8 Top Movies & Shows to Stream on Netflix, Disney+& Apple TV February 2022

Despite the fact that Monday has put a dismal shade over everything, the excitement of finding the line-up of new OTT releases is a powerful antidote to the effects of the melancholy. Looop Lapeta, an experimental thriller starring Taapsee Pannu and Tahir Raj Bhasin, and Muderville, a procedural criminal comedy starring Will Arnett, are both available on Netflix. The Great Indian Murder, a new murder mystery series helmed by Richa Chadha and Pratik Gandhi, will launch on Disney+ Hotstar in the coming weeks. Continue reading for more information about Shows to Stream on Netflix, disney+ and more:

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1. Raising Dion season 2 (February 1)

Raising Dion is an oddball superhero sitcom that centres on Nicole (Alisha Wainwright) and her son Dion (Ja’Siah Young), who develops superhuman powers when his mother discovers his skills. Following his victory against the Crooked Man (Jason Ritter) two years ago, Dion continues to improve his abilities with the assistance of his mother and Tevin (Rome Flynn), his Biona trainer. Additionally, he meets and befriends another super-powered student, Brayden (Griffin Robert Faulkner), and the two form a partnership to deal with the deluge of unsettling occurrences that begin to unravel shortly after. This has been one of the most exciting shows to Stream on Netflix this month.

This is streaming on Netflix.

2. The Tinder Swindler (February 2)

The Tinder Swindler is a true-crime documentary that tells the story of a conman who made a living by using online dating sites to find love. Using the app, the culprit pretended to be a millionaire and was paired with the unlucky Cecilie, who was certain that she had found the guy of her dreams. Her so-called “ideal mate” turned out to be everything but what he claimed to be, thanks to an unforeseen turn of circumstances. She was about to take action when he suddenly disappeared and robbed her of all she held dear. Cecilie has now formed a group with the conman’s other victims in order to expose his actual identity and fight to bring him to justice via the medium of this show.

This is streaming on Netflix.

3. Finding Ola (February 3)

Ola Abd ElSabour (Hend Sabry) is in a state of mental turmoil when her spouse chooses to separate from her. The mother of two children struggles to cope with the demands of being a single parent while also juggling her professional obligations. Her patience eventually wears out and she chooses to reinvent herself in order to provide for her children and her family. She starts a business selling handmade creams and goes on a journey that teaches her to appreciate the little things in life.

This is streaming on Netflix. 

4. Murderville (February 3)

This distinctively conceptualized procedural criminal comedy follows Senior Detective Terry Seattle (Will Arnett) as he investigates a new murder in each episode of Murderville, which airs on Fox. The catch is that for each instance, he will be paired with a different celebrity visitor who will not be provided with a screenplay. The visitors have no clue what is going to happen next, and they must work together with Arnett to unravel the mystery. Murder in Successville, a BBC3 series that won a BAFTA award, will be the inspiration for the six-episode miniseries.

This is streaming on Netflix. Along with Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now: Top 20

5. Looop Lapeta (February 4)

Run Lola Run is an official version of the 1998 German thriller Run Lola Run, which stars Taapsee Pannu and Tahir Raj Bhasin. The story revolves around Satya (Bhasin), who misplaces a large sum of money belonging to a mafia and is kept hostage until he can find a way to reclaim it. When he finds himself in a bind, he phones his lover Savi (Pannu), who feverishly attempts to come up with a strategy. Unsure of how to handle the issue, she takes a leap of faith, but Satya is murdered as a result of her actions. However, in an unusual turn of events, Savi finds herself transported back in time to the moment she received Satya’s phone call. She finally realizes that she is trapped in an infinite time loop and begins experimenting with different methods of dealing with the issue.

This is streaming on Netflix. 

6. Rocket Boys (February 4)

Rocket Boys is a biographical television series that serves as a tribute to two of India’s most brilliant brains, Dr. Homi Jehangir Bhabha and Dr. Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai, who were both born in the same year. The program, which takes place between the years 1938 and 1964, follows the different paths of these two exceptional individuals, who finally joined forces and guided India to unprecedented heights of achievement in nuclear physics and space science. Jim Sarbh and Ishwak Singh feature as the film’s protagonists.

This is streaming on SonyLIV. 

7. Suspicion (February 4)

When a masked gang kidnaps the only son of famous media magnate Catherine Newman, the New York Police Department gathers five suspects from the surrounding neighborhood to question them. It’s odd that they’re all from the United Kingdom and claim to be innocent. They team together to uncover evidence of their innocence before the time runs out, or they face being pronounced guilty and imprisoned if they fail. Uma Thurman, Kunal Nayyar, and other celebrities appear in the program.

This is streaming on Apple TV+. 

8. The Great Indian Murder (February 4)

This series, which is an official adaptation of Vikas Swarup’s 2016 book Six Suspects, takes you behind the scenes of a murder investigation. The playboy son of a major politician throws a party to commemorate the acquittal of Vicky Rai, who was charged with the rape and murder of two women from a shelter home. However, he is killed during the ceremony, prompting his father to demand that a thorough investigation be conducted. The case is given to DCP Sudha Bhardwaj (Richa Chadha) and CBI officer Suraj Yadav (Pratik Gandhi), who work together to unravel this convoluted narrative of murder, politics, and revenge over the course of many episodes.

This is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar

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