Why Nvidia Stock Just Can’t Stop Dropping

Nvidia has been in the semiconductor game for well over a decade and they have their hand in the most advanced AI-powered tech devices. However, “Nvidia stock stop dropping” will still be unachievable, and can’t seem to catch a moment of respite. They have dropped in stocks about 5 times by December 14, 2021. So, why so much hate for a company so popular? The short answer is that Wall Street seems to prefer semiconductor manufacturers as opposed to the likes of Nvidia.

Nvidia stock

Nvidia Stock Stop Dropping

Nvidia stock stop dropping can’t seem to be true at this moment and is a sad report, because the stocks for this company have risen by 10%, almost twice the initial 6% growth of the company as projected by the investment banker, Citigroup. The main problem stemmed from the fact that  Citigroup praised Advanced Mirco Devices and Intel for their quarterly earnings breakthrough but not for Nvidia which broke its earnings as well.

This problem is the cause of it all. Citigroup decided to praise both AMD & Intel but not Nvidia. And as a result, many people are considering to sale Nvidia stocks. Citigroup still prefers Nvidia in the long-term but in the short-term, it is all about AMD and Intel.

Despite Nvidia stock stopping dropping isn’t going to happen soon, what should you do?

Because of long-term goals, many people can consider investing 1000 US dollars in Nvidia stocks, but award-winning investors state that Nvidia is not even in the top ten of the best companies to invest in.

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