi Skorupski, a wardrobe consultant, outlines the role that fabric plays in fashion decisions. She comments, “Fabrics with a lot of texture are fantastic.” Structure and proportion are enhanced by the use of these pieces.”

Wool, velour, and pleats are all examples of textured fabrics. Comfort does not have to be sacrificed. For example, a jersey is a fabric that is both soft and fashionable. According to Skorupski, it’s either a success or a failure. Avoid light-weight cotton jerseys, if possible.” “She’s not shy about disclosing. They’re great for showing off your growing baby bulge, but they also stick to every other growing bump. A better-quality jersey is what you should look for.


7 Best Tips to Dress during Pregnancy without Compromising the Style.

When it comes to fashion, color can make a big difference. For example, if you want to pay heed to a certain area of your body, wear a vivid hue on that area of the body. You may attract attention to your legs by wearing bright leggings, and your upper body by wearing an eye-catching shirt. Wearing white accomplishes the same thing as wearing a color that isn’t considered a color. Because white reflects light, it gives the appearance that the area of the body it covers is greater.

On Contrary, the fact that black doesn’t reflect light makes it a slimming hue. As the adage goes, “Light generally changes, dark color absorbs,” The reason we always appear better in dark hues is that these absorb light. It’s a trick of the eye. Because it does not reflect light, black tends to reduce one’s apparent size. That’s why many individuals choose to wear black to hide specific aspects of their bodies. There are no hard-and-fast rules, Weiss thinks, despite her agreement that this was always so. She encourages people to experiment with blending patterns, wearing animal prints, and even wearing white.


7 Best Tips to Dress during Pregnancy without Compromising the Style.

Choose clothes that pull the attention away from the hump. Peplum-style blouses with ruffles around the midriff and puffy sleeves are effective in diverting attention away from the wearer’s body shape. When it comes to the bottoms, Capps has some advice for you. It’s best to wear darker hues to hide your hips and belly, according to her. “Don’t draw attention to that region by wearing black leggings or trousers.” Wearing designs might also help to camouflage a growing belly. “Try huge tropical designs,” advises Skorupski. Do not interpret this as an attempt to conceal anything. Think of it as “I’m not going to pay attention to my stomach.” Trying to keep anything hidden just draws attention to the item you’re trying to conceal. Instead, go for eye-catching designs that draw attention away from your physique and instead draw attention to the minute elements of the pattern. You should begin by making yourself seem good, she advises. In other words, you want to think, ‘I don’t want this dress to draw attention to my stomach.’ As a bonus, you don’t want to attract attention to your chest. Not only does your tummy grow in size during pregnancy, but so does your chest. Layering with jackets, flowing sweaters, or cardigans is one option.

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