Addison Rae’s Multi-Tasking Beauty Product of 2022

All we are going to talk about today is Addison Rae’s Multi-Tasking Beauty Product of 2022. But who is Addison Rae? Addison Rae Easterling was born on October 6, 2000, and is a social media (TikTok) celebrity, dancer, actor, and singer from the United States of America.

In July of this year, she began regularly publishing videos on TikTok, and her dance videos quickly gained popularity.

As of July 3, 2021, she has garnered over 81 million subscribers on TikTok, standing as the 4th most-followed person on the site after Khaby Lame, Charli D’Amelio, & Bella Poarch.

By the end of August 2020, Rae has been listed by Forbes as the greatest TikTok celebrity. It was in March 2021 that she launched her first song, “Obsessed,” and it was on August 27, 2021, that she made her debut appearance in He’s All That, a gender-switched version of the movie “ She’s All That, which has been released by Netflix on the same day.

Use of Addison Rae’s Multi-tasking Beauty Product of 2022:

Consider this: what one cosmetic product would Addison Rae need if she were stuck on an island? The TikTok singer disclosed the reply with the introduction of the newest product in the new ITEM Beauty range, a shade of blush. Blushin’ Like is a bouncy, buildable crème cheek color that will be available on virtual stores just in time for flowering and blushing spring.

Use of Addison Rae’s Multi-tasking Beauty Product of 2022:

Throughout her life, blush has been her go-to multitasking cosmetic.

It may be applied to the lips and cheeks to create an all-over color, she explains. “It was always a favorite of mine, and I certainly used too much of it…but maybe there is no such thing as too much.”

Blushin’ Like’s formula is silky and flexible as it can be blended, making it difficult to go overboard with it. With these products, you can achieve the trending makeup looks that 2022 is all about.

The formula of Addison Rae’s Multi-tasking Beauty Product of 2022:

The formula of Addison Rae’s Multi-tasking Beauty Product of 2022:

Squalane & kiwi seed oil are used to hydrate the skin and give it a dewy look, while cellulose is used to create a blurring effect on the face and eyes.

Rae’s favorite technique to apply the product is by dabbing it on with her fingertips, which is made possible by this recipe. It may also be applied using a makeup brush or a moist makeup sponge with relative ease.

Color Range of Addison Rae’s Multi-tasking Beauty Product of 2022:

The product is available in five different day-to-night tones like I’m Crushin (a hot poppy) & Bad Bleep, a deep burgundy shade that is well titled.

Rae’s objective was to produce hues that gave the complexion a natural-looking shine and brightness while also being affordable.

In true ITEM Beauty fashion, this product is free of talc, parabens, & mineral oils, and instead makes use of plant-based oils & science-backed components while avoiding the use of these substances.

“I wanted to truly be a face for introducing clean beauty to Generation Z and demonstrating that clean is a pretty simple choice,” Rae adds.

If you ever find yourself stuck on an island, don’t forget to bring Blushin’ Like along with you. After all, Rae claims that it is the only thing you will ever need.

Release date of Addison Rae’s Multi-tasking Beauty Product of 2022:

Blushin ‘Like will be released on the Sephora app on February 7 and on on February 8; it will be available in stores and online on February 7. It will be available for purchase on the website from February 1st, so stay on top of the makeup trend game.

That Blushin’ Blush will give you Addison Rae’s best glowy secret glow. Get the blush and let us know how much did you like her product in the comment section below.

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