Honda Made Tesla Cyber Truck Clone!

Honda being a Chinese automobile company is setting up a new stepping stone for other automobile companies. From a recently leaked image, we can see that Honda has a concept of making an SUV that looks futuristic with angular touch, a wide windshield, and no viewing glass.

Does that ring any bell? Yes, you are right because this reminds us of Tesla cyber truck and this made us assume that Honda made Tesla Cyber truck clone. Honda is planning to step up the game. However, Ripping off one of the world’s most unique (and ugly) cars takes a lot of guts. However, you have to hand it to Honda because its e: N SUV concept is far more appealing than the actual Cybertruck.

With magnificent headlights, fantastic wheels, and a front end that looks like it belongs on a car, Honda managed to create an angular automobile that nevertheless seems futuristic.

honda cyber truck

But there are a lot of cons to these because not only it is ugly but it is dangerous as well with bending all those road safety issues. Let’s pray that this concept of Tesla remains a concept because if it turns into reality then there might be many problems.

After all, these roads are not yet safe enough to take the power of those futuristic cars. Not only that Elon Musk holds a lot of shares in China so it might be only a concept by Honda. Even if Honda succeeds in making thee: N SUV a genuine vehicle, it may never leave China.

That’s because Honda has a strange EV strategy: instead of manufacturing a few cool cars and exporting them all over the world, the carmaker wants to sell a “Prologue” SUV in the US, an E Hatchback in Europe and Japan, and those dreadful-sounding “e: N Series” cars in China.

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