Google to Fire Unvaccinated Employees!

Google to fire unvaccinated employees? Well, depends on how you look at it. The world has changed during this pandemic and so have people’s views on the vaccine. Yet, this remains a controversial topic despite its proven health benefits against the Coronavirus. Because of the virus’s capabilities of rapid spread, people seem to still put the thought of the vaccine on the back burner, potentially risking the health of others, and now Google has stepped up its actions. It is true, google to fire unvaccinated.

Google to fire unvaccinated employees

Google to fire unvaccinated

Google fire unvaccinated employees in the recent news. The tech giant will put employees on forced leave and maybe even fire them entirely. This is applicable for the employees that fall under President Biden’s vaccination mandate. It is indeed true that google fire unvaccinated employees.

According to internal memos found, Google has given orders to all employees to upload their proof of vaccination and any medical or religious exemption by December 3rd. They were then told to complete all vaccination processes by January 13th and will be put under paid administrative leave for a month if failure to be vaccinated occurs. However, should they fail to vaccinate within these extra 30 days, they will then be put on an unpaid leave of as much as 6 months or laid off entirely and Google is standing its ground on this policy that google fire unvaccinated employees.

There is some leeway in this google fire unvaccinated debate which states that employees that are office-bound need to be vaccinated. Those that don’t want needles can look for remote positions, such as working from home. Although frequent Corona testing in no longer applicable, Employees can apply for vaccine exemption.

This has been a hot topic within Google about this vaccine mandate. In fact, there are anti-vaccine manifestos being circulated within the company with hundreds of signatures. Only time will tell if this mandate will properly pan out.

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