Things To Do In Old Street London: Top Tourist Attractions In Old Street London

If you are a buzzing and confused tourist, you might be wondering about possible tourist spots. Let us recommend a great location. Old Street London is located in inner north-east central in the London borough of Islington it runs west to east from Goswell road in Clerkenwell.

London old street is one of the oldest spots in London and could be referred to as the silicon valley of London. Many people are curious about its origin and glorious history. London has various popular and historically rich locations, the Old Street Location being one of them.

About Old Street London

If we were to trace the history of London old street we have to travel back to Roman times. The area has a fascinating history of culture, traditions, theater, and literature. Old Street London witnessed great histories of literature. Shakespeare made his theatrical debut in the old streets of London, Uk, and permanently established his theater company. The underground station has a fascinating story as well. It was originally built in 1901 and rebuilt in 1925. Presently it is the destination of tech and art. You can see the amazing paintings on the wall that shows the immense artistic scenario of the Old Street station.

Things to Do in Old Street London

Now, what can you really do in the fascinating and glorious hub of London? If you are an artistic soul and want to experience the beautiful art culture of London. Old Street London Uk is one of the most perfect places for you. There are various art galleries you can visit for instance the Rivington Place is a great exhibition If you are into Visual arts. If you are particularly interested in revolutionary contemporary art,  you can visit the Limoncello gallery. If art isn’t your area of interest then we have got you covered. If you want to indulge in the British lifestyle and cuisine you might want to try The Clove Club, a private dining club that offers amazing British Cuisine. It is one of the most popular restaurants of Old street London. 

Top Locations in the Area

Old Street London roundabout
Old Street London Roundabout

The old street, London has always been a center of attraction for tourists. People around the world come to visit the old street of London to enjoy its ancient and artistic environment. The old streets in London can tell the tales of a bygone era and the history of this city. Undoubtedly, visiting the old streets of London would be a delightful experience for any tourist. There are many attractive and cool places in the old streets of London that you can visit. There are 197 Old Street tourist attractions to pick from. Some top locations in the area are- 

Watling Street 

Stretching from Westminster to Canterbury, Watling Street is one of the old streets of London. Walked by Celtic dealers, walked by Roman warriors, and saturated with stories, the road makes for one of the most verifiable and captivating of London roads. Seeing St Paul’s from Watling Road makes it one of the old London road names that you truly need to visit. There’s likewise a Konditor bread shop, perhaps of the best pastry kitchen in London on that road, and you ought to visit, treating yourself amidst all that touring in London assuming you’re looking.

Fleet Street

With Fleet Street, we’re onto one of the streets that is full of history in London. Following its beginnings from the ferocious universe of paper news coverage, Armada Road’s extensive relationship with the printing business alongside its numerous associations with England’s scholarly legacy make it perhaps the most well-known place in London. The reality is that it’s so near St Paul’s, perhaps of the best milestone in London, is only a reward – you can likewise stroll from that point to the Millenium Scaffold and the Tate Present day – what I consider to be quite possibly of the best thing to do around London Extension.

Frith Street

Located in the Soho area of London, Frith Street is one of the most lively old streets in London. Stretching approximately 285 meters long, this old London street is situated to the south of Soho Square and to the north of Shaftesbury Avenue. Quite possibly the most well-known place in London, the road crosses the three roads of Compton, Bateman, and Romily. Close by, you have perhaps the best Italian bistro in London, Bar Italia, which is a café you can’t miss – particularly in the event that you’ve at any point attempted Italian espresso in Italy.

Shad Thames

Shad Thames is a historic riverside street situated close to Tower Bridge in Bermondsey. It is likewise a nickname for the environmental elements of the road. During the 19th century, the region was home to a large group of stockrooms including London’s biggest distribution center complex. As a Victorian Stockroom Region, Shad Thames is today perhaps the most attractive road in London.

Brick Lane

Beyond question, Brick Lane is one of the popular spots in London – I’ve really composed some time back about the best activities in Block Path and referenced that you could get wanton multicolor bagels there. Block Path is quite possibly the most seasoned road in London situated in the East Finish of London, inside the Pinnacle Villages district. One of the popular streets in London, UK, Brick Lane is a haven for bargain hunters, fashionistas, and foodies. 

Local Transport in Old Street London

To travel to Old Street London there are several ways that we can follow to visit. Some easiest and most cost-effective ways will be by train, subway, bus, taxi, or foot. Let’s have a look at how to use these transportation systems to travel Old Street London. 


Train in London old street
Train in London’s old street

You will get a train at Tottenham Court Road which will drop you at Liverpool Street Station. The train is the cheapest way to reach the Old Streets of London.


You can take the subway from Holborn station which will drop you at Liverpool Street station. Taking the subway is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to travel Old Streets London


From Holborn, Red Lion Square you can take a bus which will directly drop you at Old Street


Taxi is quite available in London. So you can take a taxi to travel to The Old Streets of London. But this will cost a little more than other ways. 


You can also go to The Old Streets of London by walking if you are really an energetic kind of a guy but it would take much time to travel from London, England to reach Old Street, London

Famous Landmarks in Old Street

Being such a key landmark to the city of London, Old Street naturally has numerous tourist attractions around it in its immediate vicinity. As a direct consequence of this, traveling to many of the most well-known attractions in the city is most convenient to begin at Old Street Station.

The Place of Rivington

Rivington Place celebrates the city’s artistic culture and can be found in the Shoreditch neighborhood of London, just a seven-minute walk away from Old Street Station. The art gallery first opened its doors in 2007, and its mission since then has been to assemble outstanding works of art in order to stimulate conversation among art enthusiasts.

You should have high expectations for this establishment given that it is one of the first new art buildings to get funding from the public since the Hayward Gallery. In addition, Rivington is home to the Institute of International Visual Art (Iniva) and Autograph, both of which are noteworthy art galleries.

These are significant new additions to the London art scene because the people who run them take great satisfaction in being at the forefront of the art innovation in the city by making possibilities available to artists from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds.

The Home’s Very Own Museum (Geffrye House)

The next time you change residence, you’ll discover inspiration only a short walk away from Old Street Station, a journey that takes just around four minutes. The Museum of the Home, which was once called Geffrye House, is a museum that focuses on the architectural and decorative traditions of English interior design.

The museum is well-known for housing a large number of designs that date back to the 16th century, and it demonstrates how changes in interior design have occurred over the course of time. The museum provides a fresh perspective on the development of contemporary design as well as a wealth of original concepts.

Pure Evil Gallery

Pure Evil Gallery is a wonderful site to go and buy at, despite the fact that many people are unsure how to classify it. A gallery in London that is dedicated to the art itself rather than just to making a profit would be a wonderful addition to the city’s thriving art scene.

Shops on the Old Street

You can count on Old Street and the regions immediately around it to have a great selection of stores to choose from. Markets, fascinating apparel stores, and one-of-a-kind galleries are all options for shopping, so don’t forget to carry your money in case anything strikes your eye while you’re there.

The Old Street London neighborhood is home to a large number of fascinating works created by area residents. The following is a list of the stores that absolutely cannot be missed in the area of Old Street.

The Vintage House of Fashion

Since 2010, House of Vintage has been supplying London with incredible goods with a vintage aesthetic. They have now expanded even further, and now offer a wider selection of clothing that draws inspiration from decades past. Their main shop, which is the closest of their three locations to Old Street Station, is just 0.8 miles (1.2 kilometers) away from the station.

You may get an amazing lookbook with things from the past on their website; in addition, all of their businesses meticulously gather antique clothing and accessories. The 1920s through the 1980s provide the primary source of inspiration for the majority of the garments.

There is clothing for both men and women available. In addition, there is a focus placed on the sale of only rare and one-of-a-kind apparel that is still in style.


You can reach a business that does not need an introduction if you leave Old Street Station and walk for only three minutes in that direction. In 2007, Goodhood first welcomed customers through its doors, and the company hasn’t stopped growing since then. The store’s only mission is to collect the most delicate articles of apparel and make them all readily accessible in a single location. 

Brick Lane Vintage Market

Brick Lane Vintage Market is the place to go to if you are looking for excellent deals on one-of-a-kind vintage clothing and accessories. It takes place seven days a week at the Truman Brewery, which is located around 1.6 kilometers (1 mile) away from the Old Street Station in London.

Final Verdict

Old Street London is a beautiful destination that offers a wide variety of activities, in case you were unaware of its appeal. As soon as you leave the station, you will have access to all that you need. And don’t be fooled by the fact that there are businesses on the street; there are still a ton of things to find along the route.

Your visit to Old Street London UK will be more enjoyable as a result of the concentration of attractions, boutiques, and restaurants in a single location.

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