Hackers Find Simpler to Jailbreak the PS4 than it is to Purchase a PS5

To the disdain of the entire PlayStation security team, the term “hackers jailbreak Sony PS4” has been spreading like wildfire on the internet. Sure, the console has been jailbroken multiple times, but not during the end of its lifecycle.

So, how did hackers jailbreak the PS4? Well according to developers, an exploit found in the firmware update 9.00, you can insert arbitrary code to make modifications on the kernel. This allows for custom game development and pirated copies of existing games to put on the console.

sony ps4 jailbreak

This method is called the “pOObs4” and requires a formatted USB to be inserted at the right time to apply this jailbreak. The jailbreak was made possible by the work of hackers SpecterDev, ChendoChap, and Znullptr, as well as thanks being given to Sleirsgoevy for a WebKit browser exploit. Znullptr also stated that this exploit can also potentially make the gateway for the ps5 but, as of now, has no plans because the lead developer cannot find a PS5 console.

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