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Study English in UK as an International Students. Information on general, academic, exam, business and professional English courses in the UK.

English language classes enable international students to achieve admittance into a trade course, foundation programme or undergraduate degree. Courses may range from one week or up to a year, and education combines the core skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Study may be accessible at your chosen institution on a pre-sessional basis, but if you opt to study English at an English Language School, it is crucial to find a properly certified centre recognised by the UK Government and Education authorities.

There are Courses for Everyone to Study English in UK

Everyone Can Benefit From English Language Instruction.

If you wish to enhance your English language skills, the United Kingdom is the ideal location to learn and practice the language.

English language classes may prepare you for a university degree in the United Kingdom, assist you in moving forward in your job, and boost your self-confidence.

There are English language centers approved by the British Council located around the United Kingdom. You may make rapid progress if you get high-quality instruction and assistance, as well as the opportunity to practice speaking English with other students from across the globe to study English in the UK. 

Improve Your English Skills Before Enrolling in a Uk University Degree Program

Upper intermediate English language proficiency is necessary for students pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in the United Kingdom.

Different colleges accept different types of examinations as proof of an applicant’s proficiency in the English language. 

Before scheduling a test, you should consult the university’s website to see what kind of results you will require. Your course may need a particular test result for each of the four language skills: writing, reading, listening, and speaking, depending on the course.

When it comes to your degree, if you do not fulfill the English language standards, there are choices for enhancing your English in the United Kingdom before you begin your studies. Read on to learn more about the many choices and courses that are accessible to you.

Why Study English in the UK? 

Embrace the British Accent

When learning English in the United Kingdom, you will be exposed to a variety of British accents, idioms, and terminology. Because English is a worldwide language, it’s fun to experiment with various speaking styles. Teachers will always talk clearly so that pupils may comprehend what they are saying.

Have Incredible Experiences in the Uk and Europe

The United Kingdom is a tiny nation with excellent public transportation. By bus, rail, or airline, you may easily travel across the United Kingdom and Europe. Spend a weekend in Scotland, Cornwall, Paris, Ireland, Barcelona, or Amsterdam, to name a few. If you prefer to travel in a group, most language centers provide regular excursions.

study english

Explore all the historic castles, regal palaces, tranquil lakes, lush green landscapes, and charming ancient towns.

Take in the Sights and Culture of Britain

Every taste is catered for in the United Kingdom’s culture. From Shakespeare to Harry Potter, from Sherlock Holmes to Game of Thrones, from The Beatles to One Direction, there’s something for everyone. The cultural institutions of the UK provide excellent museums, well-known movie sites, and live music and theater performances.

There Are Almost 100 Study Sites

For everyone, the UK offers the ideal study space. In England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, there are authorized English language centers all around the country. You may study in a large contemporary metropolis, a historic little town, a coastal town, or a rural hamlet.

Courses for Young Learners That Are Enjoyable Over the Holidays

Thousands of children and teens visit the United Kingdom each year for the wonderful vacation English courses.

The colleges and universities are ideal places for students to live, study, and socialize. Sports, art, music, and tours to local sights are just a few of the exciting things available.

Types of English Courses

 General English

General English sessions are suitable for students who need to enhance their English language proficiency before beginning a course of study or entering the workforce.  

Every aspect of daily English is covered in detail, and the classes are intended to provide you with the fluency and confidence you’ll need while working or studying in an English-speaking nation.

English for Academic Purposes 

English for Academic Purposes programs are designed to help students improve their note-taking, presenting, and academic reading and writing abilities in preparation for university study in the United Kingdom.

 Graduate students who aspire to pursue a master’s degree might take advantage of advanced courses provided.

Business English

Presentation skills, interview methods, management abilities, and negotiating abilities are all areas in which business English programs will concentrate on increasing your talents.

Preparation for Exams

Exam Preparation Courses prepare students for a variety of tests, including the Cambridge First, TOEFL, GMAT, TOEIC, and IELTS (International English Language Testing System). Also you can apply to study in the UK without an IELTS. They concentrate on the aspects of each test in which the student may have difficulty, and they coach them in the finest techniques and practices for passing.

Advantages for Students Study English in UK

The certification criteria in the United Kingdom guarantee that international students have a productive and happy experience while studying English in the United Kingdom. All overseas students are required to study in a university or college that has been accredited by the United Kingdom government. 

The British Council

One of these initiatives is the British Council certification program, which is administered in cooperation with English UK. Students enrolled in a British Council recognized school will benefit from excellent standards in teaching, welfare, housing, and school facilities, among other things.

Accreditation by the British Council

The certification process run by the British Council is the most regulated in the world when it comes to inspecting English language learning centers. Accreditation from the British Council is dependent on the center meeting high quality requirements in five areas: teaching and learning; school administration; student services; buildings and resources; and protecting children under the age of 18.

Examining officers will watch lessons, tour accommodation and center facilities, assess materials, and speak with staff members as well as instructors and students.

Teaching and Learning

Accreditation by the British Council requires language centers to have instructors and academic administrators who are suitably trained in their fields. A recognized certification, such as the Cambridge CELTA or the Trinity CertTESOL, as well as a related MA qualification or equivalent, will be required for all instructors. 

learning english in uk

Academic managers and senior instructors will often have diploma-level degrees such as the Cambridge DELTA, the Trinity DipTESOL, or a related Master’s degree in their respective fields.

The British Council examines the administration of teaching and learning programs, the allocation of suitable teacher timetables, and the provision of teachers with the support and supervision that they need.

The Level of Preparation and Design

To ensure that classes are carefully prepared and that students have every chance to acquire new language and practice using it on a daily basis, academic managers from each center supervise and help all instructors on a regular basis.

Services for Students

Language centers have well-equipped classrooms that create a pleasant learning atmosphere, with enough space, lighting, ventilation, and heating to ensure that students are comfortable. 

They also feature rooms where students may rest and dine, as well as a current collection of tools to assist students in learning more efficiently in the classroom.

The language center’s personnel is constantly accessible to students for assistance and to help them with any challenges they may be experiencing, and the school will offer a 24-hour emergency contact number. 

Depending on the student’s age and the kind of program, appropriate activities and trips are organized for him or her. The input from all students on their programs and accommodations is utilized to ensure that the high standards are maintained across the institution.


A periodical inspection is carried out on the housing provided by the language center or via a British Council-approved lodging provider. It must be in excellent shape, pleasant, and clean, with enough room, warmth, and light to accommodate everyone. Weekly changes of bedding and towels are provided, and students have access to laundry facilities.

Under 18 of Age Student’s Care

The policies and procedures in place to safeguard all students under the age of 18 begin the minute they arrive in the UK and continue during their entire stay in the country. These methods are considered to be among the most reliable in the world. 

The implementation of a safeguarding policy, as well as staff training to recognize and deal with concerns, are mandatory in all educational institutions.

Different arrangements are sometimes created for 16 and 17-year-olds who are able to study with older people in certain cases. In all circumstances, parental agreement is required before these arrangements may be made.

Who Can Apply to Study English in UK? 

You Should Be 16 or Older to Apply

You must demonstrate that:

  • you’ve been accepted into an English language programmer that lasts 11 months or less and covers no other topics
  • your course is with a recognized institution
  • you have enough money to maintain yourself without working or aid from public finances, or that family and friends can support and house you
  • you may pay for your return or continuing travel

If Individuals Are Under 18 They Must Also:

  • Having made arrangements for your flight and stay in the UK
  • Have the agreement of your parent or legal guardian to study in the UK

Top 5 Places to Study English in UK

1. Edinburgh : Edinburgh is Scotland’s Compact, Hilly Capital.

English Courses in Edinburgh starts from £135 per week

    2. Nottingham: Nottingham is a City in Central England’s Midlands Region.

    English Courses in Nottingham starts from £140 per week

      3. Glasgow: Glasgow is a Port City on the River Clyde in Scotland’s Western Lowlands.

      English Courses in Glasgow starts from £120 per week

        4. Liverpool: Liverpool is a Maritime City in Northwest England

        English Courses in Liverpool starts from £185 per week

          5. London, the Capital of England and the United Kingdom, is a 21st-century City

          English Courses in Islington, a neighbourhood in London starts from £30 per week

          The Cost to Study English in UK 

          The cost of learning English in the United Kingdom begins at roughly $650 per week, which includes daily English sessions, lodging with a host family, and a food plan. Plan on paying closer to $700 or $750 per week if you want to attend an intensive course, a business English course, or an IELTS preparation course.

          You should budget for your transportation to the UK, as well as pocket money for bus tickets, refreshments, and activities, in addition to the cost of the course.

          The Following is an Example of a Three-week Budget for Studying English in Cambridge:

          • The cost of a round trip Eurostar ticket from Paris to London is $240.
          • The cost of a train ticket from London to Cambridge is $60.
          • $2145 for an intensive English course
          • $300 in pocket money
          • $2745 in total

          Booking off-peak (summer is the most costly period), learning in less-popular towns (London, Oxford, and Cambridge are in great demand), and traveling with a partner are all ways to save money on an English course in the UK (discounts for double bookings are common). 

          Winter is when you’ll find the most course discounts, albeit it’s also when the weather is the worst. The cost of learning English in the UK is worthwhile if you learn to speak the language, but it is not insignificant, and planning ahead of time is the best way to handle the cost.

          The Requirements of Visa to Study English in UK

          As a guest, anybody may study in the UK for up to six months. This implies that many students from the European Union, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and other countries may take a short English language course without needing a visa.

          If they wish to take a short course, certain nations must apply for a Standard Visitor visa. All overseas students must apply for a visa before traveling for courses lasting more than six months. 

          There Are Two Types of Student Visas:

          Short term Visa

          You may study an English language course for six to eleven months on a short-term (English language) study visa.

          Long-time Visa

          If you wish to study English for more than 11 months or any other topic for more than six months, you’ll need a student visa.

          You’ll need a Student visa to pursue an undergraduate, postgraduate, foundation, or route degree. You must enroll in a course at a school that has a Student Sponsor License.

          To Wrap Up

          English is a world renowned language and the main language of the United Kingdom. The British accent is recognized and praised worldwide. So what is a better place to study English, than in the UK itself? It may cost a lot of money, but trust us on this and do your research to understand, every ounce of it is worth it. To excel in the further path of your education and secure a place in one of the top ranking universities or colleges, study English in the UK.

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