The Capacity for the Ford F-150 Lightning Battery Revealed!

Ford has dominated the US car market for almost a century, especially their pick-up trucks. But now with time, every car is slowly transitioning to electric motors in the automobile industry, And finally, we have actual data on the Ford F-150 lightning Battery Capacity. To go over already existing knowledge, we know that there would be a standard battery and an extended battery. But thanks to the F15gen4 members, we finally are able to know the exact wattage displayed during the ford live stream.

Under the hood

Ford F-150 lightning Battery Capacity is estimated to be 98 KW, which will provide a 230-mile range. This is the typical range as opposed to the peak range which makes sense because this is considered the average use. For the extended battery, Ford states that the Ford F-150 Battery Capacity is a massive 131 KW, and can go up to a 300-mile range.

 Ford F-150 Lightning

To understand this battery capacity, let us consider other competitors, the Tesla Model S sedan has a 100 KW capacity while the Hummer’s new EV pickup houses a 200 KW battery but weigh about 9000 pounds, hence can do ‘only’ 329 miles. As we can see, the ford lightning falls between these two vehicles. We can also estimate that as with other Ford Pickup trucks, the lightning will weigh about 1000 pounds, further clarifying the 230-mile range.

Get in Line

The Ford F-150 lightning Battery Capacity, design, interiors have caught the eyes of Americans and if you want one, you better get in line because about 200,000 has already been preordered. The standard battery pack is available in the lightning pro, midrange XLT, and the fancier Lariat trims while the extended battery is for the platinum edition of the XLT and Lariat trims.

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