The Best 9 for Dog Parks in London You Must Visit

Country people frequently believe they are getting a better deal than Londoners when it relates to walkies. They are totally wrong. In the city, there are a ton of wonderful options for dog owners and their dog walkers. Greater London is made up of green space. So whether you are a local or just passing through, look forward to visiting some of the city’s top dog-friendly parks.

Dog Parks in London Or near London-Find out all you need to know before your first visit

Blue Rose Dog Park

It can be challenging for you to find a suitable area where you feel secure enough to let your dog run free. When you’re out and about, there are a lot of things to worry about, such as other people and pets. If safety is your concern, then you should definitely book into Blue Rose Dog Park. It provides completely enclosed areas where dogs can play safely, either by themselves or with other dogs. Additionally, socialization classes, agility equipment, toys, and even a swimming pool are available so that puppies can learn how to interact with other dogs. They have CCTV and a fence that is six feet high all around so that you do not need to worry about any occurrences with your pups. All you need to do is the book online and they will send you the confirmation and instructions via email.

Address: The Holloway, Swindon, Dudley, DY3 4NT, United Kingdom 

Opening Hours:

Saturday 7:00am–7:00pm
Sunday   7:00am–7:00pm
Monday   7:00am–7:00pm
Tuesday   7:00am–7:00pm
Wednesday   7:00am–7:00pm
Thursday   7:00am–7:00pm
Friday   7:00am–7:00pm

Apley Farm Dog Park 

If you are searching for a dog-friendly holiday park in the UK where you can also spend quality time while your dog is playing around in the park, Apley Farm Park is the perfect place for you. Apley Dog Park is tucked away in a rural area of Shropshire on our property. There won’t be any other dogs in the dog park during the time you’ve reserved because they purposely only allow one booking per time slot to guarantee you and your dog enjoy exclusive use of the space. You can take advantage of using their Apley Dog Park exclusively, where you may let your dog off the leash in a safe, enclosed space. This is appropriate for dogs who cannot jump fences taller than 5 feet. You can enjoy your meal at their cafe and shop around Apely Farm shop while your dog is having a great time in the dog park.


  • They have some special instructions which you need to follow strictly.
  • At Apley Farm Shop, all dogs must be leashed. In the dog park, they may, of course, be allowed off-leash. All dogs are required to have collars and ID tags.
  • Since the entrance to our dog park is through our events field and the surfaces therein may be slick, please wear proper footwear.
  • Every dog must have a microchip.
  • Every dog must have a current immunization record.
  • All dog waste must be cleaned up. Dog owners must utilize the provided trash cans. Do not leave any rubbish.
  • You need to bring your own water bottles, which you may fill up at the faucet on their exit drive.

Address: Norton, Shifnal, TF11 9EF, United Kingdom

Opening Hours:

Saturday 9:30am–4:30pm
Sunday   9:30am–4:30pm
Monday   9:30am–4:30pm
Tuesday   9:30am–4:30pm
Wednesday   9:30am–4:30pm
Thursday   9:30am–4:30pm
Friday   9:30am–4:30pm

Dog Park in York

Their Dog Walking Field is ideally situated 3 miles from York’s main center in the charming rural village of Knapton. Their dog walking area has been constructed with a 6-foot deer fence and underneath rabbit netting to ensure your protection. York Dog Park is a pleasant, spotless, and secure location for your dog to play. If your dog likes that sort of thing, there is a lot of agility equipment available, along with a sandbox for digging, a little summer house, a water source, and lots of space for running for your dog. You can drive your car into the paddock through a gate that has been carefully set up and secured with a code. You and your dog can focus on training, gaining confidence, and bonding with others with no interruptions. York Dog Park is the best dog park in London for those who want private one-on-one time with their dogs.

Address: Back Lane, Knapton, YO26 6QJ, York, United Kingdom

Opening Hours

Saturday 6:00am–8:00pm
Sunday   6:00am–8:00pm
Monday   6:00am–8:00pm
Tuesday   6:00am–8:00pm
Wednesday   6:00am–8:00pm
Thursday   6:00am–8:00pm
Friday   6:00am–8:00pm

Hopewell Dog Park 

Hopewell Dog Park is located in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire. You enjoy your trip, whether you visit alone or with family and friends. Their private booking system allows reactive, fearful, or anxious canines to be separated from other dogs or people. For dogs with little to no recall, their safe, 6 foot high fencing works great. Allow your dogs to smell and explore in safety, knowing they can’t escape. They provide the best setting for training dogs of any age. The highest visibility for dogs is provided by their bright and blue obedience field. 

Wheelchair users can easily access the barn, which also includes lots of seats. The fields contain benches, and there are parking facilities as well. Their dog park is excellent for all types of dogs, including young puppies who simply want to run around without a leash, rescued dogs that require the security of not meeting other dogs, and elderly dogs who just want to take a peaceful walk without being disturbed by other dogs. So, whatever the age of your dog, you can be stress-free when you bring your dog to the Hopewell Dog Park. 

