4 Weird Titanic Conspiracy Theories

Titanic conspiracy theories and damaging misconceptions sometimes spring up in the wake of significant occurrences. There are amazing triumphs like Buzz Aldrin punching a person for disputing Buzz Aldrin’s moon landing and great catastrophes like Martin Luther King, the 9/11 attacks, and the Titanic tragedy. There are a ton of conspiracy theories about the titanic.

RMS Titanic struck an iceberg late on April 14, 1912, and sunk into the frigid waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, killing 1,517 people out of the 2,223 people on board. This terrible and random accident has been explained by individuals throughout the last century by telling tales of foreboding warnings that were reportedly disregarded beforehand, or by spinning intricate mystery theories to explain the “true” cause of its sinking. Conspiracy theories and historical myths abound regarding the events of September 11.

J Morgan Planned to kill his Rivals, One of the Titanic Conspiracy Theories:

J Morgan Planned to kill his Rivals:

According to this hypothesis, rich banker J.P. Morgan organized the Titanic tragedy to wipe off rival aristocrats Jacob Astor, Isidor Straus & Benjamin Guggenheim, all of whom drowned onboard. The idea depends on the fact that Morgan was previously intended to sail aboard the Titanic, however, changed his mind soon before it set off.

Yet it doesn’t give any evidence for how he forced the ship to strike an iceberg & kill almost 1,500 people, much alone the three people he reportedly planned to perish. To top it all off, Morgan allegedly planned to murder them since they opposed the establishment of the Reserve Bank, even though Astor and Guggenheim did not seem to have taken a stance on the matter and Straus appeared to favor it.

The Jesuits or the Rothschild banking dynasty, according to some theories, may have orchestrated the deaths of Astor, Straus, and Guggenheim on the Titanic.

As The Washington Post explains, evoking the Rothchilds as worldwide murderers is “a centuries-old anti-Semitic trope… The Rothschild family created banking companies throughout Europe during the early 18th century, and they have been a top target of conspiracy theorists ever since.” According to QAnon, a far-right crazy conspiracy about a “deep state” plan against President Trump and his followers, this hypothesis has lately revived.

It was Titanic’s, Sister Ship:

It was Titanic's, Sister Ship

Perhaps it’s no surprise that this Titanic hoax is so widely believed, given how many people appear to enjoy a good insurance scam. Another White Star Company ship, the RMS Olympic, is being substituted for the Titanic in this theory. However, “it simply doesn’t make any sense,” says Paul Burns, VP, and curator of the Titanic Museum Destinations in Missouri and Tennessee. Find more conspiracy theories here!

Starting point: The Olympic was damaged on the voyage from Southampton, Uk to New York in September 1911 and was towed back to Harland and Wolff in Belfast, Northern Ireland, for repairs. The business restored the Olympics; it sailed to New York & returned. In March 1912, only a few days before the Titanic set sail, it went to Belfast for more repairs. The R.M.S. Olympic with such a gash in its side after receiving damage from a collision, 1911.

One idea holds that someone or some group decided that the Olympics was too badly damaged to be worth salvaging, and so they swapped it out for the Titanic at some point to dump the crippled ship and collect the insurance money while also killing a large number of people. There are several faults with this idea, but one of the largest is that the Titanic’s coverage wasn’t enough to compensate for the Olympic’s loss. As J. Kent Layton argues in Conspiracy theories at Sea, “the switch conspiracy founders—quite literally—on its financial merits alone.”

The Titanic Was Doomed by a Mummy’s Curse is One of the Conspiracy Theories About the Titanic

The Titanic was doomed by a mummy's curse.

One of the passengers who came down with Titanic was William Stead, an English publisher who belonged to early 20th-century mysticism and had spent the preceding many years alleging a cursed mummy was wreaking unexplained ruin and calamity in London. As with other myths concerning “Egyptian curses” & “Native American burial grounds,” this story played off of colonialists’ concerns over the people whose country they had looted.

On deck the Titanic, Stead joyfully told his account of the mummy’s fate to other passengers. After the ship went down, a survivor told the New York World about Stead’s account, which was taken up by the media. The following month, The Washington Post carried this headline: “Ghost of the Titanic: Vengeance of Hoodoo Mummy Followed Man Who Wrote Its Record.” Burns adds some people related the “mummy’s curse” to Ancient treasures that victim Margaret Brown actually did take on her on the Titanic to present to a museum in Denver.

In some versions of the tale, the mummy was indeed on board the Titanic because the British Museum had auctioned it to an entrepreneur who was taking it home, Snopes writes. Despite popular belief, the “unlucky mummy” is still on display at the British Museum, & no mummies were ever transported on the ship in the first place.

Do you think any mummy lies in the dark bottom of Bermuda?

It was a glacier, not a jinx, that sunk the Titanic. Backward, the ship’s number read “NO POPE.” One story holds that Catholic workers of Harland & Wolff, the Belfast firm that constructed the Titanic, were upset because the ship’s registration, 3909 04, looked to scream “NO POPE” when reflected in a mirror. Was this a portent of death for the ship, an omen of ill luck? Nope. The late Titanic researcher Walter Lord noted that he got letters from individuals in Ireland retelling this “NO POPE” narrative starting in the mid-1950s.

Yet as Burns noted out in his 1986 book, The Dark Lives On, there’s no such number assigned to the Titanic. In addition to her Harland and Wolff yard number, the ship had the hull number 401 and the Board of Trade number 131,428 painted on it.

However, there were no Catholic employees at Harland & Wolff who would have been offended if one of its digits had said “NO POPE.”

By the turn of the 20th century, Harland & Wolff had a notoriety for solely hiring Protestants, according to Annie Caulfield in Irish Heart, English Heart, Ulster Fry, because the business had expelled its Catholic workers in the late 1800s. However, even though the Titanic was a genuine ship, visitors to the Missouri and Tennessee Titanic Museum Attractions continue to inquire about it.

Jay Gatsby is played by Jack Dawson.

Jay Gatsby is played by Jack Dawson.

OK, this one is really about the 1997 Titanic film. it’s a popular theory still. There is a rumor on the internet claiming Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in Titanic & his role in The Great Gatsby are the same person.

“The movie is an alternative reality where he survived the drowning of the ship & went on to establish a life for himself in States to reconcile with Rose,” says Chris Lough on Tor.com, a sci-fi and fantasy blog. A performer in the Jazz Age with the hopes of running into Rose, he finds himself falling in love with another lady named Daisy.

We can’t confirm or deny anything about this one since it concerns imaginary characters in films. Let us know whether you think Jack is the actual Great Gatsby in the comments section.

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