5 Best Reasons to Wait for Samsung Galaxy S22

Phones, phones & more phones. Oh? Sorry, I was talking to myself. You see, I am facing a big dilemma in which I can’t seem to decide what to upgrade to from my trusty old Samsung galaxy s7 (amazing phone FYI). However, I am left scratching my head because the market harbors truly exceptional phones. This ranges from Samsung’s amazing S21 lineup, Google’s pixel line up and of course, Apple’s iPhones. Honestly, amongst these devices you really can’t go wrong but what about the future? The one downside to technology is it changes rapidly, meaning, devices age very quickly, and at the same time, smartphones, are pricey. Hence, we are at the crossroads between accepting Samsung’s newer or older offerings.

Positive Points:

The camera will be redefined in Samsung galaxy 22

The camera will be redefined in Samsung galaxy 22

It is no surprise that Samsung is at the top of the smartphone camera market and every year they set a benchmark for its quality. Leaks suggest that Samsung will utilize the existing 108-megapixel sensors on its newer device as well as two 12-megapixel telephoto lenses, much like the s21 ultra. However, Samsung is touting a sensor-shift technology to increase image stability and quality, a first for the Galaxy lineup.

AMD’s first-ever contribution to the Mobile Market

 As always, every generation builds upon the existing snapdragon and Exynos chips with this year being no different. Qualcomm has been actively working on the snapdragon 898 but might rename it to Snapdragon 8 gen 1.

Samsung, they have been working with AMD to integrate RDNA 2 technologies into the s22 to significantly boost gaming, editing, photo capture, and recording capabilities. Leaks suggest that they might go back to a vapor chamber system to allow the phones to run longer during peak performances.

The battery will be of the same capacity for the newer models but Samsung is testing 45W and 65W fast charging methods with leakers claiming that they are confident in Samsung introducing 45W wireless charging pads.

Wait if you want a big screen

Wait if you want a big screen

Samsung is also a leader when it comes to home appliances, so it is no wonder they make gorgeous displays. All of its flagships sport their signature super AMOLED display and the s22 lineup will have the biggest screens yet. The s22 will come with a 6.06 inch, the s22+ a 6.55 inch, and the ultra a 6.81 inch. On top of this, all of them will sport a 120 Hz screen. It is to note however that the Galaxy S22 Ultra is the only model with LTPO backplane technology on board.

The newer ones always get the fancier software

The newer ones always get the fancier software

If you want Samsung’s Android 12 support, then you will need their latest or future offerings. While it always tempting to go for older flagships due to tot their attractive price points, most of them are at the end of their software support. Most flagship devices are supported for 3 years by Samsung and the galaxy s22 will get the best Android 12 update and Samsung’s One UI.

The return of the S-pen

The return of the S-pen

A new S-pen has not been released for almost a year now but with the s22, Samsung is finally fusing the note series and the series into one device at the highest model. Leakers have claimed that the s22 ultra will feature the beautiful Note U design and a dedicated S-pen module holder. So note fans can finally rejoice.

Negative Points:

Buy something now if you can’t wait till February

Buy something now if you can't wait till February

If you are in a rush, consider the s21 series. Smartphones are a dedicated part of our lives, for some they are their livelihoods. Samsung always releases their s series in February. They have their shows in late January detailing their new products and they head to shelves multiple weeks later. Covid also might affect the release date for 2022 launch products, such as the galaxy tab s8, but Samsung stated that the s series is still scheduled as planned.

Don’t wait if you are looking for deals

With every new release of a flagship, the older ones get a price cut. This is especially true for third-party and first-party retail stores that are clearing stock. Hence, great deals are floating all around so don’t hesitate to pick up a great deal on the s21 series.

Don’t wait if you find something within your preferences

This is by far the most important part of choosing a phone, if you don’t like a phone, it will be a very hard sell to you. The s22 might come with that one feature that makes you roll your eyes and hence, if you eye something that tickles your fancy, grab it. The world is facing a semiconductor shortage and prices are fluctuating daily.

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