Personal Style in 2022 : Pick What Suits for You

What is Personal Style?

Personal Style means a unique or different style that is a statement for you. Like, starting from your home to the clothing to your to the things you read or watch everything is of a particular genre or screams your unique statement.

Examples of Personal Styles:

For Example: if you see some people in London still have the essence of Victorian style embedded in their houses or fashion. Their houses have a vintage touch to them, with golds, browns, and mauves embedded in their walls and floors.

They have antique collections and furniture’s which adds more to their personality. They have old book collections and love reading those. Instead of a modern ball ink pen, you will find a fountain pen on their desk.

It does not limit to that they also intertwine vintage/ Victorian fashion in their fashion as well. Like, wearing long trench coats, hats, dark glasses, briefcases, etc.

This is how they reflect their style. It is not only bringing back old fashion and combining it with the newer one. Some people have a completely different genre of style like Gothic.

These people embrace their darkness dress up in blacks only, paint their faces white, and have reversed crosses all along with their houses. They showcase their favoritism towards their gothic style in this manner. Other than that there are many more ways to showcase your personal style you just need to find your own one. And, you can only do it when you are comfortable in that particular style.

So, if you do not know what your actual style is you can always experiment with different styles and once you get most comfortable in a particular style you will automatically understand; that is your statement style and you will gradually learn and sink more to it.

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