Address: Hopewell House Farm, HG5 0SN, Knaresborough, United Kingdom

Opening Hours :

Saturday 5:00am–10:00pm
Sunday   5:00am–10:00pm
Monday   5:00am–10:00pm
Tuesday   5:00am–10:00pm
Wednesday   5:00am–10:00pm
Thursday   5:00am–10:00pm
Friday   5:00am–10:00pm

Barkway Canine Park 

Do you want a private area where you can train or exercise your dog without being interrupted by others? You can bring your pets to Barkway Dog Park and Retail to enjoy some off-leash time without bothering about other dogs. They not only have the most incredible dog pool, but also the most incredible shop. There are now two spaces available. The tiny dog park includes a few things to play with or on and is great for little dogs or people with only one or two pets. It is the ideal size for letting your dog run around without having to worry about returning it. It is also a fantastic size for training, playing, and socializing with your dogs. It is located on the right side as you enter the gate. Then there is the larger dog field, which is excellent for groups, bigger dogs, or many dogs. It is excellent for people who just want a bigger area for their dogs. The dog field is located through the second gate, which is the one on your right as you pass the shop. They have Canine Dip and Dive Barkway, where there is a swimming area for dogs and a 32-foot doggie pool that is outside and not heated. You can also find a tiny retail store where you can buy dog food, snacks, poop bags, toys, etc., as well as a cup of coffee or tea for yourself.

Address: Buckland Rd, Barkway, Royston SG8 8HA, United Kingdom.

Opening Hours:

Saturday 8:00am–4:00pm
Sunday   8:00am–4:00pm
Monday   8:00am–4:00pm
Tuesday   8:00am–4:00pm
Wednesday   8:00am–4:00pm
Thursday   8:00am–4:00pm
Friday   8:00am–4:00pm

Blewbury Dog Park

It is located close to Didcot and Wallingford. It is made up of 4.5 acres of grassland and woodland, and it is surrounded by a fence that is under 2 meters high. It offers dog owners a fenced-in area where they can exercise their dogs without a leash. They also allow the animals to run around and explore the area. If you desire that the only dogs in the field are the ones you choose, you can get this facility by the hour on an exclusive basis. There is a shelter and fresh water for the dogs in the park as well. 


  • Please make sure your friends have read these field rules before coming if you plan to share the time slot you’ve reserved with them.
  • To ensure the safety of all visitors, you need to use the hand sanitizer provided when you arrive at the dog park.
  • You must keep to the scheduled time frame. Even if you arrive later than expected, you must still leave the field at the scheduled time in order to avoid holding up others who may have reserved time slots after you.
  • Do not arrive more than five minutes early for your scheduled appointment, and if someone else is already using the field, stay in your car.
  • If the field is in use, kindly refrain from entering.
  • Dog waste and other trash should be picked up and disposed of in the designated bins.
  • Any hirer who doesn’t clean up after their dog will not be allowed to utilize the field again.
  • You should not let your dog dig in the field.
  • The offered tires are not for kids to play on; rather, they are barriers for the dogs.
  • Your dog must be in good health. If your dog is displaying signs of coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, or any other unusual behavior, please do not bring them to the field.
  • Only walk your dog in the enclosed field.
  • At no time should dogs be connected to any structures, including the tap, a shelter, a tree, or a fence.
  • Please do not let dogs go loose on the field unaccompanied.
  • You are responsible for any pets left in vehicles, and you must make sure they have access to enough cover, water, and ventilation.
  • You are not allowed to smoke in the field.
  • Children must always be watched over.
  • You are liable for any damage you, your dog(s), or any member of your group cause on our property, including any damage to any equipment we provide. It is necessary to report any damage to the field or its amenities. 

Address: Winterbrook Farm, Blewbury Near, Didcot, OX11 9NL

Opening Hours:

Saturday 5:00am–10:00pm
Sunday   5:00am–10:00pm
Monday   5:00am–10:00pm
Tuesday   5:00am–10:00pm
Wednesday   5:00am–10:00pm
Thursday   5:00am–10:00pm
Friday   5:00am–10:00pm

Off-leash Dog Parks Near London

If you want to take your beloved dogs to off-leash places, there are some stunning off-leash dog parks listed for you.

St James’s Park

It is the oldest of the eight royal parks in the city; it is also the largest at 23 hectares (57 acres). This stunning park, which is encircled by The Mall, Horse Guards Parade, and Buckingham Palace, is a breathtaking location for strolls. On the footpath encircling the lake and on the Horse Guards Parade Ground, dogs are kindly requested to remain on their leads but are not permitted in the Memorial Gardens in front of Buckingham Palace.

Greenwich Park

Access to this off-leash area is provided by Greenside Avenue, which is located off of Springbank Drive. In order to reach the Greenway Pollution Control Plant, Greenside Avenue takes a left turn (PCP). Before the PCP, turn right. Carefully follow the riverside driveway, and the off-leash area will be on your left shortly after. There are open spaces, walks through a naturalized region, and a completely enclosed off-leash area available. Along with a separate entrance and parking lot, there is also a space designated for small dogs. Parking spaces, double-gated entrances, trash cans, benches, rule signs, bulletin boards, and a portable toilet are among the site facilities. 

Stoney Creek Meadow

The second largest off-leash area in London is situated along Adelaide Street North, Stoney Creek Meadows at Windermere Road. This off-leash facility is totally gated, has an open area, and provides pathways while being surrounded by woods and meadows. A separate entrance from the parking lot leads to a separate area for small pets. Parking, double-gated entrances, trash cans, seats, rules signs, bulletin boards, and a portable toilet are among the site facilities. 

So, what makes you stop to explore wonderful dog parks near London? Get out and take advantage of London’s wonderful dog-friendly parks. Why not brighten your dog’s day? There are many sitters in London who offer dog walking and dog boarding in addition to lots of cuddling. visit other parks

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