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The United Kingdom is known for its pubs, and London has a wide range of them, from traditional English pubs where the landlord serves genuine ales to food-focused gastro pubs with artisan-brewed beer and a cuisine to match Gordon Ramsay’s. From secluded beer gardens to enormous screens suitable for watching sports, these best pubs in London have it all. What are some of our personal favorites? You’ll find them listed below.

Dirty Martini Hanover Square

This has a dazzling interior and a terrific layout, making it one of London’s hottest drinking venues. With nooks and alleyways providing unique little drinking hideaways, Dirty Martini is one of London’s most peculiar bars. Go down to this West End hotspot for after-work indulgence, pre-club cocktails, or an evening-long date-night snuggled up in a little cubby hole.


Opium is a 19th-century Chinese drinking den that you really must visit… but first, you must locate it. This hidden London cocktail bar is tucked away in one of Chinatown’s lesser-known crannies, but once you discover it, you’ll never want to leave. It’ll be difficult to keep this one a secret with incredible firecracker drinks and delectable dim sum appetizers!

The London Cocktail Club

This pub on Goodge Street is a well-known location that London’s bar-hoppers appreciate. This is one of the greatest all-around cocktail bars in the city, with a terrific range of punchy drinks, a menu of top-quality cuisine, and a quaint basement bar that simply exudes fun. Come down with a group of pals (or that special someone) and relax at this unassuming London club.


This is the solution to West London’s overcrowded cocktail bars, with its laid-back ambience, high-quality drinks, and attentive bartenders. Descended into this establishment to discover candlelight tables, glass jar drinks, and swing bar tunes, described as London’s greatest speakeasy bar. This is without a doubt one of the top cocktail bars in Shore ditch.

Best Pubs in London
Best Pubs in London

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Another of one of the best pubs in London, enters the list with an outstanding menu on its side, a genuine monument to the innovation and sophistication of drinks. Not only is this attractive and romantic pub ideal for people searching for something new in the city, but it was also designed for individuals who like conversing and drinking.

Trailer Happiness

Trailer Happiness may be found in a Portobello Road basement. This compact establishment is ideal for people searching for an alternative cocktail bar in London, with unique off-beat design, some of the best drinks in West London, and a clear feel-good mood. It’s also a terrific spot to dance the night away with frequent DJ nights!

THE Auld Shillelagh

We once heard that a young girl approached the bar and said, “Do you have prosecco?” Nodding, the barmaid poured Guinness into a champagne flute. Yes, this is an Irish pub in every sense of the word. There are tales from people from all walks of life, live traditional Irish music, and plenty of loud, loud, happy singing. Oh, and they enjoy football here as well, so this isn’t a place for a quiet pint.

Bucket & Well

This is a hidden treasure of a bar off the main Shoreditch strip. It’s been restored to its former magnificence, complete with beautiful tiled walls and a copper-topped bar in the center. They have a good selection of craft beer on tap and much more in the fridge, as well as a delicious oyster and seafood buffet.


In London, more pubs like Skehans are needed. In fact, Skehans should be the model for all pubs. Skehans, which is located on a quiet residential street in Nunhead, offers it all: a pool table, darts, sports on TV, and a fantastic beer garden out back. The beverages menu has a solid mix of classic beers including Heineken and Fosters, as well as Beavertown and Hop House 13 lager. They also have a fantastic tiny Thai menu, arguably the finest we’ve eaten in London. Add in frequent live music, a jukebox, and a general sense of goodwill, and you’ve got one of London’s most enjoyable pubs.

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The Dundee Arms

This bar used to be as rough as a badger’s arse, to put it mildly. Mostly because it’s the closest bar to York Hall, where many boxing matches take place. However, since it has a distinct edge, it remains one of our favorites. It’s a genuine bar, old school. It has a pub-like odor, a pub-like vibe, and offers cold beer and slamming toasties. Not only are there bathrooms upstairs, but there’s also a barbershop, how about that?

These are the best pubs or as we call it the most happening ones of London! On a dull day or an off day, go visit and have fun!

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