Upcoming Netflix August Releases in 2022: New Netflix Releases

The movies and television shows that will be available on Netflix in the month of August 2022 are likely to make you feel like you're on vacation. Find out everything that was released on Netflix in the month of August.

With its August 2022 lineup of new Netflix august releases of movies and shows, Netflix keeps pumping out summertime entertainment as we head into the fall season.

Following huge summer blockbusters like The Sea Beast, Persuasion, and The Gray

Man, there are a ton of comfort films that are on their way to our watch lists. Netflix’s August releases contain what’s new on Netflix releases and offer romance and laughter to help us say goodbye to summer.

A number of fan-favorite shows are returning with new seasons on Netflix in August

2022, and a significant new series finally makes its breakthrough. Also, new shows on Netflix

If you’re wondering, what’s new on Netflix?

There will be plenty of new Netflix shows in august.

August 2022 Brings Brand New Movies to Netflix

Let’s take a look at some of the most anticipated upcoming films on Netflix. Netflix august releases that will be released in the month of August. The next lineup of films will liven things up with comedies, romantic comedies, and huge stars like Jamie Foxx, Lili Reinhart, Kevin Hart, and other well-known comedians and actors.

Wedding Season

Release Date for the Wedding Season: August 4

In the month of August, you absolutely must include the film Wedding Season on your list of movies to watch if you’re in the mood for a romantic comedy. In the movie that is available on Netflix, Pallavi Sharda and Suraj Sharma play the roles of a “couple” who are pretending to date in order to make their parents happy during the stressful summer wedding season. Nevertheless, they will always sense sparks. The adorable movie will be released on August 4; don’t miss it!

Day Shift

Day Shift- Exciting Netflix August Releases

Day Shift Release Date: August 12

Day Shift, starring Jamie Foxx, will debut on Netflix this summer. The show combines elements of humor and horror. In the movie, Foxx plays the role of a blue-collar father who is trying to provide for his daughter by working as a pool cleaner. However, under the surface, his day job is only a cover for his true occupation, which is the hunting of vampires. On August 12, you may see the first episode of what is certain to become a new comedic smash hit. It can be a new genre of horror shows on Netflix.

Look Both Ways

Look Both Ways Release Date: August 17

Lili Reinhart, best known for her role as Veronica Lodge on Riverdale, is starring in her first Netflix original film, Look Both Ways, a romantic comedy in the vein of Sliding Doors. Natalie (Reinhart) has a life-altering event that causes her world to split in two just before she finishes college. In one of them, she is going to Los Angeles, while in the other, she is pregnant and living in her hometown. On August 17, find out which option she decides to go with.

August 2022 brings brand new content to Netflix

Even though we will now have to wait for Stranger Things season 5, there are a lot of new programs coming to Netflix in august releases that will help replace the need that was left by the conclusion of season 4 volume 2. All throughout the month, our watch lists will be kept busy with events like the premiere of a highly anticipated series and the conclusion of a fan-favorite series.

The Spectre of the Sandman

The Sandman Release Date: August 5

Since it was revealed that Netflix will be adapting Neil Gaiman and DC Comics’ The Sandman into a series, fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of the show. The fantasy-horror series, which stars Tom Sturridge and Gwendoline Christie, is set to be one of the most popular new programs to debut on Netflix in the next year due to its stellar cast. When The Sandman first airs on August 5, be sure to tune in for all ten episodes. This will be one of the August Netflix releases. 

Locke & Key: Season 3

Locke & Key: Season 3 Release Date: August 10

In one of the August Netflix releases, even while we can’t wait for the next season of Locke & Key, we have to be realistic and acknowledge that this will be the last season of the series. On August 10, the popular original supernatural fantasy drama on Netflix will come to an end with the completion of the last ten episodes of the series. In the last part of the Locke & Key series, you’ll get to find out what happens to the Locke children and where they wind up.

New releases on Netflix in August of 2022

Even though the titles listed above represent just a small portion of what will be added to Netflix in the month of July, there are a ton of additional must-watch new netflix originals movies and episodes on Netflix new tv shows august 2022  that are keeping us engaged as the end of summer draws closer.

The Following is a List of the New Releases That Will Be Available in The List Of Netflix August Releases

Netflix Shows on August 1

  • Big Tree City
  • Men in Black 3
  • Spider-Man 2
  • The Age of Adaline
  • Tower Heist

Netflix Shows on August 2

  • Clusterf**k: Woodstock ’99

Netflix Shows on August 3

  • Buba

Netflix Releases on August 4

  • Kakegurui Twin
  • Super Giant Robot Brothers!
  • Wedding Season

Netflix Releases on August 5

  • The Sandman
  • Carter
  • Darlings
  • Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie

Netflix Releases on August 10

  • Indian Matchmaking season 2
  • Instant Dream Home
  • Locke & Key season 3

Netflix in August 11


Netflix in August 12

  • Day Shift
  • Never Have I Ever season 3
  • 13: The Musical

Netflix in August 17

  • Royalteen
  • Look Both Ways
  • High Heat

Shows on Netflix in August 19

  • Kleo
  • The Next 365 Days

Shows on Netflix in August 23

  • Chad & JT Go Deep

Shows on Netflix in August 24

  • Lost Ollie
  • Mo
  • Selling the OC

New Netflix Releases on August 25

  • Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure

New Netflix Releases on August 26

  • Loving Adults
  • Me Time

New Netflix Releases on August 31

  • I Came By

These are all the most anticipated Netflix August releases that everyone is looking forward to! 

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