London Coffee Festival 2023 [April 20 – April 23]

London Coffee Festival is a fest aimed at a gathering of coffee lovers, baristas, industry specialists, and coffee shop owners alike. The festival was first held in 2011. London Coffee Festival 2023 is coming sooner than you know. 

The next Coffee Festival is set to take place for four days, from April 20th to April 23rd next year. The fest is held at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane and is easily reachable. Besides coffee stalls, you will also find gourmet food stalls, demonstrations, tasting sessions by top-notch baristas, and some live entertainment and music shows.

Where is the London Coffee Festival 2023 going to be held?

Where is the London Coffee Festival 2023 going to be held

The London Coffee festival location is the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, London. It’s in a convenient location, easily reachable by tube, bus, rail, or foot, depending on where you’ll be going. It’s a 10-minute walk from Liverpool Street, Aldgate, and Aldgate West, and it will take you around 20 minutes to walk starting from Old Street. 

You can take a bus if you’re coming from West End, East London or South London. 

From West End bus no – 8, 55 and 242, From East London bus no. – 8, 26, 48, 55, 57, 242, 388 and from South London bus no. – 35, 47, 48, 78, 149 can be taken to arrive at the London Coffee Festival 2023.

What Will Be Available at the Venue for London Coffee Festival 2023?

What will be available at the venue

The festival’s hosts are expecting at least over 30,000 people to attend the London Coffee Festival. So the fest will feature various live shows, gourmet food stalls, tastings, and demonstrations, besides having coffee stalls. There will also be various seminars, workshops, and more industry-specific experiences available at the venue of London Coffee Fest on certain days. 

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What exactly will be happening at the festival?

The four-day-long festival is divided into two sections, called – Industry days and Public Sessions. The first two days, Thursday and Friday, are industry days, and there will be numerous seminars and workshops for attendees of the fest. In addition, in the Lab Area of the festival, there will be more workshops which you can attend to get a practical insight into the market and some vocational training. 

Public Sessions will follow industry days, and on the first day, there will be a 3-hour long public seminar. Followed by that, on the weekend, you can expect free tastings and demonstrations by top-class baristas, live music, DJs, street food, and art exhibitions, among many more activities. 

You can also visit True Artisan Cafe to have a cup of coffee brewed by your barista of choice and visit vendors of street food and artisan food throughout the festival days. 

What was the last London Coffee Festival like?

What was the last London Coffee Festival like

There were many exciting and fun events and activities in the most recent London Coffee Festival, held earlier in 2022, from 31st March 2022 to 3rd April 2022. One of the more notable ones would be Coffee Masters. 

Coffee Masters acts like a knockout battle where 16 baristas compete against each other and showcase their skills, and at the end one of the contenders is crowned the “Coffee Master”. The winner also gets prize money of £5000, so the stakes are pretty high. Rastislav Kasár has crowned the Coffee Master in London Coffee Festival 2022.

Another outstanding experience would be the Tasting Room, which is dedicated to tasting workshops. In the last London Coffee Festival, some of the workshops included – Belco premiering their new 2022 harvest of Coffee, NudiTea’s fusion blend tea, Dottie’s Espresso Martini tasting. 

London Coffee Festival 2022 attendee’s also experienced a live show from DJ Yoda, paired with a cocktail party. However, this segment also had a higher purpose, as all of the proceeds from this show were donated to The British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

In the 2022 London Coffee Festival, you also had the option to purchase Coffee Machines for brewing coffee in the comfort of your own home. Some notable products were – Linea Mini’s La Marzocco – an espresso machine from one of the iconic coffee machine makers, AllGround Grinder by Fiorenzato – which was also the official grinder of London Coffee Festival 2022, the Sage Barista Pro and Comandante C40 – a hand grinder. 

The 2022 London Coffee Festival also hosted many artists performing live music for the audience from the 2nd day of the festival to the final day.  The live music sessions were titled ‘The Coffee Music Project’ and supported Project Waterfall

Furthermore, there was also an art competition titled ‘The Coffee Art Project’, artwork in many forms, including – paintings, drawings, photography, film, etc. were exhibited there. The attendees of the London Coffee Festival also had the option to purchase the artwork.   

London Coffee Festival 2023 Tickets? 

Three categories of tickets are available for purchase to visit the London Coffee Festival. 

You can get the Standard tickets for £24. This package will include – Unlimited tasting for food and coffee, access to all 250+ artisan coffee roasters, equipment, and food brands, and access to live workshops and sessions in the lab. However, you can also buy the tickets on the festival premises, which will cost you £30 if you decide to do so.

You can get a day-long VIP admission ticket for £48; besides all the facilities you can get from a Standard ticket, you will get some additional added features. If you purchase the VIP admission ticket, you’ll get exclusive access to the VIP lounge, a coffee cocktail token, a VIP LCF Tote Bag, and access to all even features. If you purchase the tickets from the venue, it will cost you £60. 

You can also buy a VIP admission ticket for the entirety of the festival, all four days. For that, you’ll have to spend £96. It includes all facilities of a VIP admission ticket, along with one extra coffee cocktail token. If you purchase the ticket from the venue, it will cost you £120.

Currently, the tickets for the London Coffee Festival that is happening in 2023 are not yet for sale. However, you can purchase tickets through their official website when it goes on sale. 

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The London Coffee Festival is truly too good to miss if you’re a coffee enthusiast. A 4-day extravaganza dedicated to everything coffee-related, coffee tasting, watching world-class baristas brew coffee and taste them, seminars, and workshops related to coffee should all be interesting and a lifetime experience for you. Furthermore, you can also purchase coffee machines, espresso machines, grinders, etc., from the festival.  

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