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BlackBerry, a legendary mobile phone manufacturer that dominated the upper echelon of society during my childhood. I still remember as a kid that whenever I saw someone busily clicking around a BlackBerry, he was of corporate importance.

It was sufficed to sat that for the hoards of executives, journalists, and politicians- even the president of America- the BlackBerry was a disposable device to stay in contact with each other which normal cellphones couldn’t provide.

 Hearing the word BlackBerry, meant imagining someone quickly typing away at the iconic QWERTY keyboard and was completely different from the average mobile device, much like how iPhones were during the late 2000s.

An end of an era for Blackberry Phone 

However, it seems that BlackBerry has finally hiked its last mile and is going in the same direction as the Commodore computer and the Laser Disk. So will their trademark trackballs and Tic Tac-sized letter keys

As part of an ‘end of life’ decommissioning program that began in September 2020, BlackBerry announced that the old models will no longer be supported as they have finished their shift to a software-based company.

For many, this left a bittersweet taste because they knew that the phones would come to an end and were sad about the fact the last line of truly great keyboard phones have crumbled/

There is a famous photo of Barack Obama clutching a BlackBerry when taking office at the White House, which was stripped down for security reasons.

Kevin Michakuk, the founder of the popular site CrackBerry, shared his absolute sadness after dedicating a lifetime to preach about these phones. He tells us about the journey of this technology as BlackBerry stopped making phones in 2016.

Blackberry Phone

To him, these phones defined his work. “Without these phones, no one really knows who I am”. Mr.Michakuk, 41, says that the iPhones don’t feel as productive as the Blackberries due to sensory overload. 

BlackBerry stated that devices running legacy features over cellular services or WIFI would not be able to send or receive text messages other data, make phone calls or call 911. The company thanked its user for sticking with them through this journey and quickly pointed out that android-powered Blackberries will still continue to function normally.

As mentioned in Mr. Obama’s 2020 memoir, he stated that his BlackBerry only survived after several weeks of negotiations with his cybersecurity personnel. He further explains that his phone could only send or receive emails from 20 or so vetted contacts. His microphone and headphone jack were also removed for security reasons, becoming a little more than toy phones.

A final Bit of Memory

BlackBerry phones even existed during the early years of YouTube, and Adam Matlock, 37, who runs Tech Odessey shares his view about the device. He states that the device tried to be itself, not another Nokia or iPhone. To him, this device was left for dead long before BlackBerry announced its decision. This is because the largest wireless carriers like AT&T, Verizon are fazing out 3G in the next few years.

Finally, Mr.Michaluk or CrackBerry Kevin tells us about his favorite model, the BlackBerry Bold 900 because of its leather back. 

Now, this device sits on a kickstand inside a little device, a shell of a Titan it once was.

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