Ana de Armas to Portray Marilyn Monroe’s Biopic: Netflix Blonde 2022

Joyce Carol Oates' 2000 book of the same name, Which is for Netflix Blonde 2022, was made into a movie. Marilyn Monroe's life is shown in a made-up manner.

Andrew Dominik wrote the screenplay and directed the biographical drama movie Blonde. Netflix Blonde 2022 is a movie version of Joyce Carol Oates’ 2000 novel of the same name. It tells a fictitious version of Marilyn Monroe’s life.

Marilyn Monroe’s sexiest biopic’s development began in 2010, and the movie’s production started in August 2019. Since we now know the Blonde release date, it appears that primary filming is over and the movie is currently in post-production.

To ensure that you are more informed about this upcoming movie, we’re about to share with you our Netflix Blonde 2022 release date predictions, cast, synopsis, and more.

First stirring clips from Andrew Dominik’s “Blonde 2022,” featuring Ana de Armas Marilyn Monroe, have been made available on Netflix. The film, which is based on Joyce Carol Oates’ best-selling book, is renowned for its NC-17 rating. Bobby Cannavale, Adrien Brody, Julianne Nicholson, Xavier Samuel, and Evan Williams make up the supporting cast.

Netflix’s Blonde 2022 Movie

Marilyn Monroe Netflix Blonde 2022
Marilyn Monroe

The drama “boldly reinvents the life of one of Hollywood’s most iconic idols, Marilyn Monroe,” according to Netflix. In order to examine the growing gap between her public and private lives, Blonde 2022 blurs the lines between reality and fiction from her turbulent beginnings as Norma Jeane through to her ascent to fame and sexual relationships.

According to de Armas recently speaking with Netflix Queue, “Andrew’s intentions were quite clear from the outset – to offer a narrative of Marilyn Monroe’s life through her perspective.” He wished for everyone to know what it was really like to be Norma Jeane as well as Marilyn. That was the most audacious, unabashed, and feminist interpretation of her narrative I had ever seen.

Ana de Armas is “Mind-blowing” as Marilyn Monroe 

After just one audition, director Dominik was certain that Cuban actress de Armas was “the one” to play Monroe. De Armas gushed to Vanity Fair that the chance to work with the iconic performer is a mission that would launch her career.

“I knew I could handle it. A Cuban portraying Marilyn Monroe was pioneering, de Armas claimed in 2020. “I desperately want it. She appears to be smiling in that iconic portrait of her, but that only represents a small portion of what she was actually going through at the time.”

Ana de Armas Netflix Blonde 2022
Ana de Armas

We spent hours every day for over a year working on this movie. I examined many images, videos, audio recordings, films, and whatever else I could get my hands on besides reading Joyce’s book. Every scenario draws inspiration from a previously taken shot. We would analyze each element of the image and discuss what was occurring there. What was Norma Jeane experiencing in this situation was always the first question asked. We wished to portray her experience from a human perspective. Fame made Norma the most invisible person in the world while making Marilyn the most visible.

The Transformation of “Ana” to “Marylin”

De Armas admitted in interviews that while portraying the eponymous blonde bombshell, she covered her own brunette hair with a bald cap.

Since Marilyn changed her hair color from golden to extremely platinum, de Armas explained, “You can’t have anything dark underneath these wigs that are wonderfully manufactured, so we had to construct a bald cap every single day from my forehead to [around] my whole head.” The hairstyle apparently took three hours each day at the shoot. 

Teaser & Trailer of “Blonde” Nearly Broke The Internet

Ana de Armas in Netflix Blonde 2022 teaser

When the teaser trailer debuted on June 16, the first sight of Ana de Armas Marilyn Monroe drove the Internet into a frenzy. The official Blonde release date on Netflix is September 23. In the first clip, Monroe (de Armas) is assaulted by photographers and swiftly switches from sobbing to smiling before entering the stage. The first teaser trailer for the new film provided audiences with their first look at Ana de Armas as the legendary Hollywood actress. Based on the bittersweet giggle laugh at the conclusion of the video, in particular, we can already tell it will be an engrossing performance.

Black and white shots, including one in which Ana as Marilyn Monroe displayed emotional emotions, were featured in the Netflix teaser video.

She asked someone to “not abandon [her]” in one scene when she was getting her cosmetics done. Another image shows Ana walking past a throng of swarming photographers while appearing to be in tears. She then turned to face herself in a dressing room mirror and began to construct her signature grin and giggle, perhaps to make herself look camera-ready.

Watch the Blonde trailer here: 

Netflix Blonde Trailer

There’s something in it to anger everyone, Dominik noted about the movie in a May interview with Vulture.

The Casting of The Marilyn Monroe Movie: Blonde 2022

IMDb provided the cast of the film. Check out the actors and the characters they play down below:

Blonde Review After Release

After her mother Gladys (Julianne Nicholson) is hospitalized for mental health difficulties, Norma Jeane Mortenson, who is portrayed by de Armas as an adult and Lily Fisher as a kid, grows up as a ward of the state. Norma Jeane pursues a career as a model and actress, believing that her missing father is a powerful figure in Hollywood. 

With the questionable assistance of Darryl F. Zanuck (David Warshofsky), who effectively pimps her around to other studio decision-makers, she wins modest parts. The opportunities Norma Jeane receives, despite her unwavering dedication to her craft, largely depend on the bombshell sexuality of her alter ego. To escape the attention, she enters into a cozy triangular relationship with fellow actors and minor celebrities Charles “Cass” Chaplin Jr. (Xavier Samuel) and Edward “Eddy” G. Robinson Jr. (Evan Williams).

This movie touches a nerve. The fragile life of Marilyn Monroe, her constant battle with depression, substance abuse and losing herself in the hands of the most handsome men of that time, beautifully and impeccably portrayed by Ana de Armas. This movie does justice to the absolute tribute to Marilyn Monroe exploring her personal life of fame success and hysteria. Our rating of this 2hr 46m of an outstanding movie is 4.8/5. 

Additionally, it has been said, “The gap between a star performance and the movie containing it has seldom been wider than in “Blonde,” which features Ana de Armas stunningly capturing the look and essence of Marilyn Monroe in the service of a film that’s pretentious, heavy handed and lengthy to the point of exhaustion. Netflix will surely get its money’s worth attention-wise thanks in part to its restrictive NC-17 rating, but the film’s merits burn out long before its credits ever roll.” By CNN, and given a rating of 9/10 in IGN, 65% in rotten tomatoes and 62% in Metacritic. 

“To say that Ana de Armas is everything in this film is not hyperbole: without her soulful, controlled performance, Dominik’s conception of Monroe could easily slide into disastrous histrionics. Oates’ book revisits but intentionally does not purport to accurately depict who Monroe was and what she went through.” is said by AV Club additionally in another review of the film.

End Note

Dominik and Netflix apparently disagreed over the movie’s NC-17 categorization, but the director told ScreenDaily in February that he has “nothing but appreciation for Netflix,” noting that the streaming service backed the movie despite some concerns about its material. To “curb the excesses of the movie,” Netflix “insisted” on hiring Jennifer Lame, editor of “Hereditary” and “Tenet.” Blonde 2022 is a challenging film, Dominik continued. If the audience dislikes it, then it is entirely their fault. It’s not a campaign for office.

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