Best Restaurants in London for Steaks: A Steak Lover Must Try

The best restaurants in London for steaks, from popular steak joints to luxurious and cheap steak meal places, are all in one place.

Are you looking for the best steak in London? Even if not every restaurant in London is capable of preparing a medium-rare steak that is both flawlessly pink and scorchingly hot, it is safe to claim that a good number of exceptional steak experts can be found in this city. You may not be able to sample each and every one of them, so prioritize your dining options with the assistance of this meaty mood board featuring London’s finest and best steak in London and the best steak places London.

There are many types of best restaurants in London for steaks. They could be expensive steak restaurants or maybe affordable steak restaurants in London. Starting from Sirloin, fillet, picanha, rib eye, rump, tomahawk, be it any type of cut you prefer, there are many types of best steaks available in London City! It can be easily said that London has some of the best steaks in the world. 

Best Steak Restaurants For Best Steak London

It is a struggle that is waged often, and with good cause – the honor of having London’s best steak is something to be taken very seriously. It doesn’t matter whether you want your steak raw and mooing, organic and dry-aged from the USDA, dressed to the nines with sides, or served simply with some silky sauce; the fine city absolutely has the steak that’s right for you. It is hard to choose the best steak London restaurants but we have curated a list to make your hunt for the best steak in London easier. 

Hawksmoor, A Unique Steak Restaurant 

Since launching its initial location in Spitalfields in 2006, Hawksmoor has made it its mission to become the best steak London restaurant in all of London. They have undoubtedly succeeded in this endeavor. Because of their dedication to producing exceptional British beef – beef that is grass-fed, of local breeds, and meticulously dry-aged – it is possible that they have already accomplished this goal.

You may savor well-cooked, juicy steaks to your heart’s delight at each one of the five London posts, but our favorite is Air Street since it has its own unique atmosphere. In addition to lobster rolls. 

One of the huge pieces with the bone should be shared, and the creamed spinach should be ordered as a side dish. You can get a lot of bang for your buck by ordering the set lunch menu, which offers a 35-day aged rump and is available at a great price.

There is also all about the food experience and every little detail about the detailed information about the best restaurants in London.

Flat Iron, One of the Affordable Steak Restaurants 

Flat Iron Steak Restaurant
Flat Iron Steak Restaurant

Flat Iron’s steak and salad has perfected the art of delightful simplicity and charges an appetizing ten pounds for the dish. This dish is consistently ranked highly in the Soho cheap eats rankings. Even with the addition of peppercorn and béarnaise sauces, your budget won’t be completely blown despite the fact that sides and sauces are charged at an additional cost. Small items, such as dripping-cooked chips and roast aubergine, cost around £2–3 each.

This is a cafe that does not take reservations; nevertheless, if you arrive early for lunch, you should have no trouble finding a table. As for sides, you may choose between dripping chips, roasted aubergine, or peppercorn sauce.

M Restaurant, Best Restaurants in London for Steaks 

M Restaurant locations provide a luxury fancy steak dinner, however, their prices are more comparable to those at Hawksmoor than to those at Flat Iron. M Restaurant has more going for it than simply its beef; it is surprisingly competent at the fish and vegetarian meals, and there is a cocktail bar upstairs at their Threadneedle Street location that turns up decent renditions of the classics.

It would be foolish, though, for a carnivore with disposable income to dine at one of their restaurants in London and not peruse the steak selection during their visit. Steaks from all over the globe, including the best grades of Wagyu and Kobe beef, are aged in M GRILL’s very own Himalayan salt chamber, which is located at the restaurant’s Threadneedle Street location. In addition to wines that complement the food.

The Goodman Restaurant, A Russian Steak Place

Goodman Restaurant Steak
Goodman Restaurant Steak

The wealthy Russians who are also responsible for Burger & Lobster and, more recently, Steaks in this city are brash, boastful, and boast of having been flown in from all over the globe for those Londoners who are ready to part with their cash. Find the best prime rib in London here.

