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The era has finally come, where the matrix might just be real. Ok, I jest but the concept is not far off. The tech industries are rapidly embracing a shared world through the Metaverse. To put a bit of extra lore about this idea, consider a virtual world created through billions of lines of code, complex algorithms, and other techniques utilizing machine learning.

This means that you can create and control your “avatar” that exists within digitized space. You move your hand in real-time to see your virtual character moving it as well, let’s not forget that 360 views you can see of a completely different world within your bedroom. But unlike the matrix, companies are utilizing more user-friendly devices to help you connect to that other world (no need for a 6-inch metal syringe being injected into your skull, Yay!).

Companies are now in a race to see who can develop the fastest Meta peripherals to get their hands on the initial batch (and the largest) of customers. It is truly amazing to see how far this race has come with amazing VR devices on the market.

Smart Lens

The Metaverse is a sought-after social media platform and In With Corporation seems to have laid the initial groundwork to truly visualize what we can expect. They finally introduced the world’s first-ever soft-electronic lens. The company sets to achieve a Black Mirror-like dream feel with these lenses using AR lens to reveal different types of information through electronic circuits embedded into the hydrogel body.

Like advanced Bluetooth devices, the lens will directly send information to us about the surrounding world through smartphones or other compatible devices with Michael Hayes, CEO of In With Corporation, giving us more details of this Metaverse tool.

He explains how we can see the required speed limit of a road just by looking at it, where does the road end? He also explains how you can see the contents of your smartphone without ever needing to look at it, your notifications at the top of your field of view.

He also claims about the medical advantages for people. The app device allows people with limited eyesight to tune their vision to see better in close and long-range.

Haptic Gloves (to truly “feel” the Metaverse)

Haptic Gloves (to truly "feel" the Metaverse)

One of the biggest names in Silicon Valley, Meta Inc., changed their name from Facebook to embrace their ideals behind the Metaverse and have recently announced that they were working with multiple companies on high-tech haptic gloves to allow users to feel physical sensations while on the Metaverse. Think it this way, if you touch a digitized wall inside the Metaverse, you can feel the pressure on your hand. When asked, Meta stated that they want to make VR worlds even more immersive as they put in a user’s sense of touch into the virtual experience.

Haptic feedback already exists in the form of controllers. The new PlayStation game system supports haptic feedback within their controllers to provide an extra layer of sense to immersion inside the video game universe. Meta thinks that wearing this technology is the next logical step.

VR Headsets

This was the biggest step in the Advancement of the Metaverse. However, the earlier iterations were bulky and full of wires. Now, companies are investing in making sleek and wireless headsets to increase their popularity. VR headsets for games allow players to be lost in the world with the aid of 3D audio. Cumbersome helmet-looking like headsets are now excused for exciting lightweight, easy-to-use, and easy-to-transport VR headsets, with high-end 3Dsounds.

Tracking systems and scanning sensors

For VR enthusiasts, the introduction of tracking and scanning sensors is the next big leap of true immersions.

The full-body sensors allow the Metaverse to be more appealing as the movements are properly realized with the Metaverse like concerts, boxing matches, and sports coaching sessions.

The Tracking systems and scanning sensors would help control the rest of the body that often looks weirdly contorted in ways that break the emersion of even the most graphically appealing games and activities.

Microsoft tried to mimic this Metaverse with the Kinect and Xbox platform, but the technology wasn’t there to be fully realized. This can finally change now.

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