In 2022, Android 12 Go Edition will Provide Inexpensive Phones a Speed Boost

Back in the day, during the early years of smartphones, it was always recommended to use the top-tier ones to get a smooth experience because of the performance hog that is the android OS. It was already seen that cheap smartphones never really got all the features of every OS due to their Limited hardware and adopter of these phones were left in the backburner when it came to QOA tech.

Then came Google with a solution, Android OS’s go edition such as the Android 12 Go Edition. These OS are handcrafted to not hog the performance matrix of the lower-end smartphones so that they feel snappy and mimic their more powerful brothers. SO, what has Android 12 Go Edition brought to the table?

Android 12 Go Edition, an evolution?

This is touted as a true leap for the Android go lineup, bringing in a vast increase in performance and battery life compared to android 11, as well as new features in security, storage, and being able to share your phone.

android go 2022

It is reported that this OS allows apps to open 30% faster and finally use a shortcut page that will report on your regular apps as well as tell you the daily news.

Furthermore, Android 12 Go Edition will automatically put rarely used apps to sleep, not needing you to manually close them in the settings page as well as restore apps that have been deleted within 30 days. This is great because now you can free up space quickly on your phone, and not worry about which apps are less useful than others

Who would be using these phones?

Google is targeting the folks that live in poor third-world countries that actively look for the most affordable phones and also the phone is shared amongst family

The new OS also allows multiple user profiles to help further distinguish users of the same shared phone.

The Tech Giant has plans to release this OS to the world in early 2022.

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