Viral Tiktok Recipes 2021

Tiktok viral recipes 2021Many used to be cynics, but now they are a believer: TikTok is great for individuals who like cooking, eating, and learning about food. On the app, there are many excellent chefs and inventors, but there are certain meals that transcend the platform and become worldwide phenomena in their own right. Certain Viral Tiktok recipes 2021 dishes have become just as popular as the renegade dance in the last year. We’re talking about the popular phrase “ingredients have become difficult to come by.” Let’s recall the viral recipes that moved from our FYPs to our dinner tables this year as the year comes to a close.

The folded quesadilla

All you have to do is make a split in a huge tortilla, stuff each quarter with various contents, then fold it up. As a consequence, you have a quesadilla sandwich. If you want to make a quesadilla on the move, TikTok has a handy culinary technique. Look at this fried chicken quesadilla, created by user @woodfireandwhiskey. It’s a hot and saucy, cheesy monster. I’d eat it again in a heartbeat.

Baked Feta Pasta

I honestly don’t know what you were doing this year if you didn’t notice this trend, whether on or off TikTok. In February and March, it was practically impossible to get a block of feta since everyone was attempting this dish at home. Its simplicity is part of its allure: For around 30 minutes, you roast garlic, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, and an entire block of feta in the oven. After it’s done baking, mix with some herbs and your favorite cooked pasta. You’ve got the viral spaghetti. (Spoiler alert: It’s really rather enjoyable.)


Air fryer pasta chips

Here, you boil some pasta and then air-fried it, resulting in crispy pasta chips that may be used to hold more savory dips and spreads. But, in the end, I felt the snack to be simply too hefty, lacking the airiness and crispness of a traditional potato chip. There’s nothing a good amount of dipping sauce can’t remedy, however. This is also one of the most viral Tiktok recipes of 2021. 

The ubiquitous Gigi Hadid vodka sauce pasta

Isn’t it strange that a lot of TikTok viewers believe model Gigi Hadid developed penne alla vodka? Sure. She did, however, demonstrate how to prepare a delicious and simple pasta meal. The video was then shared widely on TikTok. The recipe comes in a variety of flavors, but they always start with oil, onion, garlic, and red pepper flakes sautéed in a skillet. Then, before putting your cooked pasta into the sauce, whisk in some tomato paste, deglaze with a glut of vodka, douse with heavy cream, and drop in a pad of butter. It’s simple to make and delightful to eat.

Emily Mariko’s salmon and rice bowl

If you haven’t heard of Emily Mariko, the patron saint of farmers’ markets and soothing cooking TikToks, then you should stop what you’re doing right now and read my tale about the queen of salmon bowls. Her leftover invention, which requires microwaving rice (don’t forget the ice cube!), shredded salmon, and a dollop of Kewpie mayo, went viral. Mariko has subsequently gained a devoted following of aspiring home chefs and folks who just want to feel like they’ve got their life together. So many people were motivated to follow in her footsteps since it was such an easy, nutritious, yet truly satisfying meal.

Nature’s cereal

TikTok used the term “nature’s cereal” to describe a fad in which individuals placed berries and fruit in a bowl, topped it with coconut water and maybe some ice, and then delved in with a spoon. It first got popular when @natures food posted it, but it truly took off once Lizzo supported it. This style benefited greatly from having a memorable name. Nature’s cereal seems delicious and healthy. While it was enjoyable to nibble on a crunchy fruit bowl, The Cut concluded that nature’s cereal was not as tasty as, well, actual cereal.

Air fried corn ribs

Finally, our last recipe is a little unusual. Cut corncobs into quarters (about the form of a pork rib), season generously, then air fry became a TikTok sensation this year. The final product was a crispy, curly corn rib that was perfect for an appetizer. This February dish from @spicednice has over 14 million views and is credited with igniting the corn rib craze. Is it strange to go to such lengths to produce air-fried corn? Sure. However, I could picture this being a terrific party snack, and the people who prepared it appeared to like it. Also if you are interested about healthy homemade food recipes, you’ve got it here too.

 It only goes to prove that you shouldn’t dismiss a cuisine craze from TikTok in 2022 until you’ve given it a try. You could think it’s stupid, but you might find a new favorite meal. These were the most viral Tiktok recipes of 2021. 

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