5 Amazing Steps to Remove your Press-On Nails

Press-on fingernails are a quick and easy technique to give yourself a manicure that looks polished and well-done. If I don’t have a moment to have a manicure, they come to the rescue every single time. To remove press-on nails, might be a challenge. If, like me, you like the look of press-on nails but dislike the hassle of taking them off, this guide is for you. Gina Edwards, KISS Nails brand manager, and celebrity manicurist shares her best press-on nail removal methods with us below.

Soak your nails first.

To avoid dry skin, Edwards recommends soaking press-on nails in a lacquer thinner nail paint remover combined with baby oil. For best results, let them soak for approximately five minutes, then check on them often. For press-on nails with a sticky adhesive, dip your nails in a dish of hot soapy water before you remove them. This will help soften the glue and make it easier to remove them. To begin, fill a basin with warm water and a few teaspoons of hand soap and stir. After that, soak your nails for around ten minutes with your fingers submerged in water.

Second, apply Cuticle Oil to your nails.

Put a few drops of cuticles oil to the regions immediately beneath the press-on and allow the oil to sink in to assist release the nails and hydrating your natural ones. Wait for a few minutes before removing the nails to ensure that they are not too firmly attached to the skin. Do not try to remove the fingernails before they are mature, advises Edwards. “If you feel a little release between both the press-on & your nail bed, it’s time to eliminate them.”

5 Amazing Steps to Remove your Press-On Nails

Remove the Press-On Nails using an Orangewood Stick.

To release the press-on nails, Edwards recommends using an orangewood brush or KISS Glue Off. Press-on nails may be easily removed using the applicator tip included with KISS Glue Off. Don’t rush through the process, and be patient. “Work softly and slowly, this will help to prevent damage,” explains the manicurist.

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Remove Any Adhesive That May Have Remained

Using an orangewood stick, carefully peel away any remaining glue, then use a cleaning solution on such a cotton swab to remove any remaining sticky residue.

Take Care of Your Nails.

Your natural nails need a little TLC when you remove your press-on nails. Nail buffing is a simple process that involves pushing back your cuticle and using a 240 grit smoother to smooth the top of your nails. Hand masks work great, too — just be sure to moisten them with your favorite natural oil beforehand.

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