13 Best Asian Restaurants in London | Open Hours & Location

You can find some of the best Asian restaurants in London, regardless of whether you’re craving Indian, Chinese, Japanese, or some fusion among them. Asian food is universally loved worldwide, and London isn’t an exception. Asian food is rich in vegetables and uses some spices that aren’t used elsewhere, giving Asian dishes the distinct taste it’s known for.

Here, we have listed some of the best Asian restaurants you can visit for casual or fine dining in in London.

Top Restaurants in London Offering Best Asian Food

There are many Asian restaurants for Londoners to try, ranging from Sushi Bars, Teahouses, or Bombay-styled cafes. So whether you are craving curry, sushi, or noodles, you will surely find more than a few options. In our list, we have tried to narrow down 15 restaurants that offer the best Asian food in London.


Dishoom - Asian Restaurants in London

Dishoom is one of the best Bombay-styled cafes in London, located in the West End. This restaurant perfectly captures the vibes of an old Bombay restaurant, with its black and white tile flooring, marble tables, and old-school Bombay-style advertisements. 

Their menu includes many mouth-watering dishes, including – biriyani, egg naan roll, Bombay omelets, soups, and grills, to name a few. If you’re a Vegan, you’ll find multiple dishes to choose from, like – vegan sausage, vegan pudding, beans baked with masala, etc. You’ll find multiple options for tea as well, and we suggest trying a cup of their hot chai.

Indian Locals will also find many local dishes they’ll love from back homes, like – Pav Bhaji, Bhel Puri, Murgh Malai Tikka etc. 

Dishoom Location 

12 Upper St. Martin’s Lane, London WC2H 9FB

Dishoom Open Hours

Monday to ThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday
8 am to 11 pm8 am to 12 am 9 am to 12 am9 am to 11 pm

The Ivy Asia

ivy asia restaurant

The Ivy Asia is one of the more beautifully decorated restaurants in our list of Best Asian Restaurants in London. Its Candyfloss pink stairway and floor are illuminated with lush Greenstone. Furthermore, it’s also located right around St Paul’s Cathedral, and you can view St Paul’s Great Dome while dining there.

Some of the Ivy Asia’s popular dishes include – Tuna Sashimi, smoky barbecued mackerel nigiri, prawn dumplings, tofu bao bun w miso mayo, grilled tiger prawns and Yukhoe steak tartare.

The Ivy Asia Location

20 New Change, London EC4M 9AG

The Ivy Asia Open Hours

Monday to SaturdaySunday
11:30am to 11:30pm11:30am to   9:00pm

Roti King

Roti King

Roti King is one of the best affordable Asian restaurants in London, specializing in street food and home cooking from Malaysia. It was founded by Malaysian chef Sugen Gopal and is located in Euston. 

One of their most popular dishes is ‘Roti Canai’ – a Malaysian variant of a flaky, buttery flatbread. Some other delicious dishes on their menu include Beef Rendang, Mee Goreng Mamak, a recipe of stir-fried Noodles.

You’ll also find more popular Malaysian dishes like – Nasi Lemak and Nasi Goreng. You’ll also find delicious beverages on their menu, like – The Tarik and Godzilla Milo.

Roti King Location

40 Doric Way, London, NW1 1LH

Roti King Open Hours

Monday to ThursdayFriday to Sunday
12pm to 3pm5pm to 10pm12pm to 10pm



Hakkasan is one of the best Asian restaurants in London if you’re looking to have a modern Cantonese meal. While the restaurant serves delicious Asian dishes, some dishes are a fusion of Chinese and Western food, and they taste well too. Some examples include – variations of rib-eye steak, lobster, poussin and lobsters. 

More popular dishes on Hakkasan’s menu include – Crispy duck salad, Hakka steamed dim sum platter and grilled Chilean sea bass with Chinese honey. 

Hakkasan is also a Michelin-starred restaurant that started its journey in London in 2001 and has been going strong ever since. 

