What will be the Best Trending Makeup Look of 2022

You’ll find one slashed crease, graphic makeup, or dramatic lashes in the beautiful video on Instagram or TikTok. There’s no end in sight for the popularity of ’60s-style cosmetics in the years to come. It was all about bringing attention to the eyes in the ’60s, says Omnia Brush executive makeup artist Dominique Lerma.

Take a peek at the era’s most famous faces. It was Twiggy’s famous eyelashes who paved the way for falsies to follow in the following decades. The winged eyeliner of Diana Ross was a force to reckon with. Then, obviously, Elizabeth Taylor’s eyeshadow in a truly vivid blue.

There is no surprise in this cosmetics resurgence. After all, successful patterns tend to recur. Even Ariana Grande is embracing the trend with her new cosmetics line — just look at the pastel cut wrinkles on her face as she promotes it. Ash K. Holm, a celebrity makeup artist based in Los Angeles, says “I’ve seen a tremendous makeup look surge of ’60s makeup through 2021, and it still seems like we’re just getting underway.”

What will be the Most Trending Makeup Look of 2022

’60s-inspired makeup is making a comeback because of the epidemic, according to makeup professionals. The emergence of ’60s cosmetic trends, according to Lerma, is because the majority of our features have been partially hidden by masks. Even after the immunization and social-distancing limitations that permitted restaurants and other establishments to reopen in the summer of 2021, we witnessed an increase in colorful and dramatic cosmetic trends.

It’s a lot easier to experiment with eye makeup looks now than it was in the ’60s, thanks to a plethora of new products. With so many methods to express oneself by using eyelashes and liner, “it only seems natural” that ’60s would be revived, adds Holm. For example, at the season two premiere of Emily in Paris, Lily Collins had a “’60s French gamine eye” style, as described by Lerma.

Jamie Dorman, a New York City-based celebrity makeup artist, predicts that in 2022, this vintage look will take on a more contemporary and young vibe. “Texture is the biggest difference between the 1960s version and the present ones,” she claims. In the 1960s, matte eyeshadow was the only texture choice; now, there are many different textures to pick from. Lerma agrees and thinks that how cosmetics are applied will also change. Instead of applying eyeshadow higher on the brow bone as in the 1960s, people are keeping it more subtly polished now, which, in my view, makes it seem more ageless.


Holm recommends a graphic eyeliner pick and a negative-space cut crease for a beginner-friendly ’60s makeup look. To produce the appearance of broader, deeper-set eyes, she suggests drawing a curve floating line over the crease of the eyelid.

Lerma advises beginners to take their time while applying eyeliner on the eyelids to get the best results. The author advises, “Don’t look at the entire staircase, take it one step at a time,” while developing a graphic eyeliner look. Lerma recommends using dots to define the design of your graphic eyeliner and then using an eyeliner brush to join the dots, rather than drawing a single line. It’s possible to add thickness, an expanded wing, or anything else you choose later on. “You can do it,” she adds.

To make eyeliner application even simpler, you’ll need the correct equipment and materials. Because of its precise angled tip, the Omnia Brush Eyeliner Brush BOM-475 ($6, omniabrush.com) is recommended by Lerma. Westmore Beauty Winged Effects Fluid Eyeliner ($21, amazon.com) is Dorman’s favorite applicator-free eyeliner because of its ability to draw on exact lines.


Choosing a bold hue for your 1960s eyeshadow isn’t a problem. Instead of using eyeshadow to elevate the eye and wing out, Dorman suggests utilizing it to accentuate the socket’s spherical shape whenever it comes to application. Is it possible to wear ’60s make-up without thick, long, and dramatic eyelashes? Holm recommends using rounder, wispy eyelashes to get the Twiggy effect. If you’re on a budget, consider the KISS My Lashes But More in Blessed ($5, ulta.com). To get a Twiggy-esque look, she likes to cut a second set of lashes into small pieces and apply them along the bottom part of her lash line.

A glance back at history during the 1960s shows that it was a time of revolt and change. Makeup looks follow the same set of guidelines: be brave, inventive, and bold.

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