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For the first time since 2001, the BBC is renewing one of its biggest series Masterchef UK for many seasons.

Masterchef UK has many reasons to be a favourite TV show of many generations. It has reached global platform and has been a staple watch in every household.

The cooking competition series “MasterChef UK” has been extended for six more seasons and will relocate from London to Birmingham in 2024. The move is part of the BBC’s six-year “Across the UK” plan, which pledged $978 million to extend vital services outside London and beyond. From 1990 until 2001, the famous cooking program was taped in Kent.

Variety confirms that the BBC has extended “MasterChef UK: The Professionals” and “Celebrity MasterChef” till 2028. From 2024, these series will be shot at Digbeth Loc Studios, established by “Peaky Blinders” creator Steven Knight.

Young MasterChef for BBC Three has been given a five-season agreement beginning in 2022 and will follow any of the brand’s iconic Christmas specials up north in two years.

In many seasons of Masterchef, we have seen the contestants serve various delicious dishes of food. Starting from traditional British foods, to their native cuisines, many have become highlighted dishes of Masterchef so far.

In the UK, Chef John Torode and broadcaster Gregg Wallace headline the show. This year marks the show’s 18th season.

“As part of our ‘Across the UK’ objectives, we pledged we would generate employment and investment in the West Midlands,” said BBC director-general Tim Davie. A major program brand move demonstrates we are doing so. Good for Birmingham and the BBC.”

“Today’s news reflects our commitment to the brand and the city of Birmingham,” said Kate Phillips, director of BBC Entertainment. It’s a new chapter for the company, and its relocation to one of the UK’s newest and most varied cities will assist an already vibrant manufacturing sector.”

Since 2017, “MasterChef UK” has been the BBC’s most popular culinary program. “Celebrity MasterChef UK” is Beeb’s second most rated culinary program behind “MasterChef UK.” “MasterChef: The Professionals” also broke records after moving from BBC Two to BBC One in 2020.

MasterChef UK extended till 2028 ,moving  to Birmingham

Ms. Hicks added: “We are really excited to be bringing our great show to Birmingham. It’s not only one of the country’s most creative and gastronomic diversified areas, but it’s also a significant TV production hub again. ‘MasterChef UK’ being produced in the Midlands will create a number of local positions, training and development possibilities, which will surely benefit the future TV industry.”

“We will work hard to ensure that this globally known TV institution feels immediately at home in our creative environment, and we look forward to welcoming many more blue-chip businesses into our fast-growing media neighborhood,” added Knight.

David Ambler is executive editor and Katie Attwood is series editor. Sarah Clay is the BBC’s comms editor.

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Some Facts about Masterchef UK:

1. To apply to be a Masterchef participant, you must complete a lengthy and extensive application form that includes data about the most difficult culinary circumstance you’ve ever encountered as well as the “precise moment you fell in love with food.”

2. The remainder of the show’s application procedure is equally demanding. Producers call participants for a talk after they submit a written application, and they then have multiple face-to-face interviews and auditions.

3. Masterchef: The Professionals contestants must also present a letter of recommendation from their workplace, let producers visit them at work, and prepare a series of trademark dishes for them.

4. Filming begins from 7.30 a.m. and ends about 8 p.m., sometimes as late as 11 p.m. during the finals, so it’s a long day. There are also many hours of waiting as photos are being put up and such.

5. The program provides all of the ingredients for the culinary competitions, and participants who are preparing their own meals email a recipe to the producers ahead of time.

6. Although it seems that participants are hurried into the cooking process, they are really given time to set up their food stations and gather all of the necessary ingredients.

7. The candidates’ meals are frequently cold by the time John Torode and Gregg Wallace arrive to taste them, but they account for this.

8. To compensate, Torode and Wallace attempt to sample as much of the dish as they can while it’s cooking, although this isn’t seen on television.

9. They’re also not permitted to discuss the food’s temperature while judging and responding to it.

10. For certain rounds, the food is prepared up to two hours ahead of time for the tasting session, then chilled in-between parts.

11. Almost all of the leftovers are normally demolished by the team, so very little goes to waste.

12. The judges, particularly Wallace, who loves to interact with people while they’re cooking, may be a bit distracting when participants are recording.

13. However, Torode (a professional chef) is more of a help than a barrier to participants, since he wanders about providing guidance and recommendations.

14. Although the current version of Masterchef is quite recent, the program was first shown in 1990.

15. It was first given by Loyd Grossman, and it was rather unique.

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