If you’re craving Steak, try out these Steak Restaurants in London which are famous as well.

Hakkasan Location 

8 Hanway Place, London W1T 1HD

Hakkasan Operating Hours

Tuesday to ThursdayFriday SaturdaySunday
5pm – 10:30pm5pm – 11:00pm12pm – 11:00pm12pm – 10:30pm



Kolamba is a Sri Lankan restaurant and is a must-try for vegan foodies looking for the best vegan Asian restaurant in London. This restaurant is close to the heart of its owners, Eroshan and Aushi, as they named their restaurant after Kolamba – the Sinhalese name for Colombo, the capital of Srilanka. 

You’ll find many dishes made from vegetables and/or fruits and find coconut as one of the core ingredients in most of their dishes. Some of their best dishes include – Chatti roast, Parippu, Pineapple & Aubergine Curry, and Polos Curry.

You might also want to try their Coconut and Lime Sorbet for the beverage of choice.

Kolamba Location 

21 Kingly Street, Soho, London, W1B 5QA

Kolamba Open Hours

Tuesday to FridaySaturdaySunday
12pm  to 3pm
5:30pm to 10pm

12pm to 10pm

12 pm to 9 pm

Pino’s Warung

Pino’s Warung

Pino’s Warung, located on Camden street, is another budget-friendly Asian restaurant. If you’re looking for Indonesian food but are short on cash, you should definitely check out Pino’s Wurang. 

The most popular dishes on their menu are – Nasi Padang, Rendang and Satay. They also have special dishes that are only offered on weekends, ‘Ayam Gepreg’ – spicy chicken crisp on Saturdays and ‘Bubur Ayam’ – Chicken Porridge on Sundays.

Besides your regular fizzy drinks like Coca-cola or Fanta, you’ll also find Teh Kotak – Indonesian sweet Jasmine tea.

Pino’s Warung Location

Unit 2, Italian Alley, Camden Market, London NW1 8AH

Pino’s Warung Open Hours

10 am – 6 pm



Sushisamba is known for its delicious Asian cuisine and a stellar view of London from the inside. You have a panoramic view of some iconic landmarks of London from Sushisamba, like – The Gherkin and St Paul’s. 

The food in Sushisamba consists mostly of a fusion of East Asian and Latin American flavors. Try out Sea bass miso Skewers or Crispy Yellowtail Taquitos – mini tacos filled with small pieces of fish; dipped in creamy avocado.

Some of their best dishes are – toro tartar, sashimi hanataba, miso cod and pork rib. For beverages, trying out their signature Coconut Matcha Sour is highly recommended.

Sushisamba Location

35 The Market, London WC2E 8RF

Sushisamba Open Hours

Sunday to Thursday Friday and Saturday
12pm to 10:30pm12pm to 11:45pm



Jinjuu is a Korean fusion restaurant located in Soho, and its menu is mostly made from contemporary and traditional street food from Korea. However, the restaurant is also founded by celebrity chef Judy Joo, so the quality of food is not something to worry about. 

Their signature dishes include – Korean fried chicken and kimchi (house-made). You might also like their Korean Fried Chicken Burger, Jap Chae, Spicy Tofu Soup and Asparagus & Tofu Salad.

Jinjuu Location

15 Kingly St, Carnaby, London W1B 5PS

Jinjuu Open Hours

Monday and TuesdayWednesday to ThursdaySunday 
5pm – 10:30pm12pm – 10:30pm12pm – 7pm

Pho and Bun London

Pho and Bun London

Head to Pho and Bun London for some authentic Vietnamese cuisine, located in Central London on Shaftesbury Avenue. Their menu is nice and varied – as they have food ranging from small snack items to heavy meals. 

Their signature dish includes Pho Soup, along with multiple choices, including – Bo Tai (rare beef short rib), Bo Chin (Tender Beef), Ga Ngo (Corn-fed Chicken), and Hai San (Seafood) being the note-worthy ones. Other than Pho soup, you can try their – Steamed Bao Burger, Rice Bowls, Wraps, and Rolls.

Pho and Bun London Location

76 Shaftesbury Ave, London W1D 6ND

Pho and Bun London Location

Monday to ThursdayFriday to SaturdaySunday  
12pm – 11pm12pm – 11:30pm12pm – 10pm

Imperial Treasure

Imperial Treasure

Imperial Treasure, located in Waterloo place, is one of the best Chinese fine dining restaurants you can try. It has beautiful interiors, located in a Grade II building. Furthermore, the designer also designed the interiors with a blend of contemporary aesthetics and Chinese culture and architecture, which works well here.

They have an assortment of Dim Sum available daily, including – Multiple variants of Seafood dumplings, Chicken and Venison dumplings, and Vegetarian dumplings. They also have Live Seafood options – available in different cooking styles.

However, the most popular item in their restaurant is Peking Duck. Even though it’s considerably expensive, you might want to try it out as it offers a truly authentic taste of Peking duck from Beijing, which is rare.

Imperial Treasure Location

9 Waterloo Place, London, SW1Y 4BE

Imperial Treasure Open Hours

Monday to FridaySaturdaySunday
12 pm to 3 pm
6pm – 10:30pm
12pm to 3:30pm
6pm – 10:30pm
12pm to 3:30pm
 6pm – 10pm

Eat Tokyo

Eat Tokyo

Eat Tokyo is a popular Japanese restaurant located on Compton Street in London. This restaurant is usually very busy during lunch or supper, and as you can’t make prior reservations, you might want to go during an unusual hour if you’d like to avoid the hassle.

The popularity of Eat Tokyo is rightfully earned though, as it’s one of the best affordable Japanese restaurants in London. Some of the highlights of their menu are – Chicken Teriyaki Bento, Chicken Katsu Bento, Tempura Bento and Sashimi. 

Eat Tokyo Location

16 Old Compton St, London W1D 4TL

Eat Tokyo Open Hours

Monday to SaturdaySunday
12pm to 11:30pm12pm to 10:30pm

Tandoor Chop House

Tandoor Chop House

Tandoor Chop House is a restaurant that fuses North Indian communal dining and Traditional British Chop House. That’s where they get their restaurant name from too.

Tandoor Chop house has an extensive menu of Tandoors available, like – House Tandoor Chicken, Amritsari crispy lamb chop, Tandoori duck breast, Black Pepper chicken tikka etc. There are multiple variants of Naan, including – Tandoori Roti, Butter Naan, Bone Marrow Naan, Butter Chicken Naan etc.

Highlights of Tandoor Chop house would include sea bream, black pepper chicken and green sag.

Tandoor Chop House Location

8 Adelaide St, Covent Garden, London WC2N 4HZ

Tandoor Chop House Open Hours

Monday to ThursdaySaturdaySunday   
12pm – 11pm12pm – 11:30pm12pm – 10pm

Beijing Dumpling

Beijing Dumpling

Beijing Dumpling is another good Asian restaurant to try if you’re on a budget. You can find some of the best dumplings in London there.

As the name suggests, Dumplings are the main focus of this restaurant. However, you’ll also find rice, noodle and seafood dishes. Their dumplings include – Seafood Supreme Dumplings, Pan Fried Pork Dumplings, Pork Xiao Long Bao etc. 

You’ll also find Tom yum soup with Prawn, Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup, Seafood and Beancurd Soup. There are more seafood options too, as well as many options for people who are on a vegetarian diet.

Beijing Dumpling Location

23 Lisle St, London WC2H 7BA

Beijing Dumpling Open Hours

Monday to Saturday12pm – 11pm
Sunday11:30pm – 10:30pm

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Ending Notes

Asia is a huge continent with many different cultures and food styles. In London, you can find restaurants offering some of the best Asian cuisines, ranging from Indian to Thai to Cantonese to Korean and Fusions. Of course, you’ll always find multiple restaurants based on your budget, preference, what time and who you’ll be dining with within London.

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