Acura 2022 TLX| Beautiful Car Enters the Market

Sport sedans like Audi, BMW, & Mercedes-Benz boast a premium reputation that the 2022 Acura TLX lacks. Acura’s dynamic driving style and solid value proposition give it an advantage.

Even without taking into account the uncontested champion of value perception Genesis G70—the TLX underlines its German rivals by using American dollars as a comparison point. A car’s superior chassis tuning makes drivers feel engaged, and that’s exactly how they will feel behind the wheel. In spite of the base turbo-272-hp, four’s the TLX versions are capable of surprising.

Add Acura’s SH-AWD (torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive) to the equation for maximum impact. In spite of the fact that the 2022 TLX is not as sumptuous or wonderful to drive as that of the segment’s finest, the 355-hp Version S demonstrates that Acura still builds vehicles that can elevate your pulse.

New Features of Acura 2022 TLX:


Acura’s TLX lineup for 2022 remains unchanged one year after the carmaker released a new version of the model. However, Integra aficionados will be happy to discover that the brand’s nameplate is returning for the 2023 generation year.

Both in terms of performance and pricing, the TLX Type S is the best option in the portfolio. This is our favorite because of its pricing, which is much lower than that of the Audi S4 & BMW M340i. It costs roughly $4000 more to buy an all-wheel-drive BMW, and the S4 begins at $1000 less than the Type S, but when fully equipped, it costs more than $56,000.

For a lower price, you get adaptive suspensions, leather upholstery, as well as an ELS premium sound system in the Type S. With the $800 Performance option, we’d also get 20-inch wheels and summer tires for optimum cornering grip & stopping power.

Engine, Transmission, and performance of Acura 2022 TLX:

The turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine in the base TLX produces 272 horsepower and is mated to a 10-speed automated gearbox. To increase handling and traction, Acura offers an optional SH-AWD (Super Handling All-Wheel Drive) all-wheel-drive system that distributes power among the wheels.

However, our tester car’s two-ton curb weight hampered its acceleration times. It is slower than comparable vehicles in this class and these less powerful, but lightweight, Honda Accord 2.0T drove to 60 mph. Acura’s latest sports sedan, the TLX, was still a blast to drive because of its excellent chassis tuning.

For the Type S, which has a 355-hp turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6, a quick 10-speed automatic transmission, SH-AWD, as well as a sportier suspension, this notion is particularly true. The summer tires and lighter 20-inch wheels of this model are not available on the normal TLX.

The car’s powerful engine, engaging driving, excellent body control, and powerful brakes were all on display during our initial test drive. In spite of this, the ride is a little stiff, and it doesn’t seem as agile as a shorter sporty rival like the Audi S4.

Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG of Acura 2022 TLX:


It gets 22mpg in the town and 31mpg on the highway with a front-wheel-drive TLX model. With SH-AWD, the values decrease to 21 mpg town and 29 mpg highway.

Up to 19mpg city and 25mpg highway may be achieved by driving the TLX Type S. As part of our rigorous testing program, we tested an all-wheel-drive four-cylinder vehicle at 75 mph and it got 30 mpg.

Interior of Acura 2022 TLX:


Interior of the TLX sports a bold design that accentuates its athleticism. Analog gauges as well as a conspicuous rotary driving mode selection in the center of the dashboard are included with this package.

Open-pore wood and actual aluminum in the TLX’s interior complement the car’s superior build quality, which is reinforced by Acura’s well-known commitment to customer satisfaction. Although the sedan’s side-to-side space is generous, the rear seat is somewhat cramped compared to some of its rivals in this class.

However, drivers will be rewarded with the vehicle’s highly adjustable rear seats and great forward sight. There are a wide variety of interior colors, unique leather upholstery, and desired amenities available in the TLX as well.

Ambient illumination settings that are named after notable driving locations and racetracks, such as “Pacific Coast” & “Suzuka” are included in the latter.

Connectivity of Acura 2022 TLX:

To manage the 10.2-inch entertainment system, drivers use the touchpad located on the console of the vehicle. For certain features, buttons on the steering wheel and tactile controls on the touchpad are also available. Below the touchpad, there’s a cushioned resting space for your wrist, making it even more pleasant to use.

Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, as well as a Wi-Fi hotspot are all included in the TLX. A wireless charging station and the most luxurious ELS sound system are only available with the Advance package.

Maintenance and Warranty of Acura 2022 TLX:

Limited warranties offered by Acura are in line with most TLX competitors, including Alfa Romeo Giulia & Mercedes C-class. However, there is no free maintenance provided by the Automobile business.

  • A four-year, 50,000-mile limited warranty is included with the purchase.
  • the six-year/70,000-mile powertrain warranty
  • No Re-scheduling Maintenance
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