5 Best Valentine’s Day Makeup Look Ideas

Assuming you’ve clicked on this site because you’re looking for just some Valentine’s Day makeup ideas, we’ll assume that you’ve either scheduled an at-home date with your loved other or made some virtual arrangements with pals.

Assuming that’s the case, you’ve presumably been putting together the following: Is this a date night? Check. How do you find the ideal present? Check.

Do you want to use your favorite perfume a little bit more? Check, confirm, & verify some more. Everything is now prepared for a romantic evening on Valentine’s Day, provided you choose the proper hair and cosmetics look (safely, of course).

Our team of experts has scoured some of the best makeup artists in the business to bring you 10 amazing beauty looks that are sure to inspire you.

Whether you’re looking for smokey eyes, a dreamy monochromatic pastel pink look, soft glam, heavenly metallic eyelids, or anything else, we’ve got you covered. I guarantee that there is one that fits your style.

A Touch of Pink Valentine’s Day Makeup Look:

A Touch of Pink Valentine’s Day Makeup Look:

You don’t have to go all out on Valentine’s Day just because it’s February 14. Celebrity makeup artist Vincent Oquendo has created a lovely pink one-shadow look if you want a more pared-down appearance.

Shiseido Kajal Ink Artist Shadows in Lilac Lotus was used to achieve the look, which he describes as “subtle” in an interview with Allure. Colourpop Cosmetics’ Lilac You a Lot Palette is another favorite of ours for this look.

We recommend Tower28’s ShineOn Jelly Lip Gloss and Tower28’s Tinted Brow Gel, but any clear lip gloss would work.

Classy Smokey Eye; Valentine’s Day Makeup Look:

Classy Smokey Eye; Valentine’s Day Makeup Look:

In order to achieve this stunning look on Eva Longoria, make-up artist Ash K. Holm followed the lead of many classic smokey eye makeover fans.

“Softer, smokey tones, like as matte grays and taupes, and frosted textures in grey or taupe on the eyelid, to give the eyes a seductive and sensual sensation,” explains Holm.

When it comes to shadows, the brushes you employ are equally as crucial. As she advises Allure, “use brushes with sensitive fibers to produce the most seamless hue mix.”

“Rich, smokey tones are easier to combine with gentler brushes.” (The Lune+Aster Eye Shadow Duo Brush comes highly recommended by us.)

Holm recommends applying eyeliner to the upper lash line “When using a long-wearing eye pencil, “work swiftly since any long-wearing eyeliner will dry down rapidly,” says the author. Use long-lasting pencils to smoke out all the rims of the eyes and you will be shocked at how long this look lasts “her words are clear.

Shimmery Sunset; Valentine’s Day Makeup Look:

Shimmery Sunset; Valentine’s Day Makeup Look:

If you can believe it, getting the high-voltage eye appearance isn’t as difficult as you may think. MAC Paintpot in Layin’ Low (creamy beige) was used to prime the eyelids by make-up artist Hung Vanngo before the eyeshadow was applied.

A magnificent reddish-pink sunset look was created on the lids using many colors from the NikkieTutorials and Beauty Bay Pressed Pigment Palette — including Blend & Snap!, Mikai, Aura, and Ivy. (Hint: if you have good mixing brushes on hand, the procedure will go much more smoothly.)

Apply a subtle, smokey line of black kohl liner to the upper lash lines to complete the eye look. A few coats of mascara will finish it off. In terms of lips, you may either go neutral or follow Vanngo’s example and go for a bright pink shade. The Brave Matte Lip Cream from Rare Beauty was the one he picked up.

Bold Lip; Valentine’s Day Makeup Look:

Bold Lip; Valentine’s Day Makeup Look:

It was Audrey Hepburn’s famous quote, “There is a red color to suit everyone,” that inspired this post. MUA Nydia Figueroa believes that everyone can pull off this bright red lip look.

She advises fair-skinned women to search for a red lipstick “with cool-toned colors like blue and purple that will enhance your natural pinkish undertones,” such as MAC‘s Lipstick Matt in Russian Red.

Figueroa, on the other hand, recommends “reds with a hint of orange” for medium complexion tones, such as Limelife By Alcone’s Enduring Pink Lipstick in Candy Apple. According to her, “this color has a gorgeous orange undertone and lasts all day.”

When it comes to lip colors, she recommends “strong reds” or “dark cherry” for individuals with darker complexions. “Fenty Beauty’s Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored is my go-to bright red for deeper complexion tones.

This hue is flattering on all complexion tones, but it stands out even more so on darker ones “She says. Danessa Myricks’ Vision Flush in Dark Cherry, which she claims “may [also be] applied just on eyes or cheeks,” is a favorite for the latter.

When it comes to eye makeup for this look, Figueroa recommends a minimalist approach. “I would apply a light layer of eyeshadow, accentuated with a smoky eye and a thick coat of mascara,”

Monochromatic Rosy Touch; Valentine’s Day Makeup Look:

Monochromatic Rosy Touch; Valentine’s Day Makeup Look:

No time to style your hair? Let us do it for you! Take a page out of Selena Gomez’s book and style your hair in a low bun. In addition to taking less than 2 minutes, this method will allow the makeup to truly shine through.

A peachy blush that also works as eye shadow, a glossy lip gloss in a similar hue, and black eyeliner are all you need for this monochromatic look.

For lips, Fenty Beauty‘s Cookie Jar Lipstick in Gloss Bomb Cream is a terrific choice, as is Rare Beauty Stay Vulnerable Melting Cream Blushed in Nearly Neutral.

Help to construct a cat’s eye is available. It’s all here for you in this step-by-step instruction.

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