10 Best Art Galleries In London| You Must Visit

All of these London art galleries are free to visit, you can anticipate a wonderful experience in all senses Here are the 10 Best Art galleries in London.

1. The National Gallery

In London’s most famous plaza, one of the city’s most renowned galleries takes center stage! While the National Gallery holds one of the world’s largest collections of paintings, the 200-year-old structure is both a work of art and a piece of history in and of itself.

10 Of The Very Best Art Galleries In London

2. The National Portrait Gallery

Not to be mistaken with the last entry, this gallery does exactly what it says on the tin: it houses a large collection of portraits of significant and renowned British individuals throughout history. When it initially opened in 1856, it was the world’s first portrait gallery, therefore this is the original. The gallery is scheduled to shut in three years, so if you want to view it before then, you’ll have to hurry.

3. The Royal Academy of Arts

The Royal Gallery, an even older progenitor in London’s gallery collection, has been administered by artists since 1768. The Royal Academy of Arts has launched a freshly enlarged campus with free exhibits, new places to dine, drink, buy, and much more to commemorate 250 years of fostering art and its creators. The work of some of the world’s greatest-known painters is often included in their exhibits. The Antony Gormley show most recently grabbed London art aficionados by storm, inspiring an art-themed afternoon tea.

10 Of The Very Best Art Galleries In London

4. Museum of London

Museum of London, Bringing London’s history to the people of London. The best tales from the greatest city are scattered throughout nine permanent galleries, bringing you on a massive trip from London before London, through Roman and Medieval London, to significant historic episodes like The Great Fire, and the growth of London as a People’s City and a World City. Guest exhibits include Beast of London, which examines the interesting role animals have had in creating the metropolis, and The Clash: London Calling, which showcases the history of London’s most renowned band with over 150 artifacts.

5. Tate Britain

The Tate Britain is the country’s oldest Tate gallery, and one of two in London. It displays British art from 1500 to the current day. Its magnificent dome and massive porticoes entranceway set the tone for a wonderful day spent learning about British history via art. And you’ll frequently find this lovely structure adorned with works of art both inside and out — have a look at its most recent metamorphosis into a lovely winter temple!

10 Of The Very Best Art Galleries In London

6. Tate Modern  

Tate Modern, the world’s most popular art gallery and the UK’s most visited destination, is the spiritual home of modern art. Tate Modern, unlike Tate Britain, which maintains a permanent collection of historic British art, focuses on the present. Everything in the exhibition is contemporary art, going back to 1900. Get there before January 5, 2020, to see Olafur Eliasson’s stunning display, which includes a rainbow-filled chamber.

10 Of The Very Best Art Galleries In London

7. Serpentine Gallery

The stunning Serpentine Gallery houses a diverse collection of modern art and architecture. Check out the Serpentine Pavillion, which changes every year and is a center for worldwide architectural innovation.

10 Of The Very Best Art Galleries In London

8. Zaludowicz Collection

The Zabludowicz Collection is housed in a Grade II listed former Methodist church in London. The work you’ll discover here is nothing short of modern mastery, and the building’s historical and complex design gives a rich and demanding venue for the exhibition of current art, despite the fact that it was created over 150 years ago.

9. Hauser & Wirth

The North Gallery and the South Gallery are the two exhibition rooms that make up this worldwide gallery chain’s London location on Saville Row. With Hauser & Wirth, you may attend a variety of interesting activities, including artist lectures, film screenings, and workshops, as well as their dynamic exhibition program, which features contemporary art from emerging and recognized artists from across the globe.

10 Of The Very Best Art Galleries In London

10. Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art

It’s no surprise that Goldsmiths, one of London’s most edgy and arty institutions, has built its own modern arts organization. To be fair to them, it’s really very great. From world-class exhibits by international artists to new initiatives and emerging practices, this Grade II-listed former Victorian bathhouse offers a delectably wide spectrum of art. Tony Cokes: ‘If UR Reading This It’s 2 Late: Vol I’ features Donald Trump, David Bowie, and Malcolm X as characters in his movies, which combine music, color, and text in the US-based artists first solo show in the UK.

So these are the 10 best art galleries in London you must visit at least one time.

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