Things to do in London for couples

We've thoughtfully put up this list of fun, exciting things to do in London for couples, from a lovely walk during the day to cocktails at night.

London, the capital of England is presently one of the attractive and most visited cities in Europe. It is full of heritage, art, entertainment, shopping, dining, picturesque sights, and marvelous historic establishments as well. There is always something new to see and do in London. So, it is impossible to be bored here. Being it home to nearly 9 million, it is natural that every week there is something new and exciting to do. So while living or visiting here, there are many things to do in London for couples.

Romantic things to do in London for Couples

While visiting, there are many romantic things to do in London couples. These are the most romantic places in london.

A stroll or Bus to Kew Gardens

Around the year you can enjoy a romantic stroll around Kew Gardens. Or take a bus to Kew Gardens. The amazing palm houses can shelter you in rain or chilly weather. In warmer months, the colorful flower gardens and greenery get lovely.

Elham Palace

You can explore Eltham Palace, one of London’s most romantic historic palaces. Stephen and Virginia Courtauld, the designer of  a lavish Art Deco residence lived here.

London Zoo

A visit to the London zoo can be a favourite for couple things to do london. You can all enjoy the antics of the penguins and monkeys while admiring the beautiful colours of the birds in the aviary. You can closely watch the cute, cuddly lemurs and meerkats here.


There are a number of museums and art galleries in London like The Science Museum, the Natural History Museum, the British Museum, the National Maritime Museum, etc. Besides these, you can spend your romantic time in Greenwich, the birthplace of Greenwich Mean Time.

Romantic Royal London Stories

There are numerous love stories in London, many of which are linked to the Royal Family. While visiting London as a couple or with your love, you can explore a number of landmarks like Buckingham Palace, The Hampton Court Palace, Regents Park, etc.

Things to do in London Couples

 There are a number of romantic things to do for each other:

  • Grab a boat in Hyde Park
  • Grab some street food on Brick Lane
  • See a film outdoors
  • Get planning with a clue Quest Escape Game
  • Get climbing at the O2
  • Be a groundling at the Globe Theatre
  • Snuggle sloths at London Zoo

Romantic Places in London

There are a number of romantic places in London for spending long cherished time with your loved ones. Here are a number of romantic places for having fun things for couple things to do london to do in London –

Primrose hill


Having a unique character, it is a village-like neighbourhood with majestic Victorian terraces and Regency homes. From its summit you can see the stunning views across London.

Tower Bridge

The Tower of London located on one side of the Bridge, is the inspiration for the name Tower Bridge. It’s one of London’s most romantic spots, where you may propose to your love for free!

 Love lane

Love Lane is a London street measuring approximately 77 meters long. It is one of the most romantic sites in London to spend quality time with your love.

 Greenwich Park

It is one of London’s most romantic parks. Time seems to stand still here. The Meridian Line  separating the Earth’s eastern and western hemispheres is walkable here.

 The Whispering Gallery 

While St Paul’s Cathedral as a whole is spectacular, the Whispering Gallery is particularly intimate. and is one of London’s nicest places to propose. Climb the 259 steps to the top, you may hear someone whispering from the opposite side owing to the peculiar acoustics.

 St. Paul’s Cathedral

The dome of St Paul’s Cathedral is an excellent place for viewing the rooftops of London. You will pass through the whispering gallery along the way.

The Albert Memorial

One of London’s most ornate monuments is the Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens. Queen Victoria commissioned it in 1872 to commemorate the death of her beloved husband, Prince Albert.

Westminster Abbey, Westminster Wine stroll 2023

Another thing to do in London, couples can visit the amazing Westminster Abbey, where the fairytale marriage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton took place on 29th April 2011. Here you can visit the corner of commemorated romantic poets like Blake, Keats, Byron, Coleridge, Shelley, and Wordsworth. Also have a westminster wine stroll 2023.

Amazing London Views

London Eye

London Eye

The London Eye is an ideal spot for couple things to do london, to enjoy London’s romantic ambiance. From the capsules, you can see panoramic views of Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, the River Thames, St Paul’s Cathedral, and more. On a clear day, you can see landmarks over 25 miles away!

River Cruise on the Thames

A river cruise on the Thames is a top pick for a romantic night out with your partner. It can showcase the fun things for couples to do in London. You can enjoy a distinctive view of London from the Thames if you depart from piers at Westminster, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, or Greenwich.

Helicopter Sightseeing

With a unique helicopter tour of London’s highlights, you and your love may be blown away. You may have a glass of Champagne while taking in the beauties of London from above. Westminster, St Paul’s Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, and the Tower of London are just a few of the sights you will visit. One of the most most romantic places in london.

Up at the 02

If you prefer heights you can take a walk right over the top of the O2 with your love, for spectacular sights of the river and city. With necessary PPEs, you may ascend to the highest point of 52 metres from the sea level, for excellent views of Greenwich, the Olympic Park, and more.

If you are looking for some free activities to do in London, we’ve also got you covered!

Eating Out in restaurants for couples in London

In London, there are several eateries where couples may dine together.While visiting London as a couple, you can eat out in restaurants located at different sober spots with attractive settings.

River Cruise Dining

River Cruise Dining

While in River Cruise Dining, the couples can have a romantic meal on the Thames. It is a fantastic opportunity to see the sights whilst enjoying delicious food and great music.
You may cruise serenely by different iconic London landmarks for a unique experience.

Aqua Shard

Located at 31 St Thomas St, it is a contemporary British restaurant and bar, with breathtaking views from the 31st floor. It is the best place to drink-in the views and eat delicious food during breakfast, brunch, lunch  and supper.

26 Grains

Positioned in a quirky alleyway at 1 Neal’s Yard, it is a fantastic spot to enjoy a yummy breakfast. Many delicious dishes are available on the all-day eating and dinner menus. If you prefer drinks, there are a variety of natural wines and inventive cocktails to choose from.


Barrafina, located at 10 Adelaide St., is the perfect restaurant for single dining, lunch dates, or light nibbles. It offers a wide variety of delicious food and drinks. In addition to veggie dishes, you may also sample Spanish cuisine here.

Red Farm

Red Farm is a modern, charming Chinese restaurant for chinese food henrietta located at 9 Russell St. It has bar and booth seating. With its innovative menu, it offers a variety of Chinese foods like spring rolls, fried rice, vegetable soup dumplings, chili chicken, chinese food henrietta and several more.

Darjeeling Express

Located at 2a Garrick St, it is a cosy restaurant offering mouthwatering Indian cuisine. Here you may order a variety of Indian meals and high-quality drinks. The menu includes chicken kati rolls, prawn curry, and a lot more. The food is believed to be Halal, and there are vegan and vegetarian alternatives as well.

Flat Iron

Flat Iron

If you like a delicious steak, you can take a trip to a lovely steakhouse located at 17-18 Henrietta St. The restaurant, having a warm environment, is a fantastic place to have a delicious meal or a drink with someone you love.

Frog by Adam Handling Restaurant

It is the main restaurant of an acclaimed chef located at 34-35 Southampton St. It can be a good choice for people seeking a fine dining experience in a comfortable setting.

The Ivy

Located at 1-5 West St., it is a long-standing restaurant for enjoying delicious food in a nice setting. Here you can taste delicious British dishes like grilled seafood, yellowfin tuna tartare with caviar and a lot more. 


Located at 30 St Martin’s Ln, Nutshell is a charming Persian restaurant. Here you can taste traditional Iranian dishes like smoked aubergine with pomegranate, mint, walnut and more with limited options for vegan and vegetarians.

The Barbary

It is a quaint restaurant located in 16 Neal’s Yard. Here you can see the preparation of your delectable cuisine in the kitchen with exotic ingredients. You can try the octopus masabacha or a Fattoush salad for earthy flavours.

Cinnamon Bazaar

If you like Indian food, Cinnamon Bazaar located at 28 Maiden Ln, is a wonderful place. It offers a range of innovative, delicious dishes in a quirky setting. There are several full dishes to choose from, including tandoori chicken breast, duck curry, and more.

The Oystermen Seafood Bar & Kitchen

Located at 32 Henrietta St, it is one of the top restaurants near the Piazza at Covent Garden. It is basically a splendid seafood restaurant with many delicious options like oysters on the menu.

Where to stay for couples during London travel

When traveling to London as a couple, there are many hotels to stay in. Here are some mention worthy which are favorite for couple things to do londons-

The Bingham Hotel

The Bingham Hotel

Bingham is an elegant Georgian townhouse in a beautiful riverside setting, located in Richmond and overlooking the Thames. For an extra special stay, you can book the room with 180-degree views of the river! There is an award-winning restaurant, so you can stay in for a delicious experience! One of the most most romantic places in london.

Hazlitt’s Hotel

It is at 3-minutes walking distance from Oxford Street shopping and Tottenham Court tube station, and is surrounded by Soho’s restaurants and clubs. It has all the romance and grandeur you could need. You will really feel pampered staying in this hotel.

Hoxton Hotel

 A good choice for young hip couples. Its modern minimalist rooms offer garden views, enormous sink-into beds, and unique touches. The Hoxton Grill, a local favorite, is located here. 


It’s a trendy design hotel located north of Oxford Street that was converted from a listed former textiles warehouse. There is a two-storey spa and gym plus a very fashionable bar. It can be a right choice for the couple in london to stay while travelling in London.

The Garden Bed & Breakfast

With a more modest budget, it is still possible to find a romantic place to stay in London. It is a beautiful Victorian home in a leafy South West London neighbourhood with a great garden for guests to enjoy!

A Night Out for couples in London

London is a romantic city in the world, with lots of activities at night. So, there are different fabulous, attractive spots for a fantastic night out in London for couples. Here are the most romantic things for couples to do in London at night-

Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club

You will have a fantastic night out at this club featuring everything jazz. The main act is usually followed by the “Late Late Show,” where you can stay up until 3 a.m. and enjoy jazz! 

Theatre, Shows, and Musicals at the West End

The West End is a fantastic place for  couple things to do london who enjoy plays. Here they can find one with a romantic theme. With around 40 theaters, there are lots of shows to choose from, which suit them.

Bus Dining Experience

Seeing London at night by bus with dining experience onboard has an awe-inspiring ambience that might add a little something extra to a sightseeing tour. On the menu, there are a variety of delectable alternatives, including vegetarian ones. To make it a memorable evening, the Couple in London can enjoy it with a glass of wine.

Sunset Sightseeing by Bike

A bike tour of London is a great way for couples to view the sights of the city. You can visit more spots than you could on foot. Cycling by the Thames will certainly rekindle the magic as you view different eye-catching sights  and lights of the city.

London Pubs

London Pubs

An English pub is iconic of the British way of life and an enjoyable way to spend the night with their loved ones. There are numerous pubs to choose from.

London Night Clubs

The couple occasionally go to bed late, and will love the London nightclubs, buzzing with music, lights, and plenty of energy. You can get jiggy with your loved one, and maybe even rub shoulders with the celebrities! 

London Food Tasting at Night

Being London, a very multi-cultural city, there are numerous restaurants, from cheap to fine dining. You can find the best, something  more unique restaurants for your palate, whether it’s Bolognese, international food, or even Scandinavian.

The Shard

Ascend the elevator to ‘the View’ on levels 68, 69, and 72 to see the architectural marvel from the inside! You can see 360° views stretching 40 miles away. There is nowhere else in London, and few buildings in the world with views like this.

Airline Cable Car

The cable car spans 1 km of the River Thames and reaches heights of 90 meters. From it you can get a bird’s eye view of London. It is the highest vantage point overlooking the Thames. Time your visit to coincide with sunset to make it an extra-romantic.

Natural History Museum

While visiting it, couples may spend an evening on ice at London’s most magnificent winter ice rink. As they glide on the ice, it is the ideal time to hold hands!

The National Gallery of London

The couple who are enthralled by art, a private tour of the National Gallery is sure to satisfy them. It houses the most famous pieces of artwork from the 1300’s to the 1900’s, including Van Goghs “Sunflowers”.

Sky Garden

While in London, the couples should explore Sky garden, the highest amazing  public garden in London. Here they can witness surrounding views across the skyline chili and walnut hills of London including the sun going down.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Visiting it is a must for the couple who likes theatre. Opened in 1997 it is probably one of the most famous theatres in the world and an ideal place for a romantic date. 

Celebrating Christmas & New Year’s Eve

London becomes an incredible place to visit over Christmas and New Year. While visiting London during this time, you will be lucky to witness lifetime memorable Christmas lights, trees and eye-catching fire-works, decorations surrounding you.

Romantic Culture Vultures

There are many famous operas and ballets in London having a love theme. While visiting London you can witness their current productions for some romantically themed entertainment. The Royal Opera House, English National Opera, or Sadler’s Wells Theatre can be your ideal choice.

The Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall

It was opened by Queen Victoria in 1871 as a tribute to her late husband, Prince Albert. Having seating capacity of 5272, it is one of the world’s most well-known music and concert venues. Here you could witness a mind blowing concert.

The Royal Opera House

Founded in 1946, it is one of London’s two major opera companies, alongside the English National Opera. Behind foundation, it lies a tradition of operatic performance which goes back for more than 260 years.

English National Opera

Founded in 1931, it is one of London’s two major opera companies, alongside the Royal Opera House. To witness always accessible highest quality opera, it can be a right venue for the opera lovers.

Sadler’s Wells Theatre

Founded in 1683 and based in Clerkenwell, it is a world-leading theatre and dance venue. It is dedicated to showcasing the best, eye-catching international and UK dance performances of different blends.


London has lots of modern features to explore. Over time the things to do in London couples would significantly vary from what they are today. Based on the variance in choice or respective taste, affordability, etc. it will be continuing in the days to come. You can choose spending your romantic break in London finding out about the old and the new establishments, spots and their love stories.

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