A waitress assists you in selecting the perfect size and cuts of steak for you from a tray of raw steak, and as you do so, you are able to view the rich, creamy fat and stunning marbling of their USDA New York Strip, Porterhouse, or pure Scottish fillet before it is blessed with the Josper grill. Unquestionably delectable.

Sagardi, One of the Expensive Steak Restaurants 

This is the first establishment that Grupo Sagardi opened in London. Grupo Sagardi is a global powerhouse in the Basque restaurant industry, with footholds in Buenos Aires, Barcelona, and 20 more cities in between.

The result of all of your hard work is positive. The Txuleton, a matured dairy steak that is charcoal-grilled and served family-style like a Chateaubriand, is the restaurant’s specialty and exemplifies the restaurant’s mastery of steak. It comes in minimum amounts so vast (and dear) that you’ll need to select your company wisely – here is a place for individuals who want to eat a lot of delicious meat, and who don’t mind paying a considerable amount of cash for it. Also, to find out about London’s best street foods please click here.

Omnino, One of the Affordable Steak Restaurants 

Omnino, which can be found tucked away in the center of Leadenhall, is a family-run business that takes great pleasure in its links with South American ranch suppliers and a certain level of creativity in the technique of grilling meat.

You might anticipate seeing crowd-pleasers such as ceviche, empanadas, and churrascaria, which is an Argentine beef dish. But there’s also a surprising rib-eye trio that lets you try the marbled goods of waygu, prime American, and Argentinian rib-eye steaks all at once. In addition to that, you should check out their pre-set menu.

When you are ready for the remaining portion of your perfectly cooked entrecote, it will be delivered to you along with lots more of their superb fries and held back for you while it is kept warm in the kitchen. It’s an unbelievable deal for just 28 Pounds.

Popular Steak Restaurants 

After getting the gist of the best steak restaurants in London, get in touch with the popular steak restaurants in London. From this list, you could also easily find the best steakhouse in London. 

Temper, Get the Best Prime Rib in London

Rib Steak
Rib Steak

The philosophy of using the entire animal is the driving force behind Temper’s smokehouse-style menu at all three of its locations. Prime cuts of beef are used to make massive slabs of steak such as porterhouse, rump, rib-eye, and T-bone, while smaller pieces are made into skewers or carnitas for tacos. Burnt ends are dressed in lime and spice to become a punchy bowl of larb salad. This is one of the most expensive steak houses in London. 

Blacklock, One of the Expensive Best Restaurants in London for Steaks

Blacklock makes use of the fact that there is something particularly rewarding about a chop in its own unique manner. Choose their ‘all in’ option if you have the appetite for it: a pile of steak, pork, and lamb on flatbreads to soak up all the wonderfully savory juices, plus a side dish – get the coal-roasted beets with goat’s curd – all for £20 per person. 

The menu offers six different kinds of bone-in beef, but if you want to get the most bang for your buck, go for the ‘all-in’ option. In addition, they have an excellent assortment of cocktails, all of which are priced at £5 and are available 24 hours a day, every day. They even have an alcohol-free version of the Negroni.

Sophie’s Steakhouse, Soho: Best Steak in London

This place can also be said to offer the best steak in London, that too with an aesthetic ambiance. A peaceful place to have supper is hard to come by amid the hustle and bustle of Zone 1, particularly in the area between Piccadilly Circus and Soho. Looking at the front porch, you can tell that Sophie has elegance.

The fire pit that serves as the centerpiece of the open kitchen in the restaurant’s rear room is where chunks of meat (and the occasional pineapple) are hung to absorb the flavors of the wood smoke as they wait for their moment in the spotlight.

In addition to the succulent steaks, you shouldn’t miss out on the velvety mash served with burned ends and gravy as a topping. And since the charred cheesecake is so light and airy, it can be assured that there will be room for it.

Luxurious Steak Restaurants 

Luxurious Steak Restaurants
Luxurious Steak Restaurants

STK Steak House: Expensive Steak House

STK London personifies the idea that Saturday evenings were meant to be spent momentarily indulging in a life of luxury, regardless of how fleeting the experience may be. This is not the place to go for a business lunch or any meal during working hours; the earliest it will open its doors is at five in the evening, but once it does, you’re in for a good time. Definitely the best steakhouse in London. 

Expect only the most exquisitely prepared cuisine and mouthwatering meats (the meats themselves range from Japanese Wagyu to Hereford Sirloin), all of which will be immersed in an atmosphere of high-flying leisure since this establishment is operated by the world-leading The ONE Group. Formal attire that exudes sophistication, including little black dresses and tuxedos, is highly recommended.

Boisdale: Expensive Steak Restaurants 

The Boisdale is not just another steak restaurant; it is one of the most expensive restaurants in London, which too, gives the value for money you spend. It is also a place for some of the greatest jazz in the nation, the whiskey collection is unrivaled, and it is the ideal location for cigar smoking thanks to its spacious patio and walk-in humidor cigar library. Canary Wharf’s contemporary skyscrapers provide a striking contrast to the traditional Scottish ornamentation that is scattered throughout the restaurant on the third level. Without a doubt, you can have your luxury fancy steak dinner here. 

You can understand why bankers and managers of hedge funds appreciate this very clubbable area so much: it’s like walking into a smoke-filled pub in Edinburgh just a few meters away from their bright office environs. Attend the party for the wonderful music and stay for the perfectly prepared steaks. 

Cheap Steak Restaurants 

Vegetables with Steak
Vegetables with Steak

The best steaks in the world are costly meals in the first place. Therefore, it is not easy to find a good steak meal without paying a lot of money, especially in a city like London. However, there are a few steak places we have found affordable steak restaurants in London, to have a good portion of food along with the great taste that too. What could be better right? 

Roxie’s, affordable steak restaurants

This is one of the best steak restaurants in London for an affordable and cheap price but they offer the juiciest steaks along with three different sauces. Most tourists love this place because of the flavor of the sauces and the perfect ambiance for all types of occasions. They also have a number of different types of best steaks in London on their menu to try. 

Up In My Grill, A Gem among the Street Food

Located at the street feast in Dinerama, this is undoubtedly one of the best steaks London that can be found in the street food experience. You can find the most tender, pink Argentine-style steak here along with fries and shallots. 

Meat People, Get the Best Value for Money

This is the place where you can get the best value for money. Cheap steaks and cocktails along with the great sauce selection will give you the taste of one of the expensive steak restaurants. You can indulge in the sides they offer along with their steak meals as the steaks are cheap. 

Final Verdict 

Steaks are one of the favorite kinds of meals around the world to devour for meat lovers. This list contains the best steak restaurants in London and will help you find the perfect steakhouse according to your preference which will ensure you have a good time visiting London and have a meal in the best steak restaurants. 


  1. How do you order a steak for the first time?

Start with medium, which seems to be the most common option. Try ordering it medium-rare or medium-well the next time to see which you prefer. Determine for yourself if you want your meat rare, medium-rare, medium, medium-well, or well done. It is not awkward to get your steak prepared the way you choose. Find out here.

  1. What are the best cuts of steak?
  • Flank
  • New York City Strips
  • Skirt
  • Ribeye
  • Prime Rib
  •  Tenderloin
  • Sirloin
  •  Porterhouse
  1. What is the tastiest steak? 

The rib eye is the ideal steak for steak enthusiasts. It is the most delectable cut of the animal and has a substantial amount of marbling, which imparts exceptional flavor when cooked.

  1. What is the most expensive steak? 

Kobe steak is an expensive cut of beef. In fact, it is often regarded as the priciest steak in the world, but costs vary by region, restaurant, etc. In fact, Japanese Kobe is frequently considered to have the finest marbling of any steak available for purchase.

  1. What is the cheapest cut of steak?

Top round steak is also known as the London broil, is steak cut in the cheaper sides with less marbling to none. 

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