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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is indeed a 2022 American slasher movie written and directed by Blue Garcia and based on a narrative by Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues. The script was written by Chris Thomas Devlin and managed by David Blue Garcia. TCM: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a sequel to the 1974 film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the ninth entry in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (TCM) series.

The tale takes place many decades after the events of the first film, and it revolves around a serial killer named Leatherface who is hunting down a gang of teenagers and comes into battle with a furious survivor of his prior killings. Legendary Pictures, Bad Hombre, and Exurbia Films are collaborating on the film, which is being produced as a joint venture.

Mark Burnham, Sarah Yarkin, Elsie Fisher, Moe Dunford, Jessica Allain, Nell Hudson, Olwen Fouéré, Jacob Latimore, and Alice Krige appear in the film, which also stars Moe Dunford and Moe Dunford. Following the debut of Leatherface in 2017, Lionsgate announced plans for a further five films in the Leatherface series.

However, owing to the length of time it took for the film to be released, the studio was unable to retain the rights. As a result of Legendary’s acquisition of the franchise’s rights, Alvarez and Sayagues will serve as producers alongside Pat Cassidy, Ian Henkel, and Kim Henkel, who co-wrote the first film with Kim Henkel.

Ryan and Andy Tohill, a duo of filmmakers, were originally signed on as directors, but they were replaced by Garcia owing to disagreements in their approaches to the project.

According to the schedule, the filming happened in Bulgaria around August 2020. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was launched on Netflix on February 18, 2022, and is currently streaming. The film garnered a mixed reception from reviewers in the majority of cases.

The Plot of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Spoiler Alert): 

Budding entrepreneurs Melody & Dante, as well as Melody’s sister Lila & Dante’s girlfriend Ruth, travel to the disused Texas town of Harlow to bid off old properties to transform the area into a trendy, strongly gentrified neighborhood half a century after Leatherface’s murder spree in 1973. After visiting a derelict orphanage, the party discovers that it is still populated by an old lady named Ginny, who they adopt as their own.

In response to her assertion that she had documentation proving she owns the land, an argument erupts, which is temporarily interrupted by a quiet and towering figure from the second floor. Afterward, Ginny has a cardiac arrest and is brought to the hospital, where she is attended by Ruth as well as the stranger.

The arrival of an investor, Catherine, and a group of possible purchasers in Harlow, aboard a huge bus, causes Melody and Dante to get disoriented. During this time, Lila forms a connection with a local garage mechanic named Richter and discloses that she was a victim of a school massacre, which has left her fearful of weapons ever since.

Ginny passes away while on the way to the hospital; Ruth sends a text message to Melody just as the guy goes wild and kills the cops driving the ambulance, causing it to smash into the building. When Ruth awakens, she sees the guy, who is eventually discovered to be Leatherface, sever Ginny’s face from her body and use it as a mask.

Ruth can radio for assistance before being slain by Leatherface, who returns to Harlow to complete his mission. Melody receives Ruth’s messages while at a property auction, and then she and Lila prepare to depart together.

As soon as Richter overhears them discussing Ginny’s death, he confiscates their keys, promising to return them as soon as they can present evidence that they were legally entitled to take Ginny from her house. Melody & Dante return to an orphanage in search of the children they left behind.

The assault on Ruth is discovered by Sally Hardesty, the lone survivor of Leatherface’s last killing spree and a battle-hardened Ranger, who immediately goes out to examine the situation. Melody sees the paperwork at the orphanage and understands that Ginny was wrongly evicted from the house.

As soon as Leatherface appears at the orphanage, he assaults Dante and mutilates him. Melody shelters as Leatherface go into his bedroom and fetch his chainsaw.

As night falls over Harlow, a downpour erupts, and Catherine with Lila seek refuge in the bus that is transporting the purchasers. Dante manages to stumblingly escape from the orphanage, where he is spotted by Richter just as he is about to succumb to his injuries.

Richter enters the orphanage and is assaulted and murdered by Leatherface as he tries to take refuge there. Melody steals the car & bus keys off his corpse before departing the home and rejoining with Lila, who she had been separated from. They board the bus, where they are trailed by Leatherface, who immediately starts butchering everyone on board, including Catherine.

The orphanage is where Melody and Lila first see Sally, who locks both of the sisters in her vehicle before escorting them to the orphanage and confronting Leatherface for the first time.

With her revolver drawn, she demands that he recall the suffering she and her companions have through at his hands, but is greeted with silence until Leatherface walks away from her.

Leatherface then assaults the girls in Sally’s vehicle, but they are rescued by Sally, who shoots Leatherface in the head and kills him.

In order to avoid being pursued by Leatherface, Sally hands Melody the keys to her car so she may drive away.

Leatherface ambushes Sally and injures her fatally as a result of the attack. Using Sally’s vehicle, Melody collides with Leatherface and then crashes into a neighboring structure; Melody is imprisoned but tells Lila to go.

When Leatherface comes, Melody expresses regret for what they’ve done to Ginny and asks for forgiveness. She tries to kill him, but she discovers that her pistol is empty as he closes in for the assault. Instead, Sally fires a shot at him, causing him to run.

Before passing away, she advises Lila not to flee since she would be plagued by him for the rest of her life.

Sally’s shotgun is subsequently taken by Lila, who follows Leatherface into such an abandoned structure, where she is trapped and assaulted.

The Plot of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: 

As soon as Melody arrives, she snatches Leatherface’s chainsaw and uses it to deliver an uppercut to the face, knocking him into a puddle of water where he falls to the bottom. They are able to escape, and Lila is able to locate Sally’s shoes and put them on before beginning the morning trip.

After Melody is dragged out of her vehicle by Leatherface who is still alive, he decapitates her using his chainsaw before fleeing the scene. Lila looks in horror as the self-driving vehicle transports her out of Harlow and into the countryside.

Leatherface does a dance in the street holding his chainsaw & Melody’s head on his shoulders. Following the credits, a post-credit sequence depicts Leatherface finding his way to the home where his first killing took place.



Initially, during the creation of Leatherface (2017), the filmmakers owned the film rights to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise and had plans to create five additional films in the series.

Producer Christa Campbell indicated in April 2015 that the success of Leatherface would be heavily influenced by the commercial and critical reaction that the film would get in the future. Because of the length of time, it took to distribute Leatherface, Lionsgate & Millennium Films were unable to retain the film rights as of December 2017.

Legendary Pictures was rumored to have started early discussions to obtain the film rights to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre in August 2018, with the company wanting to adapt both the television series and the film chapters of the series. Fede Alvarez joined the project as producer the next year, and the project was completed the following year.

Chris Thomas Devlin, a screenwriter, joined the project in November of this year as a writer. Ryan Tohill & Andy Tohill were recruited to act as filmmakers for the film in February 2020, with Angus Mitchell joining the team as cinematographer after previously working together on the film The Dig (2018).

According to a report published in May that year, the picture would act as a sequel to an original film and would feature a Leatherface who was 60 years old, which was very similar to the strategy used by Blumhouse Productions with their Halloween flicks.

During a press conference in February 2022, Alvarez said that the actions of the original movies took happened within the context of the film’s continuity.

Casting of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: 

Casting of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: 

After being cast as a supporting character in the film along with Sarah Yarkin and Moe Dunford, Alice Krige and Jacob Latimore as well as Jessica Allain and Sam Douglas as well as William Hope and Jolyon Coy in the fall of 2020, it was declared that Elsie Fisher had already been cast as the film’s lead actress.

According to a report published in March 2021, Mark Burnham had already been hired as Leatherface, taking over for the deceased Gunnar Hansen, and Olwen Fouéré had been cast as Sally Hardesty, taking over for the deceased Marilyn Burns.


The first day of principal filming in Bulgaria will be August 17, 2020. The studio, on the other hand, was displeased with the footage and dismissed Ryan & Andy Tohill as a result.

David Blue Garcia was appointed to take over as director in their absence. Garcia would not utilize the film taken by the Tohill brothers, and the project would be restarted from the beginning.


By March 2021, Alvarez had confirmed that production had come to a close, while also revealing that the film will center on an older version of the titular character. The director disclosed that the production followed an “old school” style to filming, pointing out the usage of antique lenses and special effects for the gore scenes in the film.

The picture was officially dubbed Texas Chainsaw Massacre the next month, according to the studio. It was speculated that the title had been altered to Texas Chainsaw Begins at one time, however, Devlin categorically refuted this. The audience’s response to test screenings, according to a study published in May, was overwhelmingly unfavorable.

After the film’s release in August, Alvarez reported that the general audience response had been overwhelmingly favorable while noting that the picture remained respectful of the original film’s heritage. Also confirmed during the same month was Colin Stetson’s involvement as a composer for the movie.


The film was originally scheduled to hit theaters in October 2020, with a release date of sometime in 2021. However, it was reported in August 2021 that the film would not be distributed in theaters but would instead be published exclusively on Netflix instead.

During an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session on the social media website Reddit in October 2021, Alvarez claimed that the film has been most likely slated for a release in early 2022. It was announced on December 3, 2021, that a first look at the film will be revealed, along with the date of its release on February 18, 2022.
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Viewership by the General public

Five days after its debut, the film was still rated first on Netflix’s top 10 lists in a number of countries, including the United States, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia, among others.

The critical response

In a survey conducted by the review aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes, 31 percent of 108 reviewers’ evaluations were favorable, with an average score of 4.3/10.

‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre isn’t afraid to splatter on the gore, but Leatherface may have irreversibly lost his ability to terrify,’ according to the website’s audience consensus. The film has a score of 34 out of 100 on Metacritic, which uses a weighted average of reviews from 26 reviewers, indicating “generally poor reviews.”

Valerie Complex in Preparation for the Deadline “The true tragedy here is the modernization of the material by blending social media, social concerns, and Twitter buzz phrases in a haphazard manner that makes it difficult to hold onto anything substantive,” stated Hollywood. A.A. Dowd, writing for The A.V. Club, made a negative comparison between the film and David Gordon Green’s Halloween, saying, “Isn’t it a little arrogant to spot your film as the only appropriate follow-up to an iconic predecessor and then make the very same blunders as that of the films you’re retconning?”

Dowd also said, “Isn’t it a little arrogant to position your film as the only appropriate follow-up to In his review for Variety, Owen Gleiberman termed the picture “a blood-soaked yet unnerving afterthought.”

According to David Sims of The Atlantic, the picture “feels needless and faceless, banking on crass visual shocks while failing to equal the unsparing violence of its lodestar,” and “feels pointless and nameless.” “Did we really do need another?”

said Jocelyn Noveck of an Associated Press in her review of the picture. As it stands right now, given the script’s complete and utter lack of vision, inventiveness, or even fundamental logic, the answer seems to be an unequivocal “No.”

According to William Bibbiani, writing for TheWrap, “Garcia definitely understands that this is the film’s extremely violent slasher centerpiece, as he fully delivers on all of that grisly promise.” “Texas Chainsaw Massacre doesn’t exactly offer anything fresh,” observed Frank Scheck of The Hollywood Reporter, “but gore hound aficionados who revel in witnessing people’s entrails fall out of their corpses will find lots to love.”

“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is exactly what it claims to be,” commented Brad Wheeler of The Globe and Mail. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the carnage are all here for you. A three-star rating from Benjamin Lee of The Guardian, who called the picture “a jarring little slasher that should repel and gratify anyone with a properly warped sense of what they are entering into.”

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