8 Awesome Netflix Originals Premiering In January 2022

The beginning of a new year is always thrilling, not just because it signals the conclusion of a long and eventful 2021, but also because a new year of intriguing Netflix originals is never a bad thing. This month, the streaming service provides a little bit for everyone, including the return of one specific Netflix favorite that fans will be delighted to see. Of course, there are a number of fresh new series on the way, with one or more of them having the potential to become the next must-binge series for fans so we have to know about the Netflix Originals Premiering In January 2022, right?

Here’s a puzzle for you to solve. A drug lord, a reality TV star, and an electric mouse all have something in common. The answer is that they’ll each have a Netflix program premiering in January 2022, which I’ll concede was pretty obvious given the purpose of this piece. But it’s always nice to be correct about anything, so let’s get started on the incredible originals worth seeing in the first month of 2022.

8 Awesome Netflix Originals Premiering In January 2022

Hype House (Releasing 1/7/22)

TikTok began as a spiritual successor to Vine, but its ubiquity has created enough social media stars, viral fads, and counterfeit applications that it’s past time for it to be given the attention it deserves in the form of an unscripted streaming series. (What other option do you have?) Hype House, a reality program taped in a house filled with TikTok influencers, seems like the next step in recognising the platform’s importance. Larri Merrit, Nikita Dragun, LILHUDDY, and Connor Yates are just a handful of the names mentioned in connection with the series, which has the potential to become the Real World for Generation Z. It seems like something Netflix could absolutely use in its already-strong reality TV collection.

Chosen (Releasing – 1/1/22)

Another show Netflix premiering in January 2022. Chosen’s description is a little unclear, but the mystery-driven Danish series is already interesting, since it comes from the same producers as The Rain (seen above, because no photos or trailers have been published yet). Chosen seems to be following in the footsteps of that dark and intriguing series, which offered some incredibly riveting adolescent drama. A juvenile girl learns an “earth-shattering” revelation about her background that is linked to a mystery about her peaceful Danish hamlet and a meteor event over two decades ago. As I previously said, the original premise is a little hazy.

Archive 81 (Releasing – 1/14/22)

The holidays are a time for joy, but winter has long had a special relationship with horror, and Netflix is boosting its post-Christmas lineup with Archive 81. This James Wan-produced series (developed by The Boys and Vampire Diaries writer/producer Rebecca Sonnenshine) offers a fresh perspective on the found-footage subgenre, focusing on a film archivist (Mamoudou Athie) charged with the repair of a collection of damaged video cassettes. The tape was shot in the early 1990s by a now-lost female filmmaker with ties to a violent cult, and it somehow motivates the archivist to believe he can save the missing lady from her tragic destiny.

After Life (Season 3) (Releasing – 1/14/22)

The Netflix sitcom starring Ricky Gervais is back, and the good news is that Tony isn’t nearly as sour in Season 3. With that said, he’s still trying to figure out how to go on after his wife died, and replacing the vacuum has been difficult. This six-episode arc will be Tony’s swan song, and I’m hopeful he’ll find some type of cathartic conclusion, as well as his niche, before the series concludes. There’s still time to binge Seasons 1 and 2 to prepare for the remainder of this dramatic series for those who haven’t seen it yet. There is also a list of 70 movies that you can consider for your movie night.

The Puppet Master (Hunting the Ultimate Conman) (Releasing – 1/19/22)

True crime lovers will be excited to discover that an interesting new series based on the actions of a conman who pretended to be a British spy and scammed several victims will premiere in January. The Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate Conman comes from the same team that brought us the BAFTA-winning documentary The Imposter, so there’s cause to be thrilled about this project. As a lover of real crime programs that don’t focus on violent serial murderers, I’m certain that I’ll be able to finish this series swiftly.

Too Hot To Handle (Season 3) (Releasing – 1/19/22)

Too Hot To Handle was an instant smash on Netflix, which is ironic given how difficult it is to convey the attraction to someone who hasn’t seen it. I’ll admit that on paper, it doesn’t seem to be all that difficult for a bunch of eligible individuals to keep their hands off one other in order to win $100,000, but in practice, it’s far from straightforward. Plus, because I’m not going to win any money by watching, who am I to condemn the young cast for foregoing a larger payment in order to get their freak on with a fellow cast member? At the end of the day, it’s a lot of fun to watch. Which is maybe the most important aspect of successful reality television.

Ozark (Season 4) Part:1 (Releasing – 1/21/22)

When Ozark last left off, Marty and Wendy Byrde had gotten the family into a difficult predicament, and although they attempted to flee, it looks that’s no longer a possibility. That said, all good things must come to an end, and as we approach Part 1 of the renowned Netflix series’ final season, I have to wonder whether the Byrde family will be able to find a happy ending. Will Marty be able to rescue his family, or will his daring scheme to launder money in the Ozarks merely delay his impending execution at the hands of the Cartel? I’m excited to find out!

Jonathan Van Ness – Getting Curious (Releasing – 1/28/22)

Another member of the Queer Eye team will get their own show outside of the series, and I’m shocked it hasn’t happened sooner. Jonathan Van Ness has the greatest charm of the group, and his podcast Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness has always been a high-quality endeavor including knowledgeable guests and interesting themes. I’m excited to see what new version looks like and whether it’ll be as amusing as his podcast now that Netflix has transformed it into a television program. Given my line of work, I might be prejudiced, but I’d say that most television adaptations of podcasts are quite entertaining, but we’ll have to wait until January 28 to find out.

With a Netflix membership, you may watch all of these programs Netflix premiering in January 2022. For the whole month of January. Netflix could have a wonderful year in 2022. Particularly with a new season of Stranger Things on the way and a slew of other amazing original shows on the way.

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