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As if ripped from our collective nightmares, it seems that creepy clown horror stories have taken hold in the Southern states. Residents of an apartment complex in South Carolina were sent warning letters after receiving accusations that a clown was attempting to entice youngsters into the woods on Aug. 21.

On September 1, a 12-year-old girl in Greenville, South Carolina reported seeing two clowns in her backyard. A guy in Greensboro, North Carolina, pursued a clown into the woods with a machete on Sept. 7. Since last week, many Alabama schools have been placed on lockdown due to Facebook threats of clown kidnapping, and a Facebook user has threatened to take children from schools in Georgia if authorities don’t intervene.

According to a police spokesman, “If this is a hoax or PR stunt, it isn’t humorous.” As of now, “we don’t know,” he said. “We haven’t had the opportunity to interview any clowns.” The present clown fear isn’t the only creepy clown horror out there. You’ll never be able to sleep again after you’ve read about these real-life clowns. There have been many clown attack London 2022.

Real Clown Horror Stories That You Shouldn’t Read Alone

The Cold-Case Creepy Clown

The scariest clown horror stories must include this. It was 10:45 a.m. on May 26, 1990, when Marlene Warren was awakened by a clown with a bulbous nose and 2 balloons, one of which was embossed with an image of Snow White. Her death came two days after the clown attacked her moment in time in the face.

Warren’s son, a teen witness, observed the clown flee in a white Chrysler LeBaron. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s spokesperson Bob Ferrell informed the Sun-Sentinel, “This is the oddest thing I’ve seen in all my nineteen years in law enforcement.” Michael Warren, Warren’s husband, was a leading suspect in the heinous murder. There was no evidence to link him to his wife’s death when police investigated his office at the West Palm Beach auto dealership where he worked. However, five-figure life insurance and a suspected romance appeared fishy.

A female coworker claimed that Michael Warren had a sexual relationship with her. Employees at a nearby costume shop initially recognized Marlene Warren as the lady who bought a clown costume on the day of her murder based on the flowers & balloons she received before her death. The murder remains unsolved even though neither man was ever accused of it.

Klutzo the Creepy Clown: 

Klutzo the Creepy Clown: 

For the first time, a “Christian clown” has been accused of having child pornography on his person, as well as flying to perform sexual acts with an underage person. As “Klutzo the Clown,” A. Paul Carlock Jr. has toured the world performing at orphanages for more than a decade. Because he’d traveled with children to a country with a reputation for sex tourism, customs officials just at San Francisco International Airport requested to see his digital camera when he returned. This is one of the clown horror stories that gives us chills down the spine. 

Evil clown stories have to include Klutzo the clown. According to the formal affidavit, authorities discovered photographs of nude youngsters “playing, bathing, and sitting dressed but now with their genitals showing.” To demonstrate to his congregation how destitute the boys were, Carlock told police he wanted to alter the photos to make them seem as though they had no clothing on. Carlock was found to be fondling 3 children at House of Joy, according to the investigators. At least 21 child pornographic recordings were discovered in Carlock’s Springfield, Illinois, house when it was searched.

While working at the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Child Health Division, serving as a licensed juvenile officer, helping for Big Brothers Big Sisters, & acting as a police department “youth division investigator,” Carlock’s career has always been focused on dealing with children. Even after he was sentenced to jail, Carlock maintained his innocence. In November 2007, following 39 days of health issues and fights with guards, he passed away while awaiting trial. This is one of the scariest Clown Horror Stories.

Pogo the Creepy Clown: 

There has been numerous Clown Attack London 2022. A well-known community leader, John Wayne Gacy was chosen Springfield, Illinois’ “Man of the Year” in 1964 by a local club, and he acted as a popular children’s creepy clown, Pogo. Gacy was one of America’s most renowned serial murderers.

In 1968, the dad of a 15-year-old kid Gacy had recruited to perform odd chores around his house informed police that Gacy had tortured his child into oral sex. Gacy had first been arrested on adultery charges in 1969. Gacy was sentenced to ten years in prison, but after two years of good conduct, he was freed and granted a probationary term of one year.

Gacy’s first wife sought divorce while he was in jail. Pogo the clown was a hit at kids’ birthday parties and the local children’s hospital when he was released from prison in 1970. He moved to Des Plaines, Illinois, with his high school sweetheart and started a construction company. He stated that he had been sexually attracted to children guys in 1975, which led to his second wife filing for divorce from him. At least 33 boys were tortured, raped, and killed by him between 1972 and 1978.

On March 13, 1980, Gacy was found guilty of twelve murders and put to death. His deadly injection on May 9th, 1994, ended his life. Gacy painted hundreds of Pogo portraits in incarcerated. At a bonfire witnessed by the family members of his victims, his lawyer auctioned off his client’s artwork after his execution.

The Wasco Creepy Clown: 

The Wasco Creepy Clown: 

Another of the scariest clown stories is this. Residents of Wasco and Bakersfield, California, were terrorized by armed clowns in October 2014. It all started when a Wasco couple posed in eerie clown costumes for a year-long art installation, but the photographs went viral and copycats soon followed. Bakersfield policeman watch supervisor Lt. Jason Matson told Reporters at the time: “We’ve been seeing sightings all around the city.”

There’s a wide spectrum of people, from a person with a rifle to a guy with a knife, rushing up to homes. “There were no other pranksters captured save for one who chased a child while costumed as a clown. Creepy clown photographs were uploaded on Twitter and Instagram by several accounts, including an Official Facebook page at the time.

Most of them have been disabled since then, with the exception of one. In 2013, a clown eerily like Stephen King’s Pennywise haunted the streets of Northampton, England.

Bandes de Clowns:

Bandes de Clowns:

Among the clown stories, the horror stories include this. France, too, has seen its share of clown-related horrors. 14 armed pranksters costumed as clowns chased civilians and “laughed manically” at Edge, a Mediterranean harbor in the south of France, in October 2014. They were armed with guns, knives, and baseball bats, among other weapons. An iron club was used to beat a 35-year-old pedestrian by a clown costumed suspect in Montpellier the same month.

Besançon student cut his hand attempting to protect himself from such an ax-wielding prankster. Four chainsaw-wielding fake clowns terrorized kids at a Liévin school. In November 2014, a municipality in southern France went so far as to outlaw the wearing of clown costumes because of the unnerving encounters. Social internet was accused by French authorities of igniting the terror attack by Wasco and Northampton copycats.

French national police noted at the time that since the middle of October, rumor-inspired films had established the presence of menacing and violent clowns in France. Prankster’s YouTube site DM Pranks is the source of the videos, which include the “Killer Clown Scare Prank,” which went viral in 2014. Clowning about as clowns, the duo terrorizes unsuspecting bystanders with chainsaws and enormous mallets. Evil Clown Horror Stories include this list of unnatural events.

The total number of times their videos have been seen is over 527 million. In the beginning, the 19-year-old said it was only a prank to terrify his friends by getting dressed up as a clown and yelling “Boo!” with the stick as he had seen on Facebook. He was detained after scaring people in Béthune, France. In other words, “I didn’t mean any harm.”

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