Newsham Park Hospital| 2 Scary Ghost Sightings

Newsham Park Hospital’s “lady in the window” was captured by a nun who was “gobsmacked” by the experience. It was posted by an anonymous nun on the Merseyside and Beyond: The Heritage of Ghosts Myths & Legends Facebook page.

Can anybody spot a lady at the window? “This is Newsham Hospital Liverpool, which has been closed for years. Can anybody spot her?”

She posted on the Facebook page run by Keith Braithwaite. The nanny said that she had been shooting a spontaneous photo of the husband and grandchild and had only spotted the lady when she returned to the image.

Behind what seem to be light-colored drapes on the window, a dark shadow figure can be observed. The nun, on the other hand, insisted there were no drapes on the window & has returned since then to confirm this.

“There were no blinds on the window, but in the image, there is, as I stated I wasn’t searching anywhere at the time just snapping a picture & I spotted it later on while I was searching back at the pictures,” she added. Several individuals got in contact with me after I posted the creepy photo on Facebook with their thoughts about what it may be.

“A woman in a black dress with the white lace neckline” and “a lady in a blue cardigan” were both mentioned by one person. Another remarked, “It seems like someone with a blue cardigan is peering out the window.” In other words, the image seems to be of an older lady with a dark hairstyle, with some even speculating that there are two individuals in the image, one a mother and one a kid. Find more Haunted stories here!

The nun claimed she had returned to the same area, however, the window now appears “totally different, & has no curtains upon that” since she took the image.

“I’ve gone back there a few times & taken more shots but the windows look utterly different it’s crazy,” she commented on her Facebook post. The structure fascinates my grandson. When I re-examined the photos, I was in awe of the clarity of the woman’s explanation on Facebook. “It gave me chills.”


In the past, Newsham Park Hospital has been the subject of countless ghost tales and sightings. As recently as 2016, an unidentified lady claimed to have recorded the “ghost” as she jogged by a former psychiatric institution. An eerie “ghost child’s visage” was seen in the building’s window in 2015; the structure had formerly housed an orphanage.

For much of its 138-year existence, the Victorian-era building has served as an orphanage, hospital for the mentally ill, and nursing home for its many residents. First established in 1874 as a British seamen’s orphanage, the circumstances were said to be severe, with siblings divided from one other and punishments dished out.

Abandoned wheelchairs and mortuary fridges remain in the now-defunct structure as a memorial of the lost lives when it was a hospital in 1951.

Even after the facility was shut down in 1997, several of its former employees have claimed to have had paranormal experiences.

An ex-worker previously told the ECHO that the ‘absolute evil’ in the building still gives him nightmares. Others have reported hearing children’s voices and seeing phantom individuals sprint down stairwells while at the facility, according to former patients.

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