Top 5 Best CPUs Intel or AMD, Who Dominates Today?

The CPU is the brain of the computer, where all the logical functions take place. However, if you’re looking for top CPUs related to gaming or workstations you only have 2 places to choose from, Intel or AMD. These have been here for the better part of 30 years and have gained their respective fanbases. These people have going on this battle to determine which company crowns king and it has been a wild ride. However, irrespective of Intel or AMD, top CPUs have been manufactured by both and great architectures have been made. Intel dominated for a decade but AMD recently took the crown with their Ryzen 2 and 3 CPUs. So top 5 CPUs will be determined based on all-round, budget, price, gaming and productivity to help you decide your CPU.

Best-value CPU Intel or AMD

Here, Intel takes the lead with there i5-10400 & i5-10400F. Until now, the ryen 2600 and 3600 have dominated for years but these new entries are unbeatable at price to performance, where the tarting price begins at 185 US dollars with the alder lake variant looming in the horizon. Not only this, the motherboards require for these top CPUs are also affordable to help provide the optimal performance.

Best gaming CPU in the high end

Again, Intel takes the crown for this intel best gaming cpu with there i7 series of processors such as the 10700,11700 and newly added 12700. These all start at a great price of 285 US dollars and in case of the 12700. directly challenge AMDs 5600x,5700x and the 5800x. Intel provides a better performance at a cheaper price. Intel provides superior productivity, slightly better gaming performance and similar cooling performances

Intel or AMD

Best extreme CPU

Extreme CPUs are usually determined by their cores, threads, and eye-watering price. In this case, AMD takes the crown with its eadripper series that starts with a price point of 1960 US dollars. In this case, we are talking about the 24-core 3960x,32-core 3970x and the mammoth 64-core 3990x.

Best budget CPU

For over half a decade, AMD has dominated this part with its Athlon line up, until, Intel introduced the i3-10100. As of today, the cheapest AMD processors are 290 US dollars, such as the Ryzen 5 5600 series that are underwhelming at this price point. The i3s however cost about 100 us dollars and boast 4 cores, 8 threads, 6 MB caches. Whereas, AMD has the extremely dated Athlon 3000g APUS which has the ancient dual-core setup and is no competition for the i3.

Amd ryzen intel cpu

Best productivity CPU

This is a tie for the battle of Intel or AMD when we factor in the Intel Core i7-12700K (Value) or AMD Ryzen 9 5950X (Performance). This because they both perform at nearly the same capacity and honestly will actually go down the prices of the motherboard optimal for each top CPUs. For example, for the i7, you would need DDR5 ram to beat the 5950X whereas the Ryzen 9 has much better thermals. However the Ryzen 9 is also 100 dollars more expensive